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**DONE** August 3 (for lack of a better title) Chat Thread

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Well, by my browser's reckoning, we surpassed eight pages with the last chat thread, where we were discussing

-Cheryl's brand new baby boy (Congratulations! Your announcement took me by surprise. I love to hear about first births!)
-mamas in waiting, especially the overdue, hoping to avoid induction and other interventions
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Ooops! I just typed up a post while I was waiting for my computer to dial up. So, I'll repost it here.

So, how do you know "real" contractions from BH's? Hmmm? I've been having different sorts of contractions for the past week or so, most of them I would characterize as BH's, but some of them start down low and build up, feeling kind of menstrually. That's what I've been considering a "real" contraction. But, how do you really know? Tonight, I'm having those pretty regularly, but they're not painful at all, just crampy and uncomfortable. Plus, I have some back achey-ness associated with them. I just watched the clock and I had 3 in 10 minutes. I'm fairly certain I'm not in labor, and have no intention of doing anything about it until I'm much more certain. How do you make the decision to call someone, though. I mean, does it really just "come to you" to call?

Okay, I'm going to catch up on posts now, and possibly post again. Just thinking about this and had to see what other people are doing.

And, now the new stuff, Laurie, what a great birth story! I also love the part about your daughter getting in the tub with you. I have fantasies about my DD being there with us, but we don't have any family members to hang out with us while I'm laboring. And, I'm afraid if it starts to get intense, there won't be anyone to take her somewhere to calm down but my DH and I *need* him there with me. Did you find her a calming influence overall? How did she handle the grunting and moaning parts? Did you ever find yourself screaming? My DD gets so upset at the thought of that, I'm starting to think she should stay home. I don't know. I really want her to be there though, when the baby is born, at least immediately after. It somehow feels wrong to not have her with us as our new family unit is created. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on that.
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Originally Posted by mommycaroline
So, how do you know "real" contractions from BH's? Hmmm?
When I can't talk through them, they are real. Involving the back is another indicator. I feel like I have had a half dozen 'real ones' in the past month, but most are BH and I ignore them.
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Oops, just posted this to the old thread.

Oh don't you just *love* these sleepless nights. Up since 4am, can't nod back off, thought I'd wander over here to cyberspace and see if anyone else had had their baby.

Caroline, I was wondering the same thing myself, about being able to tell real ones!! Yesterday, all evening I felt like I had one looonnng BH - for a couple of hours, everything just felt so hard and tight. Not painful exactly, just very intense and uncomfy. Finally fell asleep and woke up this morning with the same tightness. Oh well, I'll ask my mw about it at my appt later today and see what she says.

Hope all of you mama's are resting well and that someone is getting some sleep!
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After a long battle with alzheimers and the past month of failing health, I just found out my grandmother passed away this morning . It was expected to happen so I have been able to process it for a little while. I am suddenly grateful the baby isn't wanting to come so I can be with family and be able to attend her funeral, which is something I was concerned about. I'll probably be MIA for a little while.

Hopefully I'll come back to happy news here and I'm sending peaceful birthing vibes to all who need it.
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Carla - thoughts and prayers with your family right now. I know there are so many emotions right now.

About ctx - I agree when you can't do life through them - they are something.

Laurie - need to go read your birth story so I will drool all over you guys later.

EDD#3 out the window!!! I sent out a leave me alone email yesterday night.

I had more to say but my brain is quite dry at the moment. But, at least for the moment, I am in a D*** good mood.

OH - I told DH about all the prostiglandin talk going on here and he looked at me like I was crazy. The closest we get to sex is a kiss in bed before I pass out at night.
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: mammas!

Yep, still here...no baby....preparing for tomorrow's appt.

Caroline...Isn't it funny I have been having the same issues as far as these teaser BH's go....I had the same major menstrual cramping last night(and I have also had the mini back labor episode) and was so close to calling dh home from work b/c I though they were going to lead to the labor....but they fizzled out and never were joined by any timable contrax, so I am just chalking it up to the EPO doing it's work of ripening my cervix. Poor dh is just going crazy too along with me with this pre-labor stuff.

K8..hang in there...today is a new day even though you are passing another EDD I am sending you baby come soon vibes You are obviously a great in-utero mamma that your babies want to stay so long inside.....they love the care/love they are getting in there from you! Kinda like a chance for them to have you all to themselves before they come out and join their siblings.....

Oh Carla..I am so sorry for your loss.....please come back to us when you can.....

Well, nothing big planned today...ds and I just got back from our walk and we have been up since 6:30.
Weather does not look to promising so I guess I won't go freak out any more mammas at the public pool today...:LOL

check back later....
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Carla ((((hugs)))) I'm so sorry for your loss!

Katie's cord fell off last night!! I changed her dipe at like 3 a.m. and it fell off!!! YAY!!!!

I'm off to LLL
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The real vs. bh contractions question is a burning one with me too. The other night I mentioned before that they were so different and painful that I thought they were real. I would also venture to say that if those had continued I couldn't have done "life" during them. But they stopped. : I keep having these fears that I was really in labor but when I got so excited my emotions over rode my body's natural labor vibes. So now I've missed the window and will never go into labor again! crazy thought.

I didn't sleep well last night at all. But today is the day we had scheduled for ds to go to his grandparent's house for the day so I got to sleep in! It is the first morning that I didn't watch Barney in months. I'm going to go get showered and ready for my dr. apt.

Does anyone else really get worried about what their feet look like to the doctor/miwife? Sometimes I get on these kicks that I am afraid he'll glance at my non-pedicured since-the-last-time-I-could-reach-that-far-feet and notice. Or I'm afraid my water will break having not showered lately and be all sweaty and smelly. Oh goodness. Am I just too vain or what.
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hi! just thought I'd introduce myself- looks like my july baby will be an august babe after all.
due July 28th with a boy...a planned homebirth. I was stressing about having him before all of my inlaws arrived but seeing as I'm picking them up from the airport in an hour, I have accepted that I'll have an audience
(MIL called last night to ask DH why we just can't go to the hospital),
I've stopped trying to *naturally* get labor started, he's just not ready I spose. I was 5 cm dialated and 80% effaced at my last check. Contractions daily, but nothing stays regular.
sometimes they are 5 minutes apart and last over a minute, but then after an hour or so they go away
we'll see what the midwife says, i see her at 3

my overdue belly
(notice the belly button)
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oh carla, i'm so sorry...my prayers of peace and comfort go out to your family as you mourn...we're in the same situation w/ dh's grandmother (92yrs) having alzheimers and the waiting...

congrats on the boy cheryl! our first - too cool!

i've got an appt this afternoon, dh (teacher) started back to work monday and can't take off this week so i've got to go by myself w/ both kids...it's about an hr and fifteen minutes drive either way - i'm a li'l nervous this time! my office staff freaks out everytime i drive myself when i'm this far along lol! am i nuts going alone? depending on dates i'm due somewhere btwn 8/8 and 8/21, though we've gone w/ the later date all along to deter an unnecessary induction postdates if needs be yk?

as for differentiating btwn BH's and the real things - i've always known they're real when it's not just my belly tightening...the real ones wrap around to the back and make me have to concentrate a bit more inwardly if that makes any sense at all...
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Carla: Lots of Hugs for you!

Welcome Sunfairy: sorry to hear you are overdue, but just keep up the good work of cooking that baby. And your already a 5cm. I arrived at the hospital in active labor at a 5 with this one. I am sure it will be a really quick process for you once the steady contractions start. Take it easy and if you can get a pedicure or massage DO IT. Pamper yourself!!! You deserve it.

Kimberlibby: Since we live in the same area perhaps you could tell me where you go to LLL. I need to go. I am extremely engorged and my precious Gabriella is struggling with her latch on. I called my sister crying this morning and her come over to help me cause we had been trying for atleast 15 min. and Gabbi was so mad and I was frustrated. I would love to meet with other nursing mothers and soon.

For everyone else: Hang in there. Even though I was so ready to hold Gabriella in my arms I am already missing those little kicks and jabs that I felt inside my tummy. Cherrish these last moments that you have in your pregnancy. I am wishing you all wonderful birth experiences when the time is right!
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Stacy...you are joining a great group here and a few of us(myself included) are with you on being OD....so pull up a chair....

Christine..I have been a little obsessive about the health issue too lately! I painted my toes yesterday and pumiced stoned my feet like crazy and I make sure to shower before I go to bed as well as in the a.m.....I am ususally a one shower a day girl and wash my hair eoe day but now I am more like well I better wash it again just incase...:LOL....

Heather good luck at your appt today!
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Laurie - I have had that problem both times. I have to pump for just a minute or 2 so the baby can latch on. Sometimes I "waste" it and just express enough into a cloth. It really does make things very challenging and emotional.

Stacy - welcome. I'm in your boat but with no real change. I have decided the next time I am pregnant I am going to automatically add 2 weeks to my dates on purpose.

How do you all have all that time for hygiene? The kids and I took a shower together this am so I could get one in. I had to shave my legs and DS kept walking under me as I put my leg up! BUT, I have always been obsessed with my pedicures.
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Laurie: I go to LLL on Eden Road. If you came, you'd go west on 20, and then go south on matlock to eden road and take a right on eden and it is at south arlington church of christ. It's from 10-11:30 on Wednesday next week, the series meeting and they are very helpful and nice

Yeah, I totally had to pump off a couple ounces on each side from day 4-8 or so.... hang in there!! If you need me to come over, just call! I'm close and totaly willing to come over!!

Do you have a pump? I can't do without mine right now, but if you're needing one for short-term, my SIL isn't due till September and isn't using her Pump in Style right now and she might lend it to you if you needed it.

(((hugs))) Engorged breasts hurt SOOOOO bad!
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Oh, also Laurie, at the same location on Tuesday nights (EVERY Tuesday) at 7 pm they have a iBCLC who comes in and does a baby weighing and helps anyone who needs lactation help. It's free of charge. Her name is Melanie Sheppard. I am going next week cause I want to weigh Katie.

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Warning...selfish rant post that may not be making much sense...

ob appointment today didn't go as well as I would have liked. I was checked and I'm a fingertip which to him is less than 1 cm. Still thick, but baby's head is down. Good. I asked him if traveling an hour and half to a family funeral is ok and he said since I'm only less than 1 cm he thinks it is ok. Good. Then he said something which I wish I could go back in time and have him repeat or playback or me listen more carefully. Something like--I don't think it will be happening this week, but we'll try not to let you get past 39 weeks. I asked what that meant. He said that's when we'll try to get it started or something like that. Was he talking induction???? Pitocin at 39 weeks for no reason in particular? Just because? What? I was kinda confused and not making mental connections this morning, but now I'm wishing I had asked him to be more clear. Maybe he doesn't realize that I'm not the kind of mother that wants to be artificially induced out of convenience. If I was, I wuold have done that at 36 weeks to get out of a week of school (just kidding) I'm scared now. I think it was kimberly that said her plan was to stall stall stall.... I guess that is my plan too. I don't--capital D--don't want to be induced at 39 weeks if everything is healthy and there is no medical need. I'd be happy to go 43 if we have to. (although that probably wouldn't happen) What frustrates me is when I was having alot of contractions at 35 and 36 weeks he was concerned because that was a little too early. Now he's saying 39 is cut off....that's only 2 solid weeks of "ok" time to go into labor. Cutting my window in half. Not fair. GRRRR.

Sorry about the rant. I'll cool off in a moment after I bounce on this birth ball for about an hour and say come out come out now! over and over and over again.
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Christeeny: I don't like the tone of what he said at all, but I REALLY hope you misunderstood him!!! Ultimately, it is up to YOU what you do though! He can't MAKE you be induced. That's YOUR call. And if he sets up an induction, you can always NOT SHOW UP!!
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hi all,

it is neat to see all the babies. are we 50/50, yet or still farther away?

i am 38 weeks now. it would be nice if this one came a little before the due date, but i am not counting on it. my first was about 3 weeks past the EDD. the second was a few days past the EDD. but this baby feels so low.

it would be nice if they arrive before dh returns to college later this month. he plans to take 2 weeks off from work, but i am hoping it is before school starts.

i think i will feel ready to have this baby this weekend at the earliest. i am going to do a belly cast tomorrow. this is my last thing i plan to do.

i plan to become more sexually active, in hopes of getting a jump on things.
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I'm still here. I was due on the 1st. My next appt isn't till Friday and I was hoping not to have to go to this appt. My dr hasn't mentioned induction and that's good cause I don't want to go that route this time. I figure I have until the 14th and that's 10 days away. It would be better timing if the two of us could hold out till the very end. This way dh doesn't have to go on his business trip at all this month.

As for those asking about the contractions. You just know! When you can't walk, talk, and sleep through them it's probably "it" The contractions that I feel are enough to stop me and make me breathe through them, but they aren't strong enough to keep me up at night.
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