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SHHHHH...... Don't tell anybody i am here!

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I got a BFP on saturday. We were not trying, but were not doing anything to prevent. I am still nursing dd#2 (who is 1 today!) and have had 1 very light AF and one fairly normal, but were 42 days apart. I did not think I would get prego this fast. DH is so excited. He really wanted another one this soon, I was hoping it would take about 6 months, but am very excited. We are not telling anybody for a while. We told failry early with both our girls, so we are hoping to keep this to ourselves for a while if we can.

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: and ! Can't wait to find out how long you can keep it in!
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Hi and welcome! Good luck keeping the secret--I am horrible at it!!
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Hello and welcome! I LOVE secrets -- i'm just not any good at keeping them.
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SOOOOOO nice to see someone with a baby the EXACT (okay a day apart) age as my dd Grace! My dh wants me to wait to tell and I'm going CRAAAAAZZZZZYYY!!! But, just get on here and blab to us. That's how I get my fix
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I made it through Gen's first bithday party (just family) last night without telling. Dh really wanted to, but I want to wait untill my dr appt on hte 16th. I did tell my best friend, who is due with her 2nd at the end of December.

gracesmom - It will be so neat to have 2 babies the same age! Did you plan the second one, or are you still in shock? I am definatly in shock, but excited!
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Planned DH is afraid of dying of old age before all of our kids hit college. He's only 34 ! Soooo.....hopefully there will be a little bit of time between our next 2.
I got my 1st AF when Grace was 4 months old (WHILE EXCLUSIVELY BFING UNTIL SHE WAS 10 MONTHS!!!!!) Doesn't that suck
I definitely want to keep in touch and we can compare notes!
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edd jan. 21 15w5d

Jessmcg, congrats!

Just wanted to say that I'm a Genevieve too. Growing up, I always liked my name. When I was little, I was a 'Genny'. Now that I'm older, I go by Gen.

When I was in french class in high school, we got to pick french names to have in class. I didn't have to choose a different name, cause Genevieve is already french and sounds so cool in french.

Anyhow, just thought I'd share. I hope your daughter likes her name. Oh, and if you're looking for another girl name for the new baby, I'm a fraternal twin and my sister's name was Catherine. We were Katie and Genny. Now we're Kate and Gen.

Good luck with your pregnancy.
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Hi, just checking in.

I have broken down and told my best friend and my mom. My mom told me this weekend that she had a dream I was pregnant with twin boys (as did I 2 weeks ago - really scary), after she told me this, I had to tell her I was pregnant. She and I both have this weird sometimes physic thing with dreams, so I hope it is not true, but dh has taken to calling the baby peanut and crackerjack now.

Marysmama - It is cool to meet another Genevieve, we have only met a few. She was named after dh's great-grandma (her middle name is Johanna, my great grandma). I love the way is sounds in French! I am afraid we will have to pass on the name advice. Dh and I both have sisters that go by Kate and Kait (they are actually Mary Catherine and Kaitlin), and I think that is confusing enough, thanks though .

We call our Genevieve Gen or ViVi. We have a weird lady that lives by us named Ginney - so we are avoiding that.

I have an ultrasound to check for dates on Monday, so we will now how many babies are in here for sure then!

Talk to you all later,
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