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piglet- so very happy for you- even so close to another mdc mama!!
as far as the sex thing- I just can't manuver myself to get into the right position!! KWIM? I stick pillows under my back or up by my head- it really looks rather comical so much so my husband will look at me and we both just start laughing :LOL We have only tried it a few times this pg because I'm just not in the mood- way too much on my mind and too much in the way. We co sleep as well but my dd is way too easily woken up for us to even try. We did do it when she was younger-
Just like Jillerina said- wonder what she will think of that when she is older
Funny little story- my friend's dd who is 12 loves animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up. She said to her mom "Mom, isn't it strange that humans are the only mammals that don't have to mate to have children?" My friend did not realize how naive her daughter was and told her the plan hard truth that infact humans do mate just like all the other mammals and went through all the basic details. She even mentioned that humans like it so much, that sometimes they do it just for the enjoyment. Her dd said "Yuck- I am never going to do that!". If only I felt that way when I was her age
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YAAAAAY Piglet! Good luck on the condo! I am so jealous that you an Mirthfulmum would be neighbors....how cool is that???
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28 wks 2 days

Happy August Everyone!!

WOW, 12 weeks for me! I'm so excited!

QOTW: I too noticed that I do not have those nice full size breasts this time around. I don't even think they have grown much...lol I noticed little leaks after a shower but no big deal it stops pretty fast. I'm looking forward to nursing Alex (I wasn't successful with my dd) I really have a good feeling about it. I know this is my last baby so I really want to give it my all and make that baby time last as long as possible.

Oh and SEX..what is that? LOL I feel so uncomfortable...poor dh. I really try to give it an effort but it just isn't there for me. Any tips?
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I thought I better get back on here with my prediction :LOL You guys are gutsy predicting right down to the day, I was gonna say more like between the 6th and the 16th...but since you all are narrowing it down more I will venture the 6-10th...and for my labour prediction I'll say 6hrs.

Piglet great news on the apt! I am so jealous of you being near Mirthfulmum!

Ann, I meant to congratulate on arriving in your new state!

Gotta run again.
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12 weeks seems so far away, yet right around the corner!

Oh, you guys and your little ones and their naps and sleeping with you and trying to have sex...Oh my! Things to look forward to, huh?

No predictions from me - I don't have strong feelings any way, and I'm afraid of jinxing something. I guess I'm little superstitious that way.

sunshine gal, hope this story doesn't upset you, it's pretty funny I think...I suggested the name Fiona to dh and he just couldn't get past remembering his bartending days and this young, pretty Scottish woman named Fiona who'd belly up to the bar every night ALONE and get wasted after work! As the night progressed, no one could understand anything she was saying with her thick accent, thick with whiskey. Hee hee...I still love the name SO much. I'd still name a little girl that, despite the visual. Besides, I met her several times and she was sweet - just liked the whiskey a little too much... :LOL
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Piglet congrats on the condo Hope all works out smoothly for you And Ann hope you are getting all nice and settled in your new home.

Today I bought couple of maternity tees off of old navy. I am in dire need of clothing right now. I try to wear my regular clothes for as long as possible, but my belly is at the point where it pops out at the bottom of my t-shirt. I was never this far along in summertime with my past pg's so I am limited on what I have for maternity. Plus I hate spending too much money when you only wear them for such a short period of time. Oh well--I am excited to have added to my wardrobe. Give me a bit more variety.
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Ok, I am going to do something I swore I would not do! I need name input, guys. We have our boy name pretty much decided, but need girl help.

Dd is Lucy Elizabeth. The Elizabeth is after Dh's (living) grandmother, who is Dorothy Elizabeth. If this baby is a girl, she will have MY (living) grandmother's middle name, which is Violet. Our last name is Beck.

So, our two girl name choices are Annabelle and Clementine. (Please don't say anything too negative about either!) We like Annabelle Violet a lot, but we are concerned that it sounds a little frilly and WASP-y, and that Annabelle is getting more popular.

Clementine is definitely off the beaten path, but dh thinks it may be a little TOO quirky and off the path. Plus, Clementine Violet is quite a big name for such a little baby! And, no easy nicknames like Annabelle. But I really like how unusual it is, and dd loves it, too.

So....input? Nothing slamming the names, though! That is why we are not sharing our names IRL, we don't want people to be mean. (We were going to name dd Sage, but everyone was so rude about it we went back to the drawing board and came up with Lucy, which we love now.)
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Courtney I'm glad you liked the book! Our book club met MOnday and everyone loved it!

Lucysmama. I Annabelle Violet! It has such a lovely sound. I think Clementine's adorable as well, and if I remember correctly, Lucy really liked that name at the begining of your preg. Our name dilemma is growing. Jason really loves Reed Icculus (which I totally thought was a joke) He think's it's Zappa esk in ideaology (moonunit, dweezle, and diva) so in his mind, I could give up the name Zappa Reed. I also really like Rene' Reed, but it's ultra feminin.

Had an awesome dream about jamming with Phish last night. I have so many dreams about those guys, and in them, I'm always playing along with them. I remember a vivid one a while back, I was playing in between Jerry Garcia, and Trey at a huge festival. It was awesome.

Watched one of my mw's videos last night. I really like her bedside manner. She's not overly "sweet" and she seems like she's good about telling a pushy MIL or mom of mama to chill out. She seems to be hip to the Spritual Midwifery idea, and if anyone seems like there stressing the birthing mama's gotta go. She's real assertive., and laid back. I'm super glad she's got a whole lot of births she attends on tape.

SLowly starting to move.
Sex? hahahah It's been since the 1st trimester! I just cant get lubed up, and the thought of using KY makes me cry. I don't want to depend on something like that to make love.
dh's prediction Oct. 15th
Mw prediction Oct. 15-18
Mine Oct. 23rd.
I'm due the 13th.

Oh, I felt the baby's head yesterday! It's like a little softball, and just about to head into the pelvis! It was so nice, listning to his heart beat on the fetascope made me cry yesterday!

Congrats Piglet!
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Originally Posted by Ctmom70
Oh and SEX..what is that? LOL I feel so uncomfortable...poor dh. I really try to give it an effort but it just isn't there for me. Any tips?
I'm with you on this one, I can't remember the last time that sex sounded like a good idea! I'm so jealous of all you mamas who are gettin' some. I'm just so exhausted by the end of the day, it's all I can do to make it from the tub to the bed. After Hannah was born, it was almost 10 months before we resumed "relations". I think DH was wondering if he'd ever get lucky again! I'm hoping it won't take so long after this birth, but I seem to just be wired that way. :

My birth prediction? Hmmm...well the mw and ob keep moving my due date around, but I've always really liked the sound of the 16th, so I'm sticking with that. Hannah's birth was only 8 hrs., but I was on pitocin. I think I'll say 10 hrs this time, and hope I'm guessing wrong on the long-side.
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Lucysmama, I really like both names and I'm not gonna be any help in your decision making. I don't think Clemantine Violet is too big of a name and I don't think Annabelle Violet is too frilly! Personally I love the name Annabelle, it is always on my name list but Clara and Annabelle are two cargo cars I think in Thomas the Tank Engine. For some reason I just can't put the two together in real life as a result!

Good luck in the decision process!
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Originally Posted by Lucysmama
So, our two girl name choices are Annabelle and Clementine.
I really like them both, and don't think Annabelle is trendy or wasp-y, personally. Clementine is super adorable and gets my vote, if you are keeping track.

Piglet, congrats on finding such a great place so fast! Hope it works out.
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I like both of the names, but you're right about Annabelle becoming uber trendy ... so for that reason alone I'd probably lean towards Clementine. They're both sweet names
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Thanks for the congrats, ladies! I'm FedEx-ing the application to the property manager today with the deposit...in a few days we'll know if we're approved. I'm a bit nervous, but this all came together so perfectly it's hard not to believe the place is meant for us. And I am very excited about being so close to Mirthfulmum - it's just a great neighbourhood all around. Steps to a huge park, steps to the beach, walk to the grocery store...yay! Oh, and mirthful - it's Haro and Nicola, I was off by one block, lol. Actually, DH made a crack that I'm "stalking" you...I'm birthing in the same hospital, going to your family physician, and now moving in right near you...I promise you, I'm not psycho!

Lucysmama: I know what you mean about the names. I feel self-concious telling people we're naming our son "Sasha". I get the feeling most people don't like it, but DH and I really love it and that's all that matters!! Anyways, I love the name Annabelle. I didn't know it was becoming trendy. I think Annabelle Violet sounds lovely, and compliments your DD's name, too. I think Lucy and Annabelle sound very pretty together!

Well, I found out this 3 hour GD test gets worse. I'm in medicalized-pregnancy hell right now, and SOOOOOO envious of you midwife mamas!! I have to eat high carbs for three days (I figure a pint of Ben and Jerry's each night should kill off a few servings, lol)...okay that part isn't hard. But then I have to fast after midnight, show up at the blood lab at 7:30 am (UGH) and every hour they will draw blood, for three hours, and I CAN'T EAT ANYTHING. I am SO hungry in the mornings, and I'm going to end up really nauseous and probably faint, since I'm very prone to fainting when I'm not eating. It's going to be three hours of hell. The day will probably be a write-off and for what? Because their stupid one hour test sucks!!!!!! :

Now, speaking of hunger, I'm off for my morning muffin and decaf tea!
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Katie, thanks for sharing with us Of course none of us would make comments like you got IRL last time (and BTW I love the name Sage : ). But you do have a tough one here, they both sound good with Lucy and Violet and they definately are different personality wise. I'd probably pick Clementine but either way she'll have a very nice name...if she's a she.

I don't really have any sex advise, I think it's just hormones so I can't really offer much...like I said I was were most of you were last time, no interest. I have seen KY mentioned a few times though and just thought I'd say that I prefer Astroglide MUCH more, definately a necessity when using condoms (which is pretty much what we'll be using postpartum, blech).

So I am off to see my midwife today...can't believe that there are only a few visits left after today, like 2-3 depending. Wow.

Oh and Piglet when you add my prediction you can also put that Dh predicts 7lbs 10oz.
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31w 3d

Katie - I the name Clementine. It is so sweet and goes very well with Violet. And I don't think that Annabelle sounds too "frilly". I think it's a very pretty name, I just like Clementine better.

Piglet - I guess it's a good thing I've met you IRL. The again, I've never had a stalker before... could be fun :LOL.

Amie - Have a great midwife appointment!

Well, inspired by you lusty moms out there, I made an attempt to seduce my husband yesterday (although it was a very half hearted attempt). I just could not get into it. How do you maintian your focus on sex when you've got a baby doing sumersaults and boxing maneuvers while you're trying to snuggle up and get the mood going? I just don't think it's going to happen for us until Harrison is born. After Alias we didn't have sex until about 8 or 9 weeks after he was born. And then it took several months for us to find our groove again. I suspect it'll be the same way again .
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Thanks for all the name input! I had real anxiet about telling you all, isn't that funny? Dh and I swore we wouldn't tell anyone this time around cause everyone was so mean when we were naming Lucy. But, I knew you guys wouldn't be like that. I was just phobic about it.

We're leaning towards Annabelle right now, because of the whole nickname thing. We both have some Annies in the family history, so we'd probably call her that sometimes. I like Lucy and Annie, it sounds cute together IMO. WHo knows? We could end up with neither name! Oh, and yes - Momadance - dd loved Clementine. She was actually the one who mentioned it, but we have no clue where she heard it. (Now she wants to name the baby Penny, though.)

Piglet- for what it's worth, I love the name Sasha. I even suggested it dh, who shot it down cause it was the name of the guy I dated right before dh. Men!
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I second the recommendation for Astroglide! KY is too gloppy and dries up too fast. Mirthful - sorry the seduction didn't work out. I know how you feel though, I'm usually not "into it" until like halfway through, but by the end I'm really glad I went through with it. That probably didn't sound right. Usually the baby is pretty mellow during those times, but when he does move around - well I've learned to ignore it I guess. That gets way more difficult towards the end of pregnancy as I recall.

Kinda late in the name discussion but I love Annabelle Violet, and Clementine for that matter. They totally go with Lucy, too. And I also love the name Sasha too, if I hadn't mentioned it before. Speaking of Piglet - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get the condo! That's so exciting. I wanna move now.

I just found out that the local mom's group that I joined a month ago is planning a meal delivery service for me and the one other preggo mom in the group, after we have our babies. I'm so touched by this. That's the one main thing I've been concerned with about having a newborn - is having food to eat. I mean, I'll probaby make 2-3 things to freeze, but that's it. So, yay I love these women!
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CourtneyandLogan: that is so sweet! Lucky you!

Lucysmama: thanks for saying that about Sasha's name. I cracked up when you said it was an ex-boyfriend's name. Funny how all the ex's names suddenly go on the veto list (for both me and DH). I have to admit I just love the name "Annie", so that doubles my vote for Annabelle.

Mirthful: had to lol at your seduction story. it's so true...hard when you have a toddler around!

We almost always have sex in the mornings b/c I've usually had some ridiculously slutty dream, and well you know how men are when they wake up <giggle!>, and DD is often out watching cartoons (the one really good use for TV, lol). We did do it once after DD went to bed, out on the sofa, but...oh this is so pathetic and embarassing but you all might get a laugh out of it...there was a documentary on TV about prostitutes, and they were filming them "taking care of business" in their clients' cars. Now you couldn't really see anything, but the sounds were all there and...well, it sort of set the mood. See, I am not usually like this!! I feel like a GUY!! Who gets turned on by stuff like that?! Lordy, what are those hormones doing to me!

Anyways, usually we are both so exhausted in the evenings that the "spirit is willing but the flesh is too tired!". I realize reading my posts it sounds like we're having lots of sex, we actually aren't having that much (just more than usual I guess)...I'm just so randy all the time, dream about it, etc...but opportunities are not as easy to come by. If we *could* we'd be doing it every day...does that count? :LOL

Now, about meals after baby is born: my mother is giving us a crock pot. Anybody use one? Got any good recipe links/books?
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Ok I'm going to be difficult and vote for Violet for the first name. But I love Annabelle and Clementine, too. And Sasha!

I think our baby will end up being nameless for a few days until we get to know it. We haven't found very many names we agree on, and they're all over the place "personality" wise.

Our girl names are Ruth (after DH's grandma) and Maria. DH also really likes Adah (pronounced like Ada), but it happens to be my sister's stinky cat's name, too! So forget that one! :LOL

Our boy names are Henry and Rowan. I like Henry Rowan together. I think Rowan may be a little too yuppie for a first name. Also, I've heard of two people naming their girls Rowan (on MDC, not IRL), and I'm wondering if it's moving into gender-neutral territory or being taken over by girls entirely... I still remember there were some boys I went to school with named Hilary and Kelly, which were originally boys names, but well, were definitely girls names by the 80's! Life was not easy for them...
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hi mamas!

piglet, so much good luck with the application! it sounds really promising!

lucysmama, i really like both names, slightly leaning towards clementine... do you guys think you'll pick one out in advance or will you wait until you see your baby? (well, obviously to some extent you'll wait to see if it's a girl or boy... :LOL) last night we actually found a girl's name that we like quite a bit... definitely on the short list but we still have a lot of thinking to do.

mirthful, sorry you couldn't get into your seduction efforts. as for our sex life, i'm a bit envious of those who have the horny preggo hormones. i certainly don't. (TMI starts here...) i'm not uncomfortable and positioning isn't really an issue, but it just doesn't feel as good... kind of like things are too full so i can't really let go and relax like before. even my orgasms aren't as good. i used to want it a lot but now we do it about once a week and that feels like plenty. my lube situation is normal for me (adequate but not super wet)... several years ago when i briefly went on the birth control pill it dried me up and we tried out lots of different kinds... our favorite by far (way better than ky or even astroglide) is called slippery stuff. it doesn't get sticky or feel weird but it's also not available in your average pharmacy.

momadance, that's so cool that your midwife has videos with her in them! ours loans out videos but i don't think she is actually in any of them. and have a good appointment oakember!

oh, and soogie, i don't have any previous babes to base this on, but i also think my babe will probably show up around the late october full moon. perhaps even on the eclipse!
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