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Do you drink this? I had some and it's kinda yummy! HOw do you justify drinking the white sugar though? Does the organism eat the sugar not you, is that right? And is there an online kombucha starter finder like there was for the kefir? My NT recipe said I need the mushroom but also some kombucha already made.
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I remember my mom making this in the 80s...she had 'baby mushrooms' ALL over the place in jars...I kinda got grossed out, so I never have tried to make or order it.

I did make the Beet Kvass and erm...not so tasty. It was just strongly 'astringent' tasting to me, not 'sour' or 'spoiled' or anything, just not exactly easy to 'get down'. I think I'd rather try the 'rejuvenilac?sp' stuff and a dash of 'whey' from yogurt in my 'tea'....I even drank some 'Barley water' straight up and it was decent....I have a pretty high tolerance for drinking stuff most folks would 'balk' at too! (Like apple cider vinegar diluted in water)....

Sorry can't help you on the kombucha?sp. Try looking at the back of the NT book at 'sources'. They should have a place you can get the 'shroom' starter.
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