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I think I have a moderate uterine prolapse. I feel normal when I get up in the am, but I can feel the pressure getting more and more as the day goes on. My cervix feels lower in the evening than in the morning. The bulge is on the anterior part of the vaginal wall. Does anyone know of any remedies, or helpful herbs? I have been kegeling like a mad woman, but am worried about long term. Like will this affect sex? Everyhting I have read has painful intercourse as a symptom. We have yet to try, but man that is not something I would like at all. Dh would keel over. Thanks everyone for all the help. Also sorry for the croos post to those on Cbirth and Mothering. Just using all of my resources. Thanks again! This is a great community of wise and supportive women!
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I don't know of any herbal remedies, but there is a type of massage commonly used in Guatemala to help heal it. Its becoming more popular in the US, so if you really search around, you might be able to find someone who can do it...maybe a massage therapist or naturopath.

Here's a link for:


Ummm...don't tell ABMP I posted that,ok
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Thanks for the link mamamaya! I am going to try the massage. The closest practioner to me is in Phoenix(2 hours) but I might give her a call next time I am up there!
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So how about when you have renewed morning sickness at the end? LOL I just don't want to eat. I feel better when I do, but then major acid-city. YUCK There is way too much prelabor this time, and it is kinda wearing me down. Perhaps it's because this is nowhere near my first? Does the prelabor stuff get worse with each babe?

Can I lie in bed until it starts. I'll be rather well-rested!
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I wish I could lay in bed for the next 7 mths lol

I had prelabor with my last 2 and it was very frustrating. I had 2 weeks of it with my 3yo and a little over 2 weeks with my 2yo. With my first not only did I not ever have rpe labor I never had a BH so when labor hit I knew it was real. With my last I was in denial for hours that the labor was real since some of my prelabor ctx would last 6-8hrs before peetering off. I hope to not go thru that this time.
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I had pre-labor for about 5 days with all 4 of my previous births! A few hours of contractions here, a few hours there...it can get tiresome, but at least when it happens I'll know it means the baby is coming in a few days, and it gives me a chance to take care of last minute things, like food shopping, and making sure the house is fairly clean/straightened out.
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chandar~have you done a search for homeopathic remedies? there might be something there. mdc occasionally has a poster who lists a huge list of them related to pg/birth, etc. i ran across some the other day. i know arnica in higher potencies can cause uterine contractions. this is actually why it's not good to take too much if one is taking a high potency after birth, b/c it can cause more cramping and bleeding. i don't know about the underlying cause of prolapse, but if it's muscular, this may help. try to find a homeopath that will sell you a few doses of arnica 1m...or just consult a homeopath. they'd know just what to do if they're good. try to find one that has a couple decades experience if you can.

oshunmama~ have you tried carbo. veg homeopathically? you can get boiron brand at the natural food store. it tends to be more consistently high quality compared to the brand hyland's. it can help with the acid. a low potency like 12x, 30x, or even 12c or 30c should be plenty if it's going to work.

ok, that's my little remedy schpeel for today.

to the poster who said her 3y/o didn't nap, so she couldn't...oh goodness, do i feel for you! the days i've not been able to nap...whew! i pretty much sleep all night and nap the whole next day, except that my bladder keeps waking me up. i can't imagine how hard that must be! i too would cry with gratefulness when i hit the bed each night.
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Chandar - I don't have any remedies for the prolapsed uterus which is why I just lived with it until I became pregnant the first time since DS's birth last year. But I can tell you that for me, it didn't affect my sex life. Although I did become more interested in some positions that weren't as interesting to me before. Don't know if that was because of the uterus though. My prolapsed uterus was also rather mild and would just sag as the day went on.
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I'm so glad someone pointed this thread out to me!!!!!! Haven't had time to read all of it yet, but I'll slog through.

I would love to have an unassisted homebirth. Dh seemed interested in it as well, though not highly enthusiastic. I think he doesn't think I could manage.

Anyway, question of the evening...

Both my parents are MD's, and my mom has sadly become very interfering in our life. Well-intentioned, but bothersome. She is *constantly* pestering me about one thing or another that she thinks I shoudl be doing. I'm 6 weeks along, and haven't told them yet--and they live just down the street! I don't know how to tell them, and to approach the subject of natural pregnancy and delivery with them. We have discussed homebirth, but dear mom always assumes she will be the "attending" doctor at the birth, and I haven't had the heart to tell her I don't want a doctor!" I know that the minute I inform them of this pregnancy, every day I will here "Did you make an appt. with the OB yet? Did ya? Did ya?". Any ideas on how to deal with it?

The whole idea of natural pregnancy and birth just fascinates the daylights out of me. I don't understand how it got to be in the category of "disastrous disease that must be closely monitored and controlled".
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I have wanted all my pregnancies more than not and have had morning sickness every time. This time was definitely the worst; there was a week when I could not even keep water down and began to get dehydrated. Not enough to go to the hospital for an IV, but I felt awful and got very dizzy when I attended births. I had to drink very, very cold gatorade to stay alive. However, though this pregnancy's sickness was most severe, it was also the shortest period of it. Other times it wasn't so bad but lasted all three months. Heartburn was far worse this time, also. I don't think the evidence that it doesn't exist in other cultures means it is somehow artificial or contrived, that just means there is much more to our bodies' processes than what is currently understood, to the level that different cultures have an effect on the course of pregnancy and its symptoms.

good luck, cappucinosmom. Family criticism and disapproval can be difficult enough, but when you are so physically close...and your folks not only expect to be there but expect to be your healthcare provider...whew. It depends on your relationship with them, of course, and how confrontational you are. I'd just say be careful not to argue your point too much. They will be sure to catch you out and out-argue you and if your mind is made up it makes no difference and is a waste of energy. Think clearly what you want them to do and where you want them to be before you even tell them about the pregnancy. They are more likely to accept your plans and wishes with grace if you bring them out matter-of-factly. "Well, you can come by afterwards, of course, but not during the birth!" If you can bring it off with good cheer it might avoid all kinds of drama and so on. And congratulations on your pregnancy!
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You could give her some articles and books written by doctors! It might not convince her, but it might soften the blow.
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I've had my baby, but I'm going to be keeping details elsewhere for a bit. I'll be writing up my birth story shortly and will e-mail it to those interested.
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i'm interested. congratulations on the birth!
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Originally Posted by madrone
I've had my baby, but I'm going to be keeping details elsewhere for a bit. I'll be writing up my birth story shortly and will e-mail it to those interested.
I'm interested too Madrone
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Originally Posted by Ame
I'm interested too Madrone
Me too! Me too!

You know, I really thought I'd have had this baby by now.
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Madrone, I would love to read your birth story!
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Me too! Always love to read our birth stories here! :
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Congratulations Madrone! I would also love to hear your story :-)
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congratulations, madrone! i too would love to read your birth story! enjoy your babymoon.
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Originally Posted by Chandar
I think I have a moderate uterine prolapse.
I have mild prolapse of many things, uterus being one. My cervix could fall to about 2 inches from my vaginal opening, depending on where I was in my cycle.

What I did was physical therapy. By using the biofeedback machine I was able to see my kegals were not effective enough, how to do them right and how much I had improved. There were also stretching exercises and a weight I used. I found a PT who delt exclusively in female issues and they were very kind and professional.

Congrats Madrone. Looking forward to your birth story when you are ready.
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