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What do you need? *another thread*

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Per the diaper fairy's request, I need to find out what the mamas NEED... Please post your NEEDS (diapering related please ) here.

All I NEED are longies for the winter, but I am working on making wool pants so we should be set.

I know there was one of these just about a week ago, but I can't for the life of me find it!!

Please let the DF know what you are in need of...
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A present...LOL. DS has not been faried yet.
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I don't need anything really. I have all I need, but I would love to know what other people need so I can let the "diaper fairy" know.
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Well, I'm not sure I'm on the list yet (though I've PMed a couple of the holders more than once over the last several weeks), but I'll give it a go, just in case I am.

I am in need of wipes, preferrably double sided, with sherpa or velour on one side, but I'd take anything! With two in diapers, it seems I am forever running out of wipes before laundry day.

I am also in need of wool or WP pants for my chunka munka DD. She is currently six months old and weighs about fifteen pounds with a very short waist, but I'd like them to fit her this winter when she is more 9-12 months and nearer 20ish pounds. It gets COLD here in North Dakota ... and winter starts sometime in late September or early October.

Oh, and some nice smelling wool wash! That's about it.

I also have a lot of small stuff (mostly girly or GN) that I'd love to fairy to someone truly in need. So if anyone has any ideas about that, let me know.
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I need a few more very absorbent fitted diapers and wool pants (as many as I can get my hands on) I got one pair from Cushie Tushie with a skunk on them that I koolaid tye dyed but I am going to need more then one pair because I do not use normal pants on Stinker. It is freezing here in the winter and a baby cannot go without pants because he will get hyperthermia. :LOL
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Although we are not officially on the DF list DS needs some wool covers (knit or wrap). He's outgrowing all of his and in our part of Cali it is getting warm and the PUL is suffocating my poor little pumpkin's bumpkin

I'm trying to knit some for us, but my fingers don't go very fast!

ETA: measurements...duh

DS is 9.5 months and "aproximately"
18.5 lbs.
Waist : 17.5"
Thigh: 10.5 - 11"
Rise: 18"
All measurements were taken while wearing one of his "thicker" dipes (and he usually wears medium-sized dipes).
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Originally Posted by mamajules
Although we are not officially on the DF list DS needs some wool covers (knit or wrap). He's outgrowing all of his and in our part of Cali it is getting warm and the PUL is suffocating my poor little pumpkin's bumpkin

I'm trying to knit some for us, but my fingers don't go very fast!
Hey mama, if you are not on the list could you list your boys size. Waist, Rise and usual diaper size?
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We have everything we need diaper related, thank you fairy.
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But we need a nighttime diaper solution for my 8 month old...he used to sleep in just a diaper, but now that we are putting pj's on him (trying to avoid mosquitos that somehow get in the bedroom), we need something that doesn't leak and fits under the pj's.

And we're short a few hemp inserts for our fuzzi bunz.
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I need to find a good AIO for my heavywetter Well, maybe it's not a "need" but my dh is dumb about stuffing pocket dipes! I don't know what he would do if I couldn't put the FBs together because I'm sick or didn't leave him enough stuffed dipes. Ds would probably be nude and peeing everywhere! LOL
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hehehe am always keen to let people know what we'd like
Still looking for our first pair of wool longies - Samuel's almost 7months old, I will find out tomorrow how much he weighs but last time we checked he was about 16lbs and 65cm long. It's winter over here now, so it'd be great to have one pair to try before the end of winter this season. I am hunting ebay and TP but they're hard to find I guess it's not cold yet where majority of you are.
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Usually we don't need anything, but I really need a small wetbag that fits 1-2 diapers. I lost my diaper bag with my other wetbag.
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If the diaper fairy could please send me about 4 extra diaper making hours a day (where my DS is sleeping LOL!!) I could actually get the new baby's diaper stash made instead of just THINKING about getting it made

Also if the diaper fairy (the same or a different one LOL) could send me an elixir of energy to take right at the beginning of that four hour time block (a months worth ought to be sufficient) then I will use the 4 hours productively instead of staring vacantly at the tv (with the front of my eyelids).

Thanks fairy

LOL!! Seriously though I am not even on the fairy list so it might be difficult for her to find me

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I need fitteds for Jack and Andrew. I have almost no fitteds for either one.
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The only thing I NEED is a minishower. C's been pooping 5 (!) times a day, and it's runny and gross. I miss her plop poop!
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I NEED longies for a 29 inch long 20 lb baby girl. I too live in canada and it's FREAKIN COLD up here!

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wool and wet bags. C wears a L in wool (closer to a M rise though), he needs longies and thin covers that will fit under clothes. He could use beach comber length for now though, and they'd get used inside this winter also. He's wearing 12-18mo pants now at 7.5 months, guessing 18-24mo by winter. We need big and small wetbags, don't have any right now. Or a yard or two of PUL or other appropiate material and I could make them. He still needs more fitteds but I'm working on that right now...
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We need some wool wash. I *really* want to try one of the WOW bars. I've heard such great things about them.
That's about it though. Oh! And some more large wipes (with velour or something). Dh has big hands. :LOL
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I need a pair of longies and some cuddlesbuns and maybe just one wool soaker.
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Well, we have everything we really need, so I don't know if I should be responding to this or not but the wipes we have are getting pretty worn out. We don't have that many so they get used all the time.
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