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Mattress smells like pee!

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Cosleeping with a toddler has finally caught up with us. My mattress reeks of urine. It is nasty and I want to get rid of it!

I haven't tried too hard to yet, but here is what I did to today. Poured a whole bottle of hydrogen peroxide on it ( I know it works on blood but am not so sure about pee) and scrubbed it with lavander and tea tree essential oils.

Can anyone think of anything else I should try?
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Be careful about getting a mattress totally dry... especially deep down, I've heard that they mold easily. I would put it in the sun.
Bac-Out is great for cat pee in our house. It has enzymes which eat the organic matter. But it also needs to dry fully.
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Have you tried vinegar? I keep a spray bottle of 1:1 vinegar and water in dd's room and under the bathroom sink. I spray it if she has an accident on the carpet (while changing a dipe) or if my cat missed the litter box. It works REALLY well at cleaning and removing odour.
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We use vinegar- but it's hard to get all the smell out!
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I would put it put in the sun all day with baking soda on it.

And not anything else that makes it wet.
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I used Borax the last time I had that problem. Just dampened the surface of the mattress a bit and sprinkled on the borax, rubbed it in w/a scrub brush, let it dry and brushed it off. Don't know if that's very *green* or not??? I also use vinegar a lot w/diaper-free incidents---it seems to neutralize the ammonia smell. If it's possible, could you have someone help you drag the mattress outside to sun? It might help get it dry.
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Thanks you guys it is going outside tomorrow!
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Have you tried Nature's Miracle? It's at pet stores (and it does work on dog pee at least).
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I don't have a bottle of nature's miracle in front of me, but I wonder if it's more than baking soda? We used to use NM in the litter box, but I tried BS to save $$$ and it worked just as well.
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Nature's Miracle and Bio-Kleen Bac-out are pretty much the same enzyme product.
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i have had really good luck with bac out and a few other natural enzyme based odor removers, but there are some that are just terrible and actually just put a perfume on top of the soiled area! UGH!

That is my pet peeve LOL

I hope your mattress enjoys the sun! After b-fing and co-sleeping two kids ... i KNOW we need to get a new one too...but it is still comfortable so I havent...just kind of grosses you out to think what is in the fibers, though
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