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I realized yesterday that ds has grown and that he is no where near ready to potty learn. The diapers that got my dd to potty learning won't get my ds there. So, I need 1 dozen toddler prefolds to go with my wool. I need some wool yarn to knit a couple more covers, and I need 6-12 pockets/all in ones for dh and baby sitters to use. I want to make some very baby all in ones, but I can't buy a pattern since diaper shop is closed.
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either more regular PFs or more medium side snap fitteds. And large FBs for my son who has no interest in the potty once again. Probably some more wipes too. Ours are getting icko. At least I taught myself to knit so we can have wool for the cold winter~!
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we just really need wool longies for our new baby. timmy has one pair coming. we're cold Canadians too
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wow, i see a recurring wool theme here! i really need a wetbag! i've been drooling over at happytushies & little lily & am waiting for simply cloth to open up! i'm so tired of ziplocs! dh is very hard on snappis- can't complain too much b/c he's so good at prefolds fleece pants & longies would also be great
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We could use a pail liner and another small wool cover for Jackson. I have one NB and one small wool cover right now. Anything used to make a wipe solution would be swell. Nursing pads for mama are a desparate need. I think that covers it. Jackson isn't due for another month and a half, so hopefully, I will still have time to come up with this stuff before he makes his arrival.

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I need to post more so I can join the diaper fairy list and send someone something they need! I random acts of kindness!
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I really need regular size unbleached prefolds. I really like the fit of those on Jack. The infants are really tight on him.
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I need something to try for nighttime!
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Josh needs medium Fuzzi bunz. I had them, sold them to buy larges, now the larges are too big stuffed with a joey. They work great with a prefold, but not trim for his shorts.
So I am in a fix, do I sell the larges to buy med, or do I keep the larges and just overstuff?
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I felt greedy replying here...but I remember my lesson from not being on the list and 'someone' wanting to fairy me. : Weeeeeeeeell...as I near 10 weeks to being full term, I have a total of 8 dipes! : (an fmbg is on the way) I have 3 wool covers. Soooooooooo..pretty obvious what *I* need! I'd like some longies/pants too.....but obviously I have things I need to concentrate on. I've been wanting to stick to natural materials and organics....gn since I had no u/s. I've got sbps, ff, a beaaaaaaaautiful fairy dipe, (so maybe I *am* greedy and I should edit my post....: ), flam....so far....I have a few serged already so I'm looking at prints and handyed. I variety. I guess that takes care of it.

thanks diaper fairy for asking!
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We need fitted diapers - any size, gender neutral - we aren't picky.

My mom has teased me for pinning a recieving blanket onto my son as a diaper when we were out of useable diapers for him !! (Hey - it was a LOT cheaper to buy a pack of receiving blankets and some pins than to buy a pack of 'sposies)

Wet bags (small-ish for outing, LARGE for home - preferably zippered)


Wool wash (using baby shampoo now, and a bit of liquid lanolin - so my woolies smell great - like almond and cherry !)
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Well, dd started pooping in the potty yesterday but I think she will probably be in diapers for awhile yet (she doesn't wake at night and is a super soaker) we are trying to get switched over to fitteds and wool because all we had were PUL AIO's and she was getting rashy in them. We only have 2 fitteds and 7 on the way. One Sized fitteds would be nice in GN prints so I could hold onto them for the next baby that we want to TTC soon. We really really need a pair of longies. We have some shorts and soakers on the way but no longies and I have spent all my diapering budget for awhile She is 34 inchs and 24.5 lbs, 18 inch waist. We can also always use some good, thick wipes, and silk liners. I'm not really expecting anything though because we have just recently been put on the fairy list and I kknow there are alot of mamas that have been on it awhile and haven't been faired yet.
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What do I NEED?
Covers size Medium
I like Bummis for CPFS but the only one I had is too small
Other covers are welcome also

A wet bag and a pail liner
Those Pail Pals

We really need some fitteds/AIOs for when we are out

I'l like to try a regular sized CPF
a wool cover or soaker sz Medium

Man I sound so greedy, but I really am in need
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We haven't been fairied and since you asked...

We are in need of wet bags (a big one and one for the diaper bag...still using plastic bags! : ) and, as always, wipes (just can't have enough of those!)

Also, if the fairy has any large fitteds (Paige is currently nearing 24lbs) we could really use a few...used ones make us just as happy as new!
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I need a good spray bottle for wipe solution. I have some kissaluvs diaper potion but I want to try wipe bits and other wipe solutions.

Thats diaper related, right??
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Is there any way to fairy someone without being on the list?
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Originally Posted by kindmomma
Is there any way to fairy someone without being on the list?
Yes, you decide who you want to fairy and ask others if they know that persons address and the size their baby wears etc. I have done it so I know it can be done.
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We need a wet bag for outing(using plastic bags), a pail liner...and newborn dipes without poly. We are having a girl. Actually my ds could use a wool cover, or shorts, or pants. LOL He is a chunky monkey, about 35# and 21 months old. Not sure of his measurements, but he would wear a large or x-large in most things.

I can't wait to start being able to fairy people!!!
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