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Swimming at full term?

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I have been taking my kids swimming a lot lately to cool down, but lately every time I go I’m constantly worried..... My husband thinks it a hilarious fear, but honestly.... if my water broke while I was swimming how would I know?
Also my baby is head down now, but would my going swimming increase the risk of him flipping this late?
Oh man you would think my head would be a little more clear on pregnancy #3, but I guess I will always manage to find stuff to worry about.
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I was in the pool an hour before my labour started for dd. Guess you could say I'm an advocate of the late-pregnancy swim.

As for your water breaking, I think I'd still notice. For dd, it was the popping sensation that I noticed, not the leaking.
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I take my kids to the waterpark every Wednesday, since it costs $1 per person, and sit in the kiddie pool with ds. I think I would know if my water broke vs. the water moving around me. A nice dip is a great way to beat the heat!
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We swim practically daily. My next door neighbors have a pool, and they have given us free reign to use it whenever we want. I think it's probably good for *them* too, cause they see us splashing around and their kids come out and join us half the time.

I do credit the swimming with helping my baby flip from breech to head down at 36w3d, but at this stage, I'm pretty dubious that the baby would flip back. If anything, it is supposed to help keep the baby in the right position.

Enjoy it! It feels soooooo good!
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swimming is fine i swam all through my pregnancy. i felt so good in the water, i loved swimming!
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Daily trips to the pool with all three kids. OMG - to take all that weight off is amazing.
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I just went yesterday on my EDD and it was the best!!! I would go back today if the weather would let me...good for ds and I both to get out and get some sun and fun in the water...it is the only time I can hold my (4 y/o) baby now and also get the load off....
Now the mothers that ask you when you are due may freak out a little..at least they did with me..but I am sure you willl know....I KWYM though about BTDT already with pg...I cannot believe how much I forget myself....nature working...
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