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Has anyone started to think about names?

We have a huge list of girl names but very few boy names! Our favorite girl name is Miabella Rose. My husband rejects most boy names but he likes the name Gianni. Our daughter's name is Arianna and our last name is very Italian so we're looking for something that sounds good with both her name and our last name. It's difficult! I tend to like Irish names which sooooo clash with our last name!

What are your possible baby names?
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We thinking Elizabeth for a girl, but for a boy....DH and I have totally different ideas. He's a Jack, Bill, Joe etc kinda guy where as I prefer Alexander, Edmund, Ethan. If this baby is a boy I'm sure we'll be fighting over a name right up until the end
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I never had any boy name but one & I used that last time:LOL
I always loved the name Henry so when he came along the 3rd time around I was happy. Now though, I HAVE to have a girl because there are no other boys names that light my fire....my FIL is "Ralph" & DH wants to name a boy after him. Let me tell you, that is NOT gonna happen.

For a girl, I am liking Charlotte Jane right now. That is this week! We'll see how things go.
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Babytime - have you ever looked into Giacomo for a boy? =) It's one of my best friend's names, although we always call him Gio or Gianni
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I love the name Joseph for a boy, but NO FREEKIN WAY am I using it. MIL's name is Josephine, totally NOT going there!!!! It usuall take 9 months of knock down drag out battleing for us to agree on a name so I still have another 5 months to duke it out with DH. Result is always good in the end though!!!!
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Italian boys names (I come from a huge Italian family)

.....Hmmm....I have lots more where those come from....hopefully those help.
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Dh and I have 3 agreed upon names so far, and they're for a boy (in no particular order):
Bjorn (dh's family is Scandinavian)

No girls names, although I like:
ETA: I also like Kirsten and dh mumbled an approval, too.
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Adelaide Constance and Michael Lawrence
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Originally Posted by Parthenia
Dh and I have 3 agreed upon names so far, and they're for a boy (in no particular order):
Bjorn (dh's family is Scandinavian)

No girls names, although I like:
ETA: I also like Kirsten and dh mumbled an approval, too.
WOOHOOO_ I love Genevieve (Fr pron) we call her Gi Gi but now that she is 13 she wants to be know as Genenvieve
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zonapellucida! My dd's first name is Amelia.

ETA Her middle name is Beatrice, and everyone calls her Bea, though.
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We just found out we are having a girl!!!

No definite names yet but so far we like:

Maile---(pronounced my-lee.)

And no middle name so far.

Just in case we have a boy, we'll name him Keali Sun. My other two boys names are Kobe and Makai, so we have to keep the Japanese or Hawaiian thing going. (They're half Japanese BTW)

I loooove Geneveive.
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Boy: William Kenneth (after our fathers, my FIL died last year)
Girl: Elizabeth Lee ( my middle name is Lee)

We find out next Wed if boy or girl, so at least that part will be decided.

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I had some great (IMO) boy names picked out this time:

Henry (my personal fav)
Bennett or Benjamin

BUT we just found out we are having another GIRL!! I am completely at a loss as to names I like. Also it is diffricult because I have two daughters named McKayla and Mackenzie....BUT I may have found a name that I like:
Annika Rose
Do you think it "goes" with my other children's names? I'm just not sure how much I like this name.
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We picked ours out already, either Lauren Elise or Isaac Alexander. I'm so bummed that Lauren has become so popular, but I've loved that name for years.
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If the baby cooperates, we find out Monday if it's a boy or girl. So far, thanks to my sister, he or she has been known as Falcor

We have not been able to agree on ANY names so far. We come close - he likes Evan, I like Ethan and he likes Emma and I like Ella - my stepdaughter is Erin, so he wants to keep with the E names, but Erin thinks that will sound too funny.

We BOTH have Ralph grandfathers - and we decided early on that name was out.

We have more problems with the boy names thant he girl names.
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We found out a couple weeks ago we're having a boy, and his name will be Wesley -- but we're already calling him Wes
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There is only one boy name I like and it's Dakota Skye. Kody for short. I have no idea why--it's just stuck in my head.

Even though I suspect the baby is a girl, for various reasons.

Dh thinks Dakota Skye, particularly for a boy, sounds very, very hippy-ish -- and gave it raised eyebrow and a "We'll see--I have to think about that" which is better than the outright veto.

To make things complicated, I don't like Dakota for a girl. I wanted Hayley for a while, but now am back to Katelyn (which is just a different spelling of the girl name we had when we had ds). Our older daughter is Kayla and if we have a girl, she wants her to have the same initials. Dh agrees on Katelyn 100%, so no arguing there.

Now I just have to wait till my Sept. 13th U/S and see if we can find out! (I'm skeptical, since we couldn't find out with either of my kids at their routine U/S--though we did find out later with ds since I have a level II).
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I think we've settled on Kira Elizabeth if a girl, and Adrian Caldwell Morris if a boy !!
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Totally subject to change because DH can never make up his mind! But, our current favorites are:

For a girl - either Skye Elizabeth or Abilgail Margaret
For a boy - Shane ??

Boys names are harder for us because we have three already!
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We found out a few weeks ago that we're having a girl. After MUCH bargaining and promising to give DH naming rights to our second born... our daughter will be Skylar -

And HelloKitty - we are thiniing of the middle name Elizabeth.

My sister is already calling her Skyy - her favorite libation
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