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Possible low amnionic fluid???

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Ok, i went to the dr yesterday for my 37 week appointment (I was exactly 37 weeks yesterday also). So my dr had to do the strep B test and check my cervic. When he measured my belly (outside) it only meaured at 36 weeks... and i had a few white cells in my urine... ( he asked if i had noticed burning while urinating... i said NO). So he said i need to really stay up on my fluid intake (water especially) to be sure that my amniotic fluid isn't low... he says that if i meausre small next week he may do a nother u/s to see if it really is or not. Does anyone know what ways to up the fluid except for flooding my self with water... (i feel like i've been to the bathroom 1,000 times today!). ALso does anyone know if the white blood cell count in my urine can mean anything related or what can that mean???
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You're measuring one week behind at 36 weeks? Hello, what's the big deal? Have you been measuring dead on all along? Was there a significant drop? (more than 4 weeks?) Fundal height is such a subjective thing, it's really hard to even consider it something to base any medical information on. He could have measured starting from a different place. Someone else could have measured you one week, and then someone else the next. At 32 weeks, one person measured me at 38 weeks, and had a fit about it, then four weeks later, at 36 weeks, another person measured me at 37 weeks. Do you really think that it's possible that I was 1 cm smaller in a whole entire month? My clothes sure have a different tale to tell. I'd ask him for some evidence that this is cause for alarm. You're also pretty far along, and it's entirely possible that the baby is dropping, which could account for smaller measurements as well.

With the white blood cells, were you particularly hot shortly before you left your sample? I spilled some white blood cells at one appt, but I was burning up in this Florida heat, and it's been dismissed now as just a heat response (after looking at a vaginal swab under a microscope). I wouldn't worry about it, provided the number is small, and doesn't increase.

As for the fluids, it's always a good idea to drink a lot of fluids while you're pregnant. How much are you drinking? One formula I've heard is to take your body weight, divide by 2 and aim for that many ounces. Others I've heard say flat out drink a gallon of water a day. Somewhere in between is probably a good spot to land.

Good luck, and don't let them stress you out. Have them show you the evidence about amniotic fluid, and relax.
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Great response Caroline! How are your feelings overall on this doctor Becca?
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Aw, wow thanks so much for the great resonce!!! One of the main things that i'm worried about is me measuring behind at my due date... towards the start of my pregnacy my dr and I agreed that he would not let me go past my due date since my first two kids were 9lbs++ and it wasn't a fun or joyfull experience at all. I had forcepts with my first (including episodime) and another epi with #2. I am willing to do all i can to avoid that this time around.
So far I don't have any problems at all regarding my dr. He is a high risk dr b/c i had new insurance with this baby then i did with the first two so i had to switch drs. He was the only dr at his office that was acespting new patients at the time so i just started seeing him. I have only seen my dr about 6 times though the pregnacy b/c it's easier to see the nurse practictioner since he does all of his own deliveries he does have to cancle/rescedual often. but durring the last month of pregnacies he makes sure he is the one that does the exams and if it means him having to make special arangement with the paitent that is what he will do. I love the idea that he will be the on that does the delivery regardless (unless i go on the 16th of this month, when he will be moving his son to college). I like the idea of him doing the delivery b/c with my last two pregnacies i had to have the "dr on call" deliver. Thanks for the support. I have been setting my goal at atleast 1/2 a gallon of WATER a day and then plus other fluids (milk, juice, decafe tea, ect). Thanks again!
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Maybe since he is an at risk doctor, he looks too much for problems. Because measuring one week behind on a very inaccurate measurement is really nothing. And women are very capable of delivering 9+ pound babies. If this one is that big, you can do it. Since you've done it two times before, that will probably make things easier. Just make sure you're not on your back because that causes you to have the smallest opening possible. Standing or squatting is a much better way to birth a big baby.

How much weight have you gained? Because that is probably a better indicator than the measurement. The weight gain is in a lot of other places also, but you can get a bit of an idea.

Maybe you should start trying to have red rasberry leaf tea be part of the fluids you are consuming each day? It will help tone your uterus for the delivery and make delivery easier.

Take care - Tiff
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I will have to go to the Health food store tomorrow and see if they have that tea. My weight gain is high it usally is... i was about 110-115 before i got pregnant with all three and with the first i gained 72, second 63, and this time i've gained about 50 so far. I know i "can" have a 9lb baby but it's just so hard to go through the recovery time when i get an episiodumi. I'll make it one way or another! LOL thanks for the support. If anyone has any other clues on other ways to help me from not get one let me know. I've been trying perinatal masage but not sure it's doing any good....
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My DS was 9 lbs 12 oz and I weigh about 100 lbs. I didn't have an episiotomy, but I did tear. A girlfriend had an episiotomy and it took longer for her to heal from that (we decided we had healed when sex stopped being uncomfortable) than it took for me from my tear. I think I tore because I was rushing myself and was rushed by my midwives. The instincts of a woman is to stop voluntarily pushing and let the body push when crowning. That's what my instincts told me to do, but the midwives wanted me to give another big push. I think they were worried about me pushing for so long because I was rushing the pushing phase and started pushing too early (didn't have them check me). This time, I'm confident I will not tear even if I have another big baby because I will let my body push the baby when crowning. I also hope to be in water and women are less likely to tear in water. If you can manage to be in water in a squat, maybe you can do it without an episiotomy and without tearing. I should birth before you, so my words will be tested and you can weigh them from my birth experience.
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Thanks again everyone... I don't have the water birth option at my hospital fasility... no fair at all... but I have been talking alot more to my dr about how much i don't want an episiotomy and he is willing to let me tear rather then cut this time... his only worry is that I have A LOT of scar tissue down there from the forcepts, and two episiotomies and he doesn't think i will streach as easily. Hopefully i will. and hopefully i will make it would out and epidurall with is a big goal this time... i made it to 7-8 cm last time and then couldn't take it and begged and got my epidurall... this time i've done a lot more prepareing and hope i will be more ready!
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