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The hormones are killing me!

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Man o' Man.... I have been in tears every day- I am unhappy about everything, the end of the month always sucks, money is always beyond tight, and now we are down to 5 computers (we sell computers for a living) and I have no idea how I am going to get the funds to buy more. I hate the place I live and to top it off I own my own home in Michigan and I MISS it so much but cant afford to get back. I an tired and sick and stressed. Will this pass??? I have bill coming in that I have no idea where I am going to get the money to pay for them, but they will hit my bank account--- say tuesday!!!! I want to find a rock and hide- I am sick to my stomach worring and I am so tired I dont want to do a thing. We also started another business and that is costing us some money- but it is very needed, it will pay off soon, but until then it is more money going out. I want my little life back in Michigan and istead I am stuck here in Washington in a crappy house with a west coast cost of living. I want to be in a town where everyone is cool- this move to WA was not planned and we came out for a month visit in Oct and we are still here. A whole summer here, however it has been very nice, no humidity but then again, it is not my house or my life. I am just sad, I want the hormones to STOP! :
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I hear you mama! When I was pg with Ds a very wise woman told me, "never make major life decisions when you're pregnant or in the first yr of your baby's life" because the hormones are so crazy. Wise, but I totally ignored here and we've made two enormous transitions since Ds was born. now we're in the UK, I'm homesick for the SF bay area, we're both unemployed and panicking about money, living in the tiniest flat we've ever been in...no surprise I'm sicker than ever with m/s and am very stressed out, eh? So I can totally relate. It is so hard to go through this in a new place without your usual support network, etc. Now I'm longing to go back to SF to have this baby, crazy as that is, but maybe that is also hormone insanity?!

So, I'm trying (unsuccessfully so far) to just be in the present and follow my own sig (see below), and also to take time out to just be kind to myself; read, take a bath/walk, do some yoga, etc.
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I am glad to know someone else feels my stress, however, I wish we were both free from it. I can only imagine how you are feeling being in another country and unemployeed. Hugs to you mama. I to am feeling unbelivably sick too, it is so hard to be in a motion of forwardness when you feel like crap. I keep trying. I saw the midwife today and she told me vit B will help with the low down feeling- so I took some today.

I feel bad for my friend because all she hears is how crapy I feel and I feel bad for my DP because all I have been doing is bitching at him, I have been crying and YES today was a better day- but no closer to cash, and I am still pretty stressed of it all. We work for ourselves so every day is a new day and we can go from making $600-$900 in a day or $0 a whole week So... I am just holding on until we have a nother good day. I am sure the sunshine will come again soon.
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It will, mama! Hopefully we don't have to wait till March for that!
I'm interested in the B vitamins. Can you take them on top of prenatals?
Keep hanging in there.
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Hugs from Michigan! I doubt it will make you feel much better, but the humidity has been horrible lately! In fact, we even lost power last night in a storm...
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I know that my MW told me I could take a multi vit and the vit B together- so I would think you can.

thanks for the hi's from michigan, I do not miss the humidity- the west coast is good about that, but I do miss the storms, the west coast sucks with storms..lol Our house is in the UP so the lakes keep us a bit cooler than down state. I also know that if I leave I would be missing it here too, my whole faimly is here. I guess you just can never win at that stuff.
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