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Hmm, aimeemac...your post got me thinking.

I'm on a gluten-free diet, and don't eat a lot of grains. Just some brown rice bread, which is leavened but not soaked. : So I'm probably not getting enough magnesium, which is necessary to absorb calcium.

Time to prepare some more bone broths, leafy greens, and sea vegetables. That sounds much more appealing than the "1 tbsp lard, 1 tbsp CLO, 2 tbsp coconut oil" regime, anyway.
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yeah, we are off to the dentist tomorrow w/ my 21 mo. old to have some filling under sedation. when we get back we will start on a fresh slate and try some NT recipes.
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teeth and diet health

We've noticed the best results with blended salads and loads of veggies (for lots of vitamins/minerals), taking a wide-spectrum mineral supplement (including trace minerals, to make up for the lack of minerals in our modern produce), bone broths, cod liver oil for the fat soluble vitamins (can't absorb calcium without Vitamin D), and adequate animal product (meat) intake (usually about 2 servings a day). DD is sensitive to coconuts so we don't do coconut oil. High intake of vegetables is important to keep the body alkalized.

We definitely notice more tooth sensitivity on the days without the blended salads.
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catarina, here is the link to the greens thread I started.
Oh, to answer your question, I usually just chop up greens and sautee them without pre-cooking them. If they need some help cooking, then I'll put a little water in the pan, cover, and then steam them until tender.

and the thread on blended salads:

though they are not much threads, no one has responded to either of them. :LOL
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I was wondering if anyone has any good snack suggestions. My husband has been getting so hungry in the evening no matter what we have for dinner and how much. He is very slender and goes to the gym a few times a week. I just don't have a lot of NT ideas. I don't like having snack food around because then I munch on it during the day and though I'm very active I'm not as slender as my husband. So any suggestions for what you guys snack on would be great.

Also, I know its a bit late but I make the almond cookies but I always add one egg. I'm not sure why they don't include eggs in the cookies, there may be an NT thing I'm missing here, but I've not made many successful cookie recipes w/out eggs. They come out perfect with an egg.
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hrheka, my DH is a string bean too ("Stick Boys Unite!") and instead of snacking, he just eats another meal. His philosophy is, if you're hungry, you should eat real food.
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Dh is the same way; tall & skinny and gets hungry (no matter what) after dinner. I keep a jar of crispy nuts and he munches on that. He used to munch on Newman's organic cookies, but the nuts seem to be doing the job now.
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Hey, I have a skinny dh too!! He is about 6 feet and weighs maybe 140 lbs. He did triathelon for years, thus his appetite is HUGE.

I make 'cookies' for him everyday.

I take spelt flour that has been soaking in amasake overnight and add molasses, diced dates, walnuts, sunseeds, coconut and ground flax seed with 2 eggs, coconut oil, more milk, youghurt, and tahini.

They are dense sweet and loaded with minerals and vitamins. The soaked spelt makes them so fluffy and delicious...now if I only could stay away from them...I am the opposite of dh.
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Making Pasta?

We really, really, really like pasta in our family, but of course, it's kind of an NT taboo. I've also discovered that while I can tolerate sprouted or soaked wheat, regular wheat makes me feel really sluggish. So I'm interested in making pasta out of sprouted wheat/spelt/whatever (rice noodles cost a lot), and wondering if any of you have tried it? We don't have a pasta maker yet, but we're thinking about getting one.
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There's a sourdough noodle recipe on the WAP site.

Snacks: I make crispy nuts, and I make a crispy seed mixture, too. My husband likes something sweet in the evening and we have organic dark chocolate with cherries sometimes. It's really high in antioxidants and not very sweet. Mary Enig mentions eating Oreos on the WAP site! I make coconut macaroons - extremely simple and good - and I usually keep a cut-up fresh coconut in the fridge, although that's more a mid-morning snack in our house.
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My husband is pretty thin too. He's about 5'7" and weighs 130. I keep hoping that I'll make it down to his weight (at my short 5'4" stature), and this way of eating has helped, but I'm, um, far too muscular to weigh 130.
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I don't know what it is, but I haven't been able to get the baby weight off from my second baby. I was asked if I was pregnant a few weeks ago!

I have a problem, my oven will not cook at 150 degrees. It blinks "error" and resets automatically to 170. Does anyone know if this will still leave the enzimes alive?
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