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Thanks Penelope I dont know what to do with him these days. I think when the house gets back to normal, we'll have a chance to really go over this stuff. It's really tearing me apart

As for miss Emma..... She took 2nd place in her age category (56 babies!!! Who knew we had that many that are 9-12 months!) ... in her little "crunchy baby" outfit!!! It was so great to see the babies that placed... none of them were in those goddy dresses! Maybe society in general is starting to frown upon that whole ideal associated with baby contests/shows, what ever you call them. Anika (Katies baby from LLL) took 1st place, so the top two babies were breastfed

I've got one tired baby that I need to go cuddle with (who is *standing* by herself in the middle of my living room floor right now!!! *sigh* These babes are growing way too fast!

btw - Magnus is still the cutest little man I've ever seen!!! He has such a wonderful spirit
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April - eeeeeewwwwwww - I lived in PHX for yrs & we have palmetto bugs & 2-3 INCH sewer roaches !
Ihate those things. I'm such squeely girl when it comes to those bugs.

Ice- there's nothing wrong with baby contests - I've seen all kinds of really cute ones. Right on Emma !

Aw, all kinds of ways for S-x, even co-sleeping

Colin still naps on us ! I lay him down & he screams. I figure he'll grow out of it

I'm down to only a few friends also. Really, my DH is a best friend

OK all, my Mom is coming in from AZ to PA this Wed. for Colin's 1st B-day (08/22 - don't forget he's 4.5 wks early). She has only seen him once for his baptism last Sept.
Let's see, Colin's b-room also is the gust room since I just keep his stuff is there.
I have to go unpack in there - : when DH gets home.

Gals, I'm getting really sentimental about his 1st b-day. Wow, I really get "verklempt" (sp?) .
My Dad passed away in 11/2001 & he was a great G-Pa to my adult DD.
It makes me really sad that he's not here plus my Mom & DD is across the US. even tho we don't have the closest relationship but we are close.
We don't talk to DH's parents b/c they did something deplorable to DH involving DH's Ex. It happened right b/f I had Colin & they've never seen my DS.
You just never do what they did they to your own kid (DH). Anyway....
sorry about the blubbering/venting.

Anyway, what are your babes doing?

Colin likes pancakes. No walking in sight yet.
LOVES the cats & dogs & other kids.
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This will not be a popular post with many of you... I am kind of tired of the cosleeping too. My ds goes to bed in his crib at 8 and usually I put him in our bed to eat before I go to bed between 10 and 11 so I can get at least a couple of hours of sleep before he wakes up to eat again. He sleeps with us the rest of the night. He wakes every 2-3 hours to eat but neither of us fully wake up.

However, our vacation in June the bed was really soft and there was a huge gap between the bed and the wall so I put G in a porta-crib cause I didn't think the bed was safe. He slept in nice long stretches... 5-6 hours at a time. I felt so rested. Any my dh kept saying things like, "its so nice to be able to cuddle with you" He has never once complained about cosleeping - even the night I pushed him (sound asleep) onto the floor b/c I thought he was sleeping on G's arm (he wasn't - oops!). Since vacation I'm feeling like maybe its time for G to sleep in his own bed until he wakes up and then he can come into our bed. Also, G wasn't unhappy about not sleeping with us on vacation so I'm thinking sometimes he just wakes up b/c he can smell milk.

Anyway... I guess I'm feeling guilty about stopping the co-sleeping when he's only 10 months old 'cause he's still sleeping with us. I know he has benefited from cosleeping but sometime soon he may be sleepin' on his own.
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I don't think there is anything wrong with moving him to his own bed if he's comfortable with it. I think the key to any of this is that as long as the baby is comfortable with their surroundings, then everything is okay!!

There are nights that I *wished* Emma liked her crib, because I get tired of getting kicked in the ribs (didn't we get enough of that while we were pg???).
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I don't think there is anything wrong with not wanting to cosleep either, especially if your little one doesn't seem to mind sleeping alone. I think I actually have a harder time with a baby being in a separate room, rather than a separate crib. A room away seems too far for me though.

MamaP - I'm not actually seriously thinking about not cosleeping but I know DH sleeps terribly with DD in bed because she kicks, scoots, is all over the place AND DH is always worried about crushing her. Which of course has never happened and I assure him all the time that she would let him know loud and clear if she was getting smooshed. The bigger issue is I just want some alone time with DH! I miss the snuggles and sprawling across the bed and sleeping heavy, you know? Plus we just have not gotten into having sex while she is in the bed. DH doesn't go for it at all and unfortunately has a bad back so the floor is out. I'm hoping we can just put her in the crib early in the night for our alone time and bring her in bed when she wakes up for her first nursing time...even just once in awhile. That's all.
I do wonder how on earth it works with a newborn and toddler though - doesn't the toddler try to clobber the newborn???
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@ times I wish Colin would go in his pack & play (next to the bed). My neck/back really do hurt from sleeping in weird positions.
I love co-sleeping but wish I could get a few hrs by myself.
The problem is that Colin has great "mom-dar" (radar), soon as I get up to potty, he starts crying within minutes.
this kids is really attached to us.
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Originally Posted by daekini
Icequeen, please be sure to show pix of your little show-stealer! I'm sure she'll be adorable! I love babies in do-rags... I've made a few cute ones for abigail, but she isn't crazy about them.
Here is the ONLY picture that turned out I guess the lighting was just too crummy in the tent.

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icequeen, Emma looks TOO CUTE! I love her little crunchy baby getup! I can't believe she didn't win 1st place!
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Way to go on second place I've heard they use BFed babies even in formula comericals because their skin/behavior etc is so much better.

On GP's my mom is great, which really surprises me, we aren't super close but she flys across the country at least 4 times a year to see the kids, she is coming next month. I haven't seen my father in 11 years, so he has obviously never seen the kids. In general terms it might be rough to not have grandparents but some people don't deserve to be parents or grandparents. It might sound sad but my kids, and I are far better off without him in our lives.

Co-sleeping, oh the love and hate. We never even set a crib up for her, so there is really no place to put her. I have started nursing her to sleep on a twin on our floor, then when she wakes up I put her in bed with us. If one of us needs our own space we sleep on the floor (on the twin). I really love having her in bed with us, it seems so normal and natural, but man my body hurts and I'm tired, really tired. I'm currently thinking she'd be up whether or not she was in our bed, so for now we're going to co-sleep for a while.
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We have been having the hardest time too! Inever even got a crib, all proud that my babe was going to co sleep until she was ready for a real bed...but last week we broke down and got a crib. It is in our room and I have only put her in it when she falls into a deep sleep before I am ready for bed...then when she wakes up she goes right back with us. She does okay..I am the one who is having trouble adjusting!

Dp has had luck getting her to sleep in there for naps when I work (I only work 2 days a week)...but she doesnt go as easily when mama is home! I agree that she needs to feel comfortable with her surroudings. My older children slept better away from me...until they were in their own beds then they would "sneak" into my bed

Every babe is different and this one is definitely my "neediest" but thats okay with me

Scarlet has taken a few steps but is not walking yet. She is so active now that it is hard to get anything done!

She is just so amazing right now

Shes calling "mama mama" so gotta run!
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Ice - she is toooooooo cute ! oh my !!

MamaP - I'm so sorry for your recent loss - it's very hard. It was worse after the 1st year - that's when it really hit me.
I stayed numb for a while - i guess a coping mechanism.
I'm thinking of you.
PM - if you want to talk more on the subject.

Beatgirl - I know what you mean about active.
it's crazy - I don't remember my DD being this active but that was a LONG time ago.
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our co-sleeping is working out great and just today dh was saying how it was one of our best decisions.

it does work great for us, though. she nurses to sleep around eleven, then wakes up around 1 to nurse, which is when i usually go to bed. she's a pretty sound sleeper. she's slowing down on nursing all night (yay!) and now that her teeth are almost through, she's less cranky. she sleeps through dh's alarm clock and she wakes up around nine am. she plays in bed until i wake up, usually right away.

she's so cuddly! i love spooning with her in the mornings, she's like a warm little puppy . if we want to get down to it, sometimes we'll move her to the crib but otherwise, it's not a problem .

she's been nursing like crazy during this teething period (the last two weeks) and the past two days i've been engorged. i'm not used to that. sometimes it kinda hurts when she nurses, too.

do you plan on giving your baby anything sweet for his or her birthday? she turns one in less than six weeks and we're planning her party. what do you give a baby? we think our families will want to give her cake and while i know i can say no, it seems like i should find something to give her.
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We are loving the cosleeping too We actually bought a double mattress to push against our queen when I found out I was pregnant with Deshi (we cosleep with our 3 yo too). About a month ago I started putting them to bed together in the evening before we go to bed. We used to start them out in seperate rooms because my 3yo is a restless sleeper and I didn't want him to roll onto Deshi. Since starting them in the room together they both sleep SO much better in the evening (they are usually both asleep by about 7 or 7:30). Deshi seems happier to start his night in HIS (our) bed instead of the spare and Akira has anxiety issues about being alone, so he likes having Deshi in there.
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AGH! DD bit me FOUR times tonight, all on the same breast. I swear, it feels like she is biting my nipple off! I always look down, just to check She only does it when she is cranky and overtired, but man. It drives me nuts! Luckily I was able to leave her in bed with DH and relax alone with some wine!
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Originally Posted by plum
do you plan on giving your baby anything sweet for his or her birthday?
My MIL turned 50 this weekend and we went for the party. They had 2 kinds of cake - the store-bought-covered-in-PHO-and-sugar kind and some homemade angel food cake, no icing. I let G have some of the angel food cake (I tore it into pieces and let him eat it himself) and he LOVED it. I am thinking I'll make it for his 1st b-day. It isn't terribly high in sugar since it doesn't have icing but still tastes sweet so people won't give me a hard time about him not having birthday cake.

He is still CRANKY and pulling on his ears. I don't know what to do. We put him on antibiotics on Wed. but they don't seem to be helping... and I've tried the garlic/mullen drops. (We've been kidding that he's our little breadstick - 'cause that's what he smells like!) He's on Omnicef which is the broadest range antibiotic on the market so I don't want to give up on it yet. I just went to Whole Foods and bought some Baby Acidophilious but that won't help his ears clear up - might keep him from getting another infection though. We don't go see the specialist until Sept. 3rd... ugh. I'm going to call my chiropractor and beg him to see G tomorrow. Poor little G just seems miserable. I broke down and gave him some Motrin this afternoon 'cause he was screaming for about 45 min. no matter what I did. He fell asleep and when he woke up was better but still not himself. We are in ear-infection hell here...
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Griffinsmom - I'm sorry about his ears Ear infections are so dang miserable, I feel sorry for babies with them. Hopefully those antibiotics will kick in and provide him some relief soon.

Glittergal - I hear ya! I've gotten to the point where I find every muscle in my body tensing when I have to nurse when she's super tired and cranky (it's the only time she bites me too). I've discovered that if I nurse her laying down when she's in these moods it doesn't happen. Maybe it's a fluke?? Who knows! I hope your poor breast gets a break!

Teething must be on the rise for everyone again. Emma started getting really fussy this morning and sure enough, I gave the mouth a good look and she's got her two uppers just under the surface... ready to pop through at any time (of course, her bottom teeth looked like this for a month before they actually came through). She's been pretty unconsolable for a majority of the day. It breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. I've frozen a bunch of grapes and put them in one of those "net thingies" and let her chew away. She likes the flavor of the grapes so she keeps chewing and the cold is so great for her inflamed gums.

gotta run... dinner is boiling over!
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Originally Posted by cobluegirl
Acidophilus is good idea for this. Mullien oil in the ears works very well for infections. A chiropractor adjustment can work wonders too.
How long should I give him the Acidophilus? At least until he's off the antibiotic and gotten well but should I just give it routinely for a while?

We have a chiropractor appt. this afternoon - I can't wait. I want my happy, not-sick baby back!!! He is just so miserable... I do think the stuff in his ears is starting to drain though. He has had some HUGE, nasty, productive sneezes this morning. Maybe we are on our way to better-ville, I hope, I hope, I hope... :
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Okay experienced mamas..... is it okay or normal for them to not want to eat when they are teething? I didn't notice her appetite being affected with her last teeth, but last night she woke every half hour... would nurse, then would cry She was better after a dose of Hilands but would still wake every half hour and nurse. This morning I can't get her to eat anything. She chewed on frozen grapes in her safety net and took enough oatmeal to get her reflux meds down her, but thats it. Is she okay with just BM? She seems to want to nurse constantly. She's just such a HUGE solids eater that I'm afraid she's not getting enough...... I hate feeling insecure like this!!!!
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We are back from the chiropractor and G is napping. He told me something that made such sense and I hadn't thought about before.

"You can clear a swamp of mosquitos but if you leave it a swamp, the mosquitos will be back..."

G did not like the adjustment and cried through it but quit as soon as it was over. And then, his nose started to run . With all of these ear infections, his nose has never run and it doesn't run when he cries either. I am hopeful that we are finally getting the infection/fluid to drain!

He gave us some massages to do on the outside of his neck/ear area. I already did it once while I was nursing him and he seemed to tolerate it better while nursing... keep your fingers crossed for us!

Also, my chiropractor asked if we were going to have his frenulum ("tongue thing") clipped - it goes all the way to the end of his tongue and makes his tongue heart-shaped. He cannot stick his tongue out b/c of it. I asked our ped about it when G was about 2 months b/c he "clicked" when he nursed. She thinks it will stretch but I don't see any signs of it stretching and the DC agreed with me. What do you think? If we have it done now it is (mostly) painless and involves a couple drops of blood but in a couple of years it is a different story... Has anyone had a child with a tongue-tie and not had it clipped? Did it stretch?
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If my memory serves me correctly, mamap's older ds had the same thing????? (sorry if it's not you P) and it resolved I THInk

sorry for typos... Emma is helping mommy type today
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