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Alias is watching the Wiggles so I have a few minutes.

I am sooo pooped. I just spent 45 fruitless minutes walking Alias in the stroller to get him to nap but he spent the entire time chatting to himself and introducing himself to an imaginary person who seemed to be living in the stroller's canopy. It would've been very cute had I not been so hot and sweaty and thirsty and just plain desperate for him to nap. So I'm back home, with a tired but awake 2 year old. And to keep myslef from really loosing it I put on a Wiggles DVD that we rented and have come to get a little alone time on the computer.

Thnks everyone for your warm wishes and thoughts. It is hard to watch someone nearing the end of their life. But, as Amie pointed out, it is comforting to have some sort of circle being created in that grandpa is nearing the ned of his life and my new son will be begining his soon.

Ann - Hooray you made it! Welcome to the PNW!

Piglet - Sorry to hear about your stupid GD test. It's sounds so frustrating having to take these tests knowing full well what the outcome will be.

QOTW: Well I'm normally on the small size, 34B. And when Alias was born I blossomed up to a 36C. It was really nice to have somewhat of a voluptuous figure for a while. I haven't reached my buxom 36C size yet but I think that after Harrison is born and my milk comes in I'll have those nice large firms breasts again. I have noticed that my breasts have firmed up once again and have more shape to them than they did a few months ago. My nipples, like last time, are huge and dark. And like flitters, I too have the web pattern of blue veins acorss my chest. Just part of the fun of being super pale I guess. As for cholostrum... I haven't leaked any but I can express a drop or two. It was the same way when pregnant with Alias, I never leaked cholostrum. But soon after he was born I had plenty of milk, I guess you could say I'm one of those super producers, so I'm not worried about my milk supply for Harrison. I don't think the amount of leaking you expereince pre-pregnancy is an accurate indicator of your milk production.

Birth Prediction: Okay I'll go first with my predictions (gosh I really hope I'm not jinxing myself). I think that Harrison is going to be born the last week of September. And that it'll be a very short labour, around 8 hours.
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28 1/2 wks

Hey everybody, happy August!

Welcome to the PNW Ann!

QOTW: Once the milk dried up they were small again for a while, but now seem to be getting a bit fuller. I seem to have colostrum now, kinda clear w/ a tinge of yellow. With my first I was leaking colostrum all the time, now not at all, cause I still have a little nurser.

For some reason I'm feeling really good lately, and I'll probably jinx it by saying so. The temp is back down in the 70's (F) again so that probably has a lot to do w/ it. I've been taking pretty easy since Logan was sick last week. Maybe taking care of him, distracted me from thinking about me. Also, I stopped gorging myself w/ food, and I feel so much healthier and less bloated, imagine that. I find myself thinking, "Yeah, I can go a couple more months, there's still some room left." I'm really enjoying sleeping 9 hours at night though, and I guess I'm not in a rush to be on a newborn schedule again. It's really difficult for me to adjust to new sleeping patterns.

Speaking of sex (probably TMI), but my it's been nice around here. Maybe that's why I'm in a good mood. It's only once a week, but I must say I still love it.

true- I have strange dreams like that all the time. And I'm always leaving the baby somewhere and forgetting where.

mirthfulmum- I agree that your g.pa's attitude is so beautiful and probably comforting for your family. I know it must be a very difficult time for you though.

Oh yeah, and was it you Momadance who mentioned "Memoirs of Geisha"? I just finished it yesterday and was sobbing. I was weepy all day. What a great book, it's still lingering in my thoughts. I totally get what you were saying now.

I just checked out Ina May's guide... and so far I'm loving it. I'm so excited about birthing at home.

My prediction for this baby's b.day involves an 8. like, either Oct 18 or the 28th.
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Sex??? I hardly remember what that was like. We have done it ONE TIME during this pregnancy. We wanted to avoid it in the first trimester cause of my prior losses, and then I felt like it one time in the 5th or so month.

Now, we just have no place to do it. Dd is in our bed, and I cannot face the idea of doing it on the floor. I am too big and uncomfortable. Our couch is not good for lovedancin', either. What do you bedsharing preggo mamas do??? Dh used to be fine with having sex quietly in the same room as dd, but not anymore, he says she's "too old."

I really wanna start having sex again, both for fun, and for getting things ready! When I was pregnant with dd, we were doing it 3x a week in the last month to help get things ripened. (Though I have to admit, in weeks 39-41, it wasn't all that enjoyable. I felt like I was "Taking one for the team." :LOL) Plus, it would be nice to reconnect with dh in that way before the intimacy of birth.

So, where do you bedsharers have sex???
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Lucysmama: we wait until DD gets up in the morning to watch cartoons, then we sneak in a quicky, lol. We have also done it on the sofa after she's gone to bed.

Mirthfulmum: I can so relate to the not napping when you need them to thing!

The dreams: yeah, I sometime have the same dream - that the baby was born and I forgot and left it somewhere. It's really horrible!!

Okay, time for bed. Spending too much time gabbing with my mamas!!
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Maybe we're bad, but we always just did it in bed with DS there. As long as he was staying asleep of course!!! There have been plenty of times we were unable to finish due to our restless sleeper! It got a little easier once we started putting him down on his toddler bed (sidecarred to our bed, so an extension of the bed) since it gave more "barrier" space.

Oh and on the dream thing...one time I dreamed I had a baby girl and I didn't see her for a few hours (I guess I forgot I'd just given birth to her?) and DH came back with her, about 3 hours old, and had gotten her ears pierced! I was furious!!
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Amy, don't feel bad! I am fine with having sex in our bed (we have a queen and twin pushed together) as long as dd is waaay over on the other side. Dh thinks it is weird now, and is afraid she would wake up and watch us or something.... I keep telling him that cave men didn't go into a seperate cave from their kids after they fell asleep, but he still won't do it.

I have been having weird dreams, too. I dreamt I had a girl, and then promptly dressed her all in blue and told everyone it was a boy. I also have dreams about losing the baby somewhere. I think it's to prepare you for motherhood, that dream. Like, to let you experience the hell of losing your kid somewhere in your dreams so you know to pay attention in life and never let that happen.

Piglet - put my guess down for a girl, born on October 8th, after 16 hours of labor. That's just what popped into my mind.
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Great idea on predicting the arrival of our babies. I have a feeling about the Oct. 18nth and am hoping for a short easy labor With Collin I prayed that I would have him a week early and I did--right to the day. Aidan was a scheduled c-sec so I didn't have any feeling with him. With Sammy I had a feeling about April 4th, and sure enough that is his birthday. Anyways I have been pretty accurate but I am not putting my hopes into any day. I don't want to jinx myself as well--just want to leave it all in God's hands.
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Where we do it...

Well, we rent a little 3 bedroom house, and all 3 rooms have a bed of some sort. Usually, it's the queen bed in the "guest room" for us. Logan goes back and forth between sleeping with us and sleeping in his bed. Right now he's back with us, because that's where the air conditioner is. I don't think I could enjoy myself with Logan in the same room. I'd be panicking that he would wake up. It was different when he was a little baby.
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29 weeks, 1 day

Can I just say my crotch is KILLING me! Every time I get up from sitting for a while, my crotch really hurts. I know Sasha is really low, and I'm guessing there's some blood buildup or something. Anyways, I'm tired of walking around like I just had a 4 day honeymoon, if you get my drift, lol. Is the old tale that boys carry low? Well, this guy is definitely LOW. Last night I was feeling kicks (well, from his hands) practically at my pubic bone. I can't believe how low down he is! I don't recall DD being that way until the very end when her head began to engage (and then it was more like having a basketball between my legs).

So there's my complaint for the day.

I added the predictions, and will do so for anyone else who cares to hazard a guess. I have no such intuition. If baby doesn't come early (and I hope he doesn't!), he will be born on his scheduled date, which I'm guessing will be around the 11th or 12th depending on the OB's schedule, since they usually do it at week 39.
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Oh Piglet I KNOW exactly the pain you are feeling. This little guy is really low as well. I feel hiccups in my vagina all the time and the other day if felt like his head was close to engaging--kinda scared me. Thankfully its not all the time though or my mood for sex would be out the window and I don't want that to happen!
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Piglet, I sympathize with the sore crotch. I feel like I went on a 60 mile bike ride without my padded shorts! Ouch.

DH and I have been playing the prediction game, too. He predicts the baby will be born around Oct 10, and weigh in the six pound range. I predict Oct 31 - Nov 4 and over nine pounds. (Guess which one of us is the optimist!) No predictions on gender.

As for dreams, I have this recurring nightmare that I'm hiking with friends in the woods, and we come to a cave/tunnel. As we're walking through the tunnel gets smaller and smaller. First I'm stooping, then crawling, and finally shimmy-ing along on my belly. All my friends make it out the other side and keep going up the trail, but I get stuck and can't move forward or back! My arms are pinned to my sides and I suddenly panic, realizing I'm trapped underground and everyone has left me behind. The more I struggle, the more stuck I get...... Doesn't take a PhD to figure that one out, huh? :LOL Good thing we're starting our Birthing From Within classes next week!
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Dh would never have sex with Alias in the room. Dh had real issues when I was pregnant with him about having sex so there was no way he was going to get over his inhibitions with the little guy in our bed. Our sex life is better this pregnancy but we still haven't had sex in almost 2 months, mostly because I am just not interested. But when we do/did we either would move Alias (still asleep) out of the bed and on to the couch in the living room and push the coffee table with a bunch of pillows up next to him or we would leave him in bed and get creative with our living room furniture .

I've been thinking lately that I should probably try to psyche myself up for sex as the due date is getting close and it would be nice not to go 2 weeks past my due date again. And I'm pretty sure that if we don't have sex between now and the birth then we ain't gettin' any until at least January! It's just hard to get in the mood when I feel the farthest thing from sexy.

to you mommas who are still able to enjoy a sex life.
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Oh, forgot to comment on the dreams.

I feel like the odd gal out here as I have not been having baby dreams at all. I had a few very vivid and intense ones when I was pregnant but didn't know it yet (one of the clues that sent me to the drug store to buy a test). But since then nothing. I've had some really weird and vivid dreams while pregnant but no baby dreams... I wonder if that means anything.
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Hello all! Sounds like lots of drama going on everywhere- maybe it's these crazy summer days- I have been dying with all the humidity we are getting. I just sit and the sweat starts pouring down never mind how hard it is to breathe!
This weekend I had the worst constipation ever!! I know this may be TMI but I couldn't even sit down my bum was hurting so bad. I ended up taking some castor oil-- yuk!! and prune juice. It eventually all came out in the end but it was 2 days of pure torture. I have had slight constipation before, but NEVER anything like this. Must be all that ice cream I've been having LOL
QOTW- i am usually a pretty tiny floppy A but have moved up to a B which for me seems like a whole other world- I absolutely love them. I wasn't able to nurse my ds due to some complications so I am very very very excited to be able to nurse this time. My breasts were firm the first half of this pg but seemed to have softened a bit lately. I could squeeze out a drop or two of liquid and look forward to those initial toe curling suckles.
We have decided on a name- Fiona and NO we are not naming her after the princess in the movie Shrek!! It was a name that floated around in my head since we saw the movie The Secret of Roan Inish- ( I think I spelled that right) a few years back. My DH has some irish roots so we thought it would sound great.
My DS is so very excited and can't wait to be a big brother. He has been reading like crazy so that he is ready when Fiona comes to read her stories. He loves acting like a warrior and a ninja and he wanted to know if she will like those things when she's born. I just tell him- "Honey, she does tons of kung fu in my belly all day long. I'm sure she'll like to do martial arts with you." That makes him pretty happy.
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28.5 weeks

About this discussion going on....Nancy, just to let you know since you were talking about postpartum sex, we didn't for 8 weeks and then not again for 5 weeks after that! I do know some people who have done it much earlier but for one thing I bled up until that point and therefore wasn't interested and I had a episiotomy so even after 8 weeks it was really uncomfortable, still was after 13 weeks and much longer really. Just thought I'd let you know that so if it takes you that long to get back into it you won't worry that you are abnormal or something.

As for where we do it...although Ember is in our bed still we do have a twin in her room that my parents gave us so that's where we go. We have also done the early morning cartoon thing like Piglet. I have never felt comfortalbe with doing it in the bed while Ember is sleeping, probably because she is always cuddled up to me when I am there so before we had the other bed it was the floor or couch for us.

Like I said we are having it much more frequently than last time...it's because for once in my life I can actually get off everytime :LOL TMI
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:LOL We had sex just two weeks after I had my dd. I remember clearly cause it was Valentine's Day and my mom watched Lucy for an hour while we had a romantic dinner at home, and then had sex. I had a c/section, so I didn't have any vaginal pain at all, and I only bled for about 10 days total, and it was very light.

I saw my midwife 2 weeks later for my checkup, and she said, "Well, you can go ahead and have sex now." I laughed, and I guess my face gave me away, cause she was pissed that we had done it so early.
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I'm with you on this one Piglet, I walk like I've had too much sex but the reality is maybe a handful of times over the last 3 months! Before that, even less as I took forever to recover from my appendectomy this winter! The pains in my groin get really intesnse as the days wears on. By the evening I'm hobbling around. I'm learning hot to deal with it better (ie. taking it easy whenever I can) but it is really difficult when you walk EVERYWHERE!

About BDing, we don't have to have sex with DD in the room as she starts off the night in her own bed in her room. She usualy comes to our bed anywhere from midnight to 4 am so if we play our cards right we get plenty of alone time in the sack (too bad we don't make use of it!). When she was little we always did the deed with her in the room or in the bed (wonder what she'll think of that when she's older??) but I do remember feeling a bit inhibited in the volume department so I'm happy with this arrangement!

Regarding the QOTW my boobs are generally small, a B if I'm lucky. I loved my nursing boobs during the first months I think I went to a full C cup for awhile For the few months of this pregnancy I went down to smaller and floppier than ever before but now the girls are perking up again - I'm happy so is DH! I haven't expressed any colostrum but I often find white stuff stuck to my nips which I assume is some form of colostrum leaking just the tiniest bit. I had LOTS of milk for DD so I don't have any concerns about it this time round either.

A little update on my non-napping toddler.... it is becoming painfully clear that this kid still NEEDS the extra sleep. She is out of control these days and I know it is from plain old over tiredness. The last 3 times she's fallen asleep it has come after screaming and thrashing and fighting. I HATE it. I don't feel like an AP mommy at all when my toddler essentially needs to act like a wild animal for 10 -45 minutes before she'll let go and give in to sleep. We've tried everything. DH and I focused on this all weekend and still come up empty. She is hovever sleeping now but I can't go into how awful it was for about 15 minutes before she accepted my help and rubbed her back until she passed out . This is her first daytime nap in 5 days I think.

OK, no more complaints for now. I'll think about what my birthdate prediction is and share when I've come up with something.
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My birth prediction would be either Oct. 27th or 28th...that is when the moon will be full. Both of my other babes were born under a full moon. But they were each a week late and my edd is the 27th. So either my babes just need to cook a little longer or it's the full moon that draws them out. It will be interesting to see what holds true for this one.

As for sex during this pg, I can not get enough!!! I am wearing my poor DH out. lol! We resumed "relations" after ds #1 was born at 2 1/2 weeks and just one week after dd#2 was born. With my second, I literally only bled for 5 days. Thanks to the gallons of red raspberry leaf tea! There wasn't much in the way of high frequency after childbirth, but at least my DH didn't have to wait too long. A friend of mine gave birth 8 months ago to her first child and she still hasn't resumed sex with her DH. My DH would explode! LOL!
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sunshinegal: it's great to see you around! I love the name Fiona...I will add it to the list!

You post-partum sex mamas...wow. While I also had a c/s, so everything was fine down there, it was just NOT PLEASANT. The hormones just dried everything up and it felt like sandpaper (even with my dear friend KY, lol). I swear it was over 6 months before I really started to enjoy sex again. So we're trying to enjoy it now b/c I know it will be a long time before he gets any again, lol. We're also one of those couples who did it with DD there asleep on the bed, but only up until about a year old.

Okay, you guys, I just have to share this with you: There's a FOOT in my belly button and it's driving me NUTS!!!...It's really quite cute, but it is the strangest sensation. For two days now Sasha has had a foot (knee? heel?) right behind my belly button and it's making me feel almost queasy when he pokes at it. I keep rubbing it and poking it to make him move it, but apparently he's quite happy with where it is, lol.

Oh, and great news!! I think we found an apartment! Talk about Fate providing: I called a property management company/realtor about an ad that turned out to be not what we were looking for, but when I told him what we needed...he'd JUST received a new listing. The new owners of the condo picked up their keys that morning and instructed him to rent the place out for Sept 1. The ad isn't even up yet! So he faxed me an application and I'm going to FedEx it to him tomorrow. It's exactly where I wanted to be (mirthful: it's at Haro and Cardero), it has insuite laundry and dishwasher, the owners are renovating so it will be all lovely...and it's on the 7th floor. I'm so excited I could jump for joy - getting this set up now would be SUCH a huge load off my mind! Fingers crossed that the application process goes smoothly!!
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Oh my gosh Piglet! We'd be neighbours! I'm at Pendrell and Cardero.
Kepping my fingers crossed for you.
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