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We basically feed her whatever we are eating, just not the highly allergic stuff. I was being more strict, but then she got ahold of ds's milk glass one day and drank a bunch, oh well... We still keep her away from most dairy, peanut butter, the big stuff, but I don't prepare anything special. I guess that is a benefit of her being so big on just mommy milk, I don't worry too much, and don't get grief from anyone. Ds was a string bean, so I got lots of "what are you feeding him"
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S still isn't eating much. this weekend we went to perkins and i gave her a little bit of my hashbrown and she loved it! last week i gave her some plain organic spinach spaghetti noodles. i looked back and she had set one on top of her head but didn't really eat much of it. yesterday dh gave her a little piece of his sandwich and it had mustard on it. she made the worst face and pulled it back out of her mouth and tried to give it back to him :LOL. then she ate it again, still making the face. she will munch on organic cheerios all day, though. our cats like to eat them (not sure why) and she loves it when they sit next to her and eat them, too. she just likes nursing, though.

her tooth broke through on one side but the other is still just under the skin. she's still been cranky but not too bad. she's nursing all night, which i'm not used to.

penelope, i read part of what you wrote to my husband and he liked it, too. he's the most patient person ever (much more easygoing than i am) and your goals are what his are, too. he especially liked what you said about how the house is the baby's, too, and you have to make the house friendly to the baby. he knows people who freak out if their kid makes a mess, rather than put the things away that you don't want them getting in to. i'm sure this is worded badly but i'm not sure how to fix it .
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Shelley thanks for the computer advice. I will check it out when dh gets home today!!!! HE was so pissy last night about his computer...hehe...I can relate..if it was mine..oh man...I would be in a really bad mood. His is a laptop with only a cd drive.

As far as babyfoods go...did you guys see this???



posion in Gerber baby food
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Originally Posted by mamapenelope
I try to feed him organic as much as I can, but with such a big family, it just isn't easy. Organic bananas up here are 1.99/lb, and he eats a lot of bananas (ds1 eats TWO a day, at least, which is IMHO more reason to buy organic, but on the flip side is more reason why we can't afford to...) sigh.
Organic bananas are kind of a waste of money anyway b/c bananas are usually very low in pesticides. For those of you who are trying to be organic AND budget conscience, you might like this link:


It also contains a wallet-size reference for use when you go grocery shopping.
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hi everyone.

nice to see mamap back.
i sometimes wonder what happened to posters like mamarsupial, amywillow (i see she's still around), and starmama (lisa_lynn)... i guess there's a constant rotation of sorts.

eva is so ready to start walking on her own, she doesn't crawl so she relies on us for mobility. our backs are killing us. all she wants to do is walk around all the time. she has this new crazy bedtime routine now that involves walking as fast as she can (almost runs!) holding on to our hands and shrieking like a mad woman. it's hilarious!! :LOL needless too say, NOT appropriate for bedtime, but what'cha gonna do? :LOL

as far as food goes, she's been eating pretty well, thank goodness. i was getting worried there for a while. she started being intersted at around 8mos. and now loves food. she usually just has what we have-- everything except red meat and pork. she loves chicken and pasta. this girl is already a carbohydrates addict! : if it were up to her she'd live on noodles and bread. heheheh. she does love her fruit, though. grapes being the current favorite. surprisingly she doesn't like bananas that much at all. weird. she's also had strawberries a few times. dh didn't know about the allergy thing, and she gave them to her. i figure, she didn't react to them badly, she's not allegic. right?

on this topic but off the main topic (babies) my brother-who's a biochemist and possibly the smartest person i know- says that the reason why there's so many allergic people in the US is because of restrictions at an early age. i know there's research that says the opposite, but if you look at the rates of allergies here compared to latin america, for instance... i see how he might have a point. kids there start on dairy really early, and cow's milk is a staple. i grew up in argentina, and never once met anyone who was allergic to dairy. who knows...

and regarding cheetos... I am guilty of feeding them to eva. we were at costco and i felt dizzy and like my blood pressure was dropping, so my mom grabbed a bag of this mix that had cheetos in it and i chowed down some of them for the salt (and they tasted good, too! ). poor dd was drooling looking at them, wanted one so bad. so my mom and i looked at each other, and were like "oh, how's one cheeto going to hurt her?". i made her swear never to tell dh-- he'd be so mad at me! he's the one who's really strict about what she eats around here. i let her have a few "bad" things every so often... i just can't say no to her!-- already. boy, am i in trouble or what?? :

today i caught her sucking on a garlic clove!! she had managed to get the skin off and was sucking on it with such enthusiasm. too funny. she smelled like garlic till lunch time. :LOL

whoa, this must be the most i posted in months!
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today i caught her sucking on a garlic clove!! she had managed to get the skin off and was sucking on it with such enthusiasm. too funny. she smelled like garlic till lunch time.
:LOL She should eat my Deshi, yesterday I caught him peeling onions and eating them. He sort of liked them, but still made a horrible face each time. He went back 4 times though, so it could't have been too bad. Today he saw the fridge door open and dove in and snatched a pear. He just started taking big bites off it like an adult would. Ate most of it. My 3 yo still insists I peel and core his :LOL Such an eater my boy is. It is a welcome change as it is so hard to find things he can eat (allergies) and even harder to find things he WILL eat.

MamaP, I think you are awsome I like what you wrote. I understand what you mean about being socially awkward though, I am too
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My DH used to live in Argentina too. I also wonder about starmama and others. I hope they feel free to post anytime. It is interesting what your brother said about allergies. Maya developed hers so young, 2 months that I don`t think it applies to her.

Favorite food, hum.. we *just* started solids last week. I have not been waiting 4 days between foods, even though she has allergies. It is just fun to give her new stuff to play with. Very little seems to go in her mouth. It is official, she does not like rice. We live in Japan, so this is a big deal. My J. DH is not such a rice fan, he prefers noodles, so I guess she takes after him. Blueberries have been a big hit. I think she likes that she can easily pick them up and play with them before eating. Much harder to do that with slippery bananas and peaches and avocado.

I would suggest trying something like wheat free pancakes or muffins first. Pancakes are very easy, I make them every Saturday for breakfast. It has been too hot recently to try baking muffins again. My first efforts were not that great.

I love what you wrote, and I don`t think it was too much. I can well realate to the feeling of not wanting Maya to grow up to be a spoiled brat. I feel the lack of good role models IRL, so I am soooo happy to have wonderful role models like you on line.

Babe is napping but I am HUNGRY. Lactating momma has got to eat.
Kathryn and Maya 10/28
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Kath, do you have a good recipe for wheat-free pancakes? If so, I would love to give it a try. I have baked my own bread before, so I'm not too scared of kneading and working with yeast and stuff...and I am also really good at accepting it when my efforts yeild something trashcan-worthy. I need to find a yummy-sounding recipe though.
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MamaP --- I always LOVE your posts and would never be driven away by them! You have sooo much wisdom and experience, I look forward to them each time i log on!! Keep 'em coming!!

Ana -- too funny about the garlic clove!! At least the vampires won't be around for a while!!

I am totally guilty of feeding my kids those terrible things such as cheetos (on a rare occasion), goldfish is a staple in our food pantry, I buy American Cheese buy the pound at LEAST once a week, everyone has some ice cream every evening before bed here... AND Chloe's been drinking whole milk, eating yogart and having all types of dairy since about 9 1/2 months. I make sure my kids have 5 healthy meals a day, but healthy to me and healthy to others may be different. I mean a meat, fruit/veg, dairy, and starch for each meal. It was the way i was raised, and i've always been healthy as an ox!! Chloe still nurses, now round the clock again.

A typical day in the life of Chloe -- food wise-- would be...

6:30am - wake & nurse (but had been nursing on and off since like 2 or 4 am.)
8:30am - Breakfast - Oatmeal Baby cereal and a babyfood jar of Fruit & some cheerios
10:00 am - Snack - a babyfood cereal bar or yogart or piece of fruit and crackers & water or prune juice (1/2 water).
12:00 pm - Lunch - A jar of babyfood w/meat & veggies such as Chicken Noodle Dinner or chicken & apples, or turkey & sweet potatoes or something like that. & a cup of milk
2:30 pm - Snack - again a yogart, piece of fruit, crackers or whatever & water
5:00 pm - Dinner - Barley cereal and a jar of Veggies & a jar of meat.
7:00 pm - Our dinner - Whatever we are eating, she gets too... Meat, Veggies (we stay away from starches since we are trying to loose weight).
7:15 or so - Nurses and goes to bed around 8pm.
Nurses throughout the night.

This is all not enough for her she will still either nurse, or eat other things throughout the day... she would eat the entire day if it were up to her!!!

I don't cook, bake, or otherwise make food, but we do eat fresh veggies steamed and fresh top-quality meat every day, i'm like a food snob. I try to buy organic veggies, but not meat or milk. We eat a lot of eggs around here, and i buy the free-range, organic ones (you know like $3.99 a doz).. and we don't have DIME ONE!!! We spend a lot of money on food, but then again i'm in Fairfield County Connecticut, so everything costs more here than in most places.

Edited to say - My husband does all the cooking, i am capable of boiling water and adding pasta (organic), and can saute a few things or make alfred sauce or make spagetti sauce from scratch... i just don't do the daily cooking and can't bake unless it is a slice and bake, and i still wreck those!!!
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Hi dh is home!!!!!!!! I proabably won't be on much till next week! we leave for camping fri-tues!! wish us luck.....we have never been!! Josie didn't even cry at dh whicj I thought she might! she was just as excited as the rest of us!!
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cobluegirl- have fun with your hubby!!!! I know you have been missing him! we will miss you! I have family visiting this weekend so i wont be around either.

Oh my goodness..our babies have such different eating habits.

Scarlet will nurse in the morning off and on

Then when we drag our lazy selves downstairs..she will sit in her high chair and have apple juice, O's and/or dry wheat toast pieces. every now and then depending on what we have lying around, she might have a few banana chunks.

She will nurse again before her first nap.

Afternoon snacks consist of juice, maybe tortillas..if we go out to lunch I might give her a bit of what I am having (no meat or dairy)

She will nurse again before her second nap.

Dinnertime is always different. Usually she will have a jar of Earths Best veggies (she loves sweet potatoes, squash and peas) then I may steam some carrots and rice and she will eat those herself.

She will nurse to sleep....

She is very healthy and seems happy. I am very hesitant about dairy..but might try some organic milk after she turns one...havent decided yet. My older children never had meat until after they were 2 or older and rarely had dairy. Neither one has any food allergies or stomach problems. Thank goodness! Everyone has to do what feels right for them and their child.

She is also crawling up the stairs constantly now...scary because she does not know how to get down! I dont want to put gates up in my house...I never have before..it just seems weird to have barriers up...what do you guys think?

Anybody using gates or barriers?

Ciao for now!
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bg, oh my Chloe would surely starve on Scarlett's diet!!! She will BEGGGGGG for food!! It is pathetic really. When she started on solids around 6 mos, she did not look back!! She will throw a complete fit if i don't give her what i'm eating... now at almost 11 months, i'm used to giving her everything, EXCEPT known choking hazards, peanut butter, eggs, and honey... other than that, she eats it all!!

We ARE using gates, we have a tiny, dirty little house with a big dog, i don't clean as much as most, don't have the time!! So i gate off the kitchen (which is tiny anyway) and the bedrooms/bath "wing" We have a very large living room & dining area, so we spend all of our time out here. I've got this room pretty much hazzard FREE, other than the wires by the phone... what's up with having a phone and answering machine... i litterally have 6 cords & plugs just for the phone and answering machine!!!

Anyway... these past 2 days Chloe has been an absolute BEAR!! I don't know what's the matter... i'm assuming teeth, since she's getitng the two front top ones, one actually popped through and the other one is buldging like crazy. She is sooo irritable. She won't let me put her down at all, she won't sleep for more than 30 mins at a stretch, she's exhausted. She LOVES when i give her pedialite frozen pops to suck on... i've even been giving her a bottle w/ice water or cold juice or milk in it, i think she likes to suck on cold things. She balks at nursing, but will want to nurse constantly. I hold her all day, but she even cries then!! What happened to my happiest baby on the block?? I guess she spent the first 10 months laughing and happy, i shouldn't complain about a couple of days of crabbyness, but i guess it really shows when she's usually happy!!

Have fun w/hubby Rachel!!
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I used to bake all my own bread, the only way to get nice whole wheat in Japan. French bread is wonderful here, but dense grainy bread is not availble. So, I thought I would start with pancakes, and once I mastered those move on, well I did muffins and cake a bit, but was not so pleased with the results, and then it got so hot... anyway I don`t really measure, but here is an aproximation of what I do.
Put 1 cup of oatmeal in the blender, blend until it is a fine flour. Add about 1 cup of soy milk, then other flours, about 2/3 cup of buckwheat, corn flour(not corn meal) sorghum, amaranths, quinoa, tapioca starch. I use 2 or 3 from that list. Then add 2 Tablespoons oil, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 2 Tablespoons flax seed meal and give it a whirl in the blender, add more soy milk or water as needed to get a slightly thinner than usual pancake batter consistency.
They seem to take a bit longer to cook. Also the texture is a bit different. Sort of gummy, but in a nice way. I like the oat flour because it is cheap, the others are expensive. My DH likes them with sweet bean paste, sort of like a J. sweet thingy. Most mornings we have rice, we are lucky to get organic brown rice from his uncle, it is free!!! Rice is expensive in Japan, I thought since it is the *staple* food that it would be cheap, but no, a 10 kilo bag cost about $40-50. Many families go through 2-3 bags a month.

Maya is also does acrobats when nursing, rolls over, stands up, all while latched on. Then latches off, plays with my nipple a bit then dive bombs the boob. Once she missed the nipple and latched on just below. OUCH that really hurt.
She also trys to drink the pool water, bath water and from the shower.

I am amazed Chloe eats so much. Maya has about 1 teaspoon of food, and just plays with the rest. It has only been a week, so I guess in time her actual food intake will increase.

I am now doing scrapbook pages like crazy trying to get the albums semi finished before I go to the states.
Kathryn and Maya 10/28
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If you want to see my ds, just go to the dictionary and look up "cranky" - his picture will be right next to it. I was hoping it was his teeth but, no luck, he has his FIFTH double ear infection. And we have had no luck getting them to clear up - his last one took 20 days of strong antibiotics before it would go away - AAAAHHHH! I usually use antibiotics as a last resort but nothing else has worked for us - I've tried garlic/mullen drops, waiting it out, etc. We are thinking tubes 'cause I don't want him on antibiodics all the time and nothing else is working... We have a strong family history of chronic ear infections though so its no surprise.

G is still v. unpredictable with what he will/won't eat. One day he will scarf down a waffle (no syrup) for breakfast and the next day he won't touch it. The only 2 things I have found that he consistently likes are avacados and bananas. Today for lunch he had watermellon, baked beans and some chicken. He still has some days where he just isn't interested in anything but nursing. Oh yeah, I'm guilty of feeding my child the chicken out of a can on occasion. I use it in casseroles and will usually let him try whatever we are having for dinner. We do almost entirely organic food though but not always.

And, we do have baby gates up - as much for our dog as for G. M. doesn't need access to every room - he's a Golden Retreiver and sheds like crazy. G needs them for our stairs though - his favorite trick these days is to crawl right to the edge of something and peer over. Even with the gate up, he will crawl right to the edge and look through it... and he's turning into a climber. Gotta watch him like a hawk.
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Originally Posted by mamapenelope
My migraines are back full-tilt. Methinks my hormones must be shifting again. Urgh.
AHHH - You said the M word! Now I'll get one too! Just kidding... mostly. I had migranes for about 3 years. They are terrible, aren't they? Mine were originally blamed on hormones but nothing helped. I "fixed" them when I got on a regular sleep schedule. Long story about our living conditions in grad school... anyway, if I was woken up out of a deep sleep I would get a migrane. My sister and cousin have both found this to be true too. I had never heard this before and always offer it when I hear someone talking about migranes. I'm sure it doesn't help everyone but I hope it will help some people. Migranes can be SO debilitating, can't they? I think I don't get them now b/c I never get deep sleep :LOL Feel better!
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Huge Migraine Sufferer here too! I actually went to the ER the other night because NOTHING was working!!!!! I am actually going to see a neurologist next week....kinda scary.
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I'd give yourself a pep talk before the neurologist appt. and remind yourself not to panic. Mine mentioned a lot of things that "could be" causing my migranes - all of which sounded VERY scary esp. since my dad had a brain tumor a few years ago. I left in tears but things turned out fine. After several tests, he wasn't able to give me any answers, only that migranes are very common in women of a certain age (and I already knew that...). Seems they just don't know that much about what causes migranes. I happen to think if migranes were more common in men, they'd know what caused them but that's just MHO. Hope you feel better soon!

Oh yeah - another thing that really helped my migranes was regular visits with my chiropractor. He also gets credit for ending my never-ending sinus infection... I love chiropractic care. I'm gonna' take G and see if he can help these ear infections.
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Originally Posted by mamapenelope
:Cllovato, I am trying to word a response to your post. I am thinking about you. There are answers out there, Mama. I always first suggest "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Listen so Kids Will Talk." It's SUCH an easy book to read, and ming-bogglingly eye-opening. I know it's not easy to find time to read, but IMO, we have to prioritize so that our parenting skills can be better honed and we can be more positive, loving guides to our children.

love, penelope
Thanks mamap- I've heard of that one before, but I think I will definitely try to pick it up tomorrow. I will have to make time to read it. Though you are right- it can be hard
here are a couple of links for treating migraines - maybe you can find something to help http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/head...ines+magnesium
also, along the lines of what griffinsmom said about the chiropractor- my mom for major back pain (she couldn't even get out of bed for 2 days) went to an acupuncturist. She hasn't had a problem since (3 visits).

as for food for dd- she will eat just about anything- though she decidely does not like mashed potatoes! she will always pull them right back out of her mouth with her fingers! I'm not always good about getting her solids in the morning- but she isn't really very interested then anyway. She sleeps without nursing all night and then when she wakes up she wants to nurse for a looong time! During the day she just doesn't nurse as often as she used to. After her naps- she's not interested at all. She wants to be held for a while and changed, but then she wants to play. She won't nurse until she's been up for about an hour.

I know there was more I wanted to post about- but I'm wiped and still have tons to do tonight! TTFN
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I know it is terribly hard having so many ear infections- my ds went through that for so long. I know that surgery stinks, but IMHO tubes are a better alternative to lots of meds, and what mamap suggested is even better.
lots of s to you and your ds to get through it!
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Glad to know I am not alone with the headaches..I have been having them since I was 6 years old...and I still have never found anything that really works. They are mostly hormonal now...anyway I will have to check out that thread.

Ok..so we are officially shopping for a new car! We actually went to a lot last night and were really close to buying but the "closer" guy came to talk to us and was so condescending and just had a really sleazy aura around him...that I said to dp "I dont like this guy or the way he is talking to you...i dont feel comfortable giving him our money"..I thought he would tell me to relax and that this guy was just doing his job, blah, blah blah but instead he said "so do you think we should just leave?" I said yes and we did! We were laughing about it all night because we want to give our hard earned money to somebody who deserves it so I think we are going to go with a private owner.

Sorry to ramble I am just excited because our current car is such a hunk of crap!!!

mamap- I have the exact same struggles with Scarlet and everybody elses food! As soon as you walk into the room with a bowl or a cup of something, she will drop whatever she is doing and climb you until she sees what you have Its really cute!

Busy day here too! Wish us luck with the car!

BTW...Wheres Desiree (Polka123)? I havent seen her on for awhile and I know Colins Bday is soon! Hope everything is okay Mama!
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