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Welcome, Kris!

Been a while since I've had a chance to post! Things have been busy around here.

I started back to work this week - I'm working part time, Monday to Wednesday. DH is between jobs right now, so he's staying home with Liam. It's going pretty well - I miss DS, but it's also nice to have some time to myself. And he takes a bottle no problem at all. In fact, the one problem with me going back to work is that I'm not pumping as much as Liam is eating, so we used up my small stash in the first three days. I started taking some Fenugreek to up my supply, and that's already started working, thankfully - I was able to pump 2 oz from my left side this morning while DS nursed on the right.

Liam's started rolling from his back to his front this week. He had previously rolled from tummy to back, but he's completely forgotten how to do that, so he gets a little frustrated when he finds himself on his tummy and can't get back.

The last 3 weeks have been really hard from a sleeping perspective. His initial block at night is no more than 3 hours, often less, and then he's wanting to nurse at least every hour after that. The last 2-3 hours we're in bed he's pretty much nursing constantly, and I'm getting no sleep. I hope that now that I'm trying to up my supply he'll get a full tummy and sleep longer? Right now he doesn't really wake up and just nurses in his sleep, but he's not very efficient that way. We always nurse side-lying - I'm wondering if I should sit up to nurse - maybe he'd wake up a little more and get a full meal that way? Anybody have any suggestions?
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Since we have been battling wc sleep has evaded us to, it sucks to feel tired all the time, hang in there mama
but now my little guy is getting better likes to stay latched
on all night long. what can we do? I am trying to learn to fall asleep while he can nurse and sleep by my side.
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Sleep Ohh How I love sleep! Some nights I get the best and some nights like last night I dont.. He was restless.. I believe its from his teeth bothering him.. I wish they would hurry up and get in so we can have my happy baby back all day and night.. Some times he will just snap and will be like a little demon baby ,, :LOL
Happy four month birthday to Spencer and Katya today!!! : : : : : :
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Hi everybody!

Originally Posted by tammylc

Liam's started rolling from his back to his front this week. He had previously rolled from tummy to back, but he's completely forgotten how to do that, so he gets a little frustrated when he finds himself on his tummy and can't get back.
ditto here
execpt she's been stuck on her tum for about a month now. Can't seem to remeber how to go to the back, and doesn't want to! She wants to crawl!
tammy, does Liam take a paci? Katya wold sleep with my nipple all night if I didn't slip a pacifier in her mouth after she latches off or I unlatch her. This is after she's stopped sucking, just "holding" it in her mouth

Happy friday the thirteenth! Here is Katya 4 month pic I took this morningKatya
her teeth are really bugging her.

I don't know if this will help anybody, but here is something I found out about tylenol. I don't give it to her often, unless she has a fever, but If you give the grape kind, instead of the cherry, it does not stain her face/clothing/blanket when it inevitably comes back out!

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Hi everyone,
Jaden finally rolled over this week! He doesn't quite know what to do when he flips over though, since he hates being on his tummy. Once he succeded in turning over, he tries to do it all the time. Well, on the rare occasions that he is on the floor anyways!
I know exactly what you mean about the nipple pacifier, Rufusbeans. Only Jaden won't take a real pacifier. He is totally content to use me! He had been sleeping all night at one point, but that all ended when he got sick. Now he wants to be in our bed all night, and with me at nap time too! I am kind of going nuts, but I really don't want to let him cry like so many have suggested. Anyone else been there?
Katya is so cute, by the way!
Jaden is busy trying to get his two bottom front teeth too. I'll be glad when those suckers come through! He is drooling like crazy!
Thanks for the Tylenol tip!
Hope everyone is doing well!
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Okkkayyy... Here we are!! Adam is smiling, cooing, drooling, chewing on his hand, and being tortured daily by his brothers. We have finally gotten over the reflux issue (wooohooo!) and he also rolls over and can wiggle his way where he wants to go. His hair is turning redder every day and I'm thikning he is a definite strawberry blond. He has a freckle on the top of his head... :LOL He loves to nurse and loves the mama!! He's an outside boy and has this idea that he can get out there and do what his older siblings are doing. Don't look for him to remain placid and still. He's a mover and a shaker!!! http://share-dell.shutterfly.com/osi...AN2TNyxasmzCsg

Picture!!!! He's a goofy boy!
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so glad to hear form ya lisa! Adam is one hot baby! Ya know really you would of never known he was born so early! You are sure doing a wonderful job with.... as with the rest of your children..
Spencer slept in til 830 this morning... Was so nice to sleep in... It is dark and cloudy here today wiht rain so I am sure that had something to do with it .. He is usually up at the butt crack of dawn with the sun...
jujujoy Dont feel bad... Never let your babies cry it out like some people suggest.. You are doing the right thing by tending to your little one when he needs you..letting them cry it out is cruel and just mean.. Babies cant tell you whats wrong they cant talk but they can cry and we as parents cant ignore them cries.. Good work mama!
All is well here. Spencer grabs at everything now His sisters are always all over him wanting to hold him kiss him play with him etc.. Sometimes I am just like BACK OFF THE BABY lol.. the sure love him..
rufubeans,,, i always tell you how much I love Katyas hair... But in that picture it looks like its starting to lay down a bit and only wild on top in the back area... I so love it all up and all over the place. Reminds me of my dd#2 hair when she was little.. But i am sure when Katya is older she wont want it to be like that wild and all over huh .. SO cute!!
well thats about all from here mamas.. Take care!~
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Thanks for the welcomes!

Tammylc, we don't co-sleep due to a small bed and major bed hogging issues, but we did have our baby in our room next to our bed until recently. (He outgrew the cradle) I noticed that when he was right there, I woke up very quickly and fed him immediately. We were both mostly asleep. Now that I'm across the hall, I still hear him right away, but it takes a minute or so for me to get there, pick him up, and settle into the chair to feed him. He seems to eat a little more enthusiastically now and has increased from every 2 hours to every 3 to 3.5 hours. I would try sitting up and waking you both up a bit and see if that helps at all. Ours could just be coincidence. He also seems so much more comfortable in the crib than in the cradle, so it could be that, too.

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Originally Posted by jujujoy
Now he wants to be in our bed all night, and with me at nap time too! I am kind of going nuts, but I really don't want to let him cry like so many have suggested. Anyone else been there?
I know what you mean. I could never let a baby cry. After all aren't they learning about the world around them? Don't we want them to feel secure in the world?

Christy, I'll have to take a picture of it today...every strand is sticking up!
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ohhh i gotta see it rufusbeans!
i have a question... is anyone elses baby saying maaamaaa maaa?Spencer started a few days ago and its so cute! I know he prob has no idea of what hes saying but i sure love hearing maamaa maa coming out of his mouth!!!
we are well here. not much else to report! hope everyone is welll
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I've tried slipping him a pacifier, but so far no luck. I'll give it another go. He'll take one occasionally, but isn't really a fan.
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what is up with this red x in a box s#%T?
I AM NOT COMPUTER SAVVY.......... but it is just ugly
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ummmm Maria what red X in a box??? Where do you see this .... I am lost..
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I don't see it either. I'm not sure what the red box means, but when I see it it is usually when my computer can't (won't?) open a photo or icon or something like that.
Thanks for the advice on not letting him cry it out, mamas. I didn't, and he is doing much better. A few days of loving is all it took. He is back to sleeping most of the night in his own bed.
Hope everyone is well!
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okay- it is gone!!1
mdc was having some technical dificulties last evening- really, it did happen- i wasn't seeing things!!!!
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Hi. Just checking in and catching up with all of you. We were on a short family vacation for a few days, and we came back to icky, nasty rainstorms. : At least we had good weather for our trip! Talia was amazing...so happy in the car for 4 hours, slept like a dream in my in-laws' beach house, loved having lots of people around. I think she enjoyed our trip most of all!! What a difference from ds when he was a baby. We couldn't take him anywhere ( and still hardly can!) And she is SUCH an eater, it's scary. I was initially second-guessing the early food with her, but man, she eats and eats! We are going to try something new this week, maybe carrots. So far: oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, pears, and applesauce (the only one she didn't like). All are still heavily mixed w/ EBM to make them very liquidy. Her bowel movements haven't changed in terms of frequency, so that's a good thing. The food seems to be causing no negative effects whatsoever but is making her very happy- she even grabs the spoon and shoves it into her mouth most of the time!
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Hi everyone hope everyone is doing well. Ive been depressed the last few days and I really dont know why. hope I snap out of it. Tomorrow Chloe will be four months old. she is now in 3-6 months clothes I will know next week how much she weighs when I take her to the doctors. I gave her rice cereal today and she loved it. well I should go and get my house cleaned.

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hi all.. Things here are pretty good.. We gave Spencer some sweet potatos.. He loves them.. I will try it again in a few days and see how he does then too. He is love with food.. Spencer goes in tomorrow for his 4 month check up. I cant wait to see how much he has grown. I am going to say he is 17ounds 6 oz and about 26 inches long.. We will see tomorrow.
Sorry you arent feeling yourself christina... I wonder if it has anything to do with the move you are about to do and maybe a little anxity about that? a new place with new people can do that I am glad Chloe liked the cereal.. Spencer loved his and looks forward to it each day! I am going a little batty with this no dairy at all diet! BUt i have lost 6 pounds in a few weeks since I have been on it. I guess thats always a nice touch but still I am dieing for a ice cream cone and also I really want a coke! : oh well.. I can have all that once I am done nursing... Anyhow I hope everyone is well. Take care mamas
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Christy-why can't you have coke? If it's the caffeine, maybe you could have a caffeine-free coke? I'm on no dairy, too. Haven't lost any weight though-bummer. My high school reunion is in a month and a half and I really was trying to exercise and get at least one dress size smaller, but not so sure that's going to happen. Anyone else have a massive sugar addiction? Seriously, I'm out of control. I don't know if it's the stress of all of these children or what, but if there's a bag of cookies in the house it's gone-arrgghhh.

The girls went to the doc for the first time last Friday and Isabella weighs 15 lbs 3 ounces and Amelie is 14 pounds 8 ounces. They were both 24 inches. When Lillie was their age she was 16 lbs 2 ounces and 26 1/2 inches. Big girl! Anyway, they weighed exactly what I thought they would.

Isabella hasn't been sleeping well. I know she's teething. Doc said it doesn't look like anything's coming through, but she's having all the symptoms. They are both pulling on my nipples and biting me-ouchhhh.

That's all that's going on here-Lillie started gymnastics today and loves it. Of course she was very independant and the teacher kept having to tell her to stay in one place-that's my little Indigo child!

Take care everyone and Blessed Be!
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Hi everyone! I've never posted on this forum, but I hope that will change! My ds, Carson, just turned 4 months and I am amazed at how fast he is growing and changing. We have our 4 month WBV next week, so I'll be able to know how much he weighs. He just started rolling over and is getting awfully squirmy for diaper changes. He is our first, so everyday is an adventure for us.

Nice to read about similar things we are going through. I hope to check in more often...
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