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Here's some good labor dust for those eager to get the show on the road! .

Baby Ian and I are doing great. I posted our birth story for anyone interested. Dh is doing an awesome job as daddy. I have been getting some sleep and feeling pretty good overall.

Christeeny, he needs to give you a GOOD reason to induce. I hate induction happy doctors. : Good luck!

Oh and just wanted to let you all know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hug-a-bub sling/carrier. Ian just loves riding around in it and sleeps like a champ so I can get other things done! I highly recommend it!

Gotta run for now. Can't wait to hear about the new babies to join up soon.

Slinging at keyboard (sak)
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I had my 37 week midwife appt today.....did the GBS test and will find out results in a few days. She also drew blood for a CBC because the last lab that was done on me at the hated OB"s office showed really low iron. She just wants to be prepared.
My bp was a little high for me, 120/79. It's usually like 110/60ish. Also, I've had to take my wedding ring off and replace it with my preggo sterling ring LOL. We didn't do an internal exam, didn't see the point. There's no sign of labor yet i.e. mucous plug is intact, no real ctx. However, baby girl has decided that she's only going to be moving around in the evenings when I go to bed. She's got her back against the outside of my tummy, so maybe that's why I'm not feeling the kicks. But, she was reactive and had a great heartbeat. I hate the scary-ness of not feeling her like i was before though!!

I need to go lay down now, this texas heat is kicking my butt big time! I lost 5# in sweat I would guess in just a week.......but tummy grew 2cm
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Had my 38 week appt today, due to all the pelvic pain, the mw checked me, and i'm 50% and 1 cm dialated!! Not much I know, but it did make me feel good to know that the pressure and discomfort is doing something!! Mw said it could happen this weekend, or it could go for another 2 weeks. Either way, I always feel good after the appts, it's so nice to hear the heartbeat, (136) and just hear that things are progressing. Also took my doula with me to my appt, so she got to meet the mw too.

DH team at work gave him a surprise shower at their staff meeting today! So he's bringing home some goodies. I feel so blessed by how giving people have been. Guess everyone knows when you are having a baby you need stuff.

Well I should go start dinner. Have a good evening, everybody.
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my sister has to leave friday morning, after waiting almost two weeks for this little one to get here. i'm 41w2d, and really frustrated that she's not gonna get to meet the baby. she's been doing so much for us since she got here, and no payoff!

saw my midwife this morning. everything seems to be in a holding pattern... all the measurements are the same as last week, pretty much. i almost cried when we set up next week's appointment...

i know i'm only a few days over, but i really thought i'd be done by now. whine whine whine! all these contractions and nothing to show for it. my family is just trying stay out of my way... even the dogs scatter when i waddle into the room.

of course i'm glad the baby's doing OK, and that my bp and swelling and everything is fine... but i want my lungs and stomach back! i want to quit barfing! i wanna meet this baby! WHAAAAAA!

ok, pity party over.

katje the crank
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back from appt...still measuring large, which really leads me to believe the 8th is a more likely edd than the 21st...either way, we'll have a baby soon!

stats from appt, stretchy to 3cm, baby's at -1 or 0 station and measuring 39wks, and my urine/bp etc is great...i had contrax's all the way there and especially on the way home since i let him sweep my membranes...i'm loosing even more plug now!

i need to go rest, i'm really uncomfy and having lots of crampy ick now...ttyl mamas!
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I am the biggest crab ever. I want nothing to do with anyone. If my sister calls again I may kill her. Good thing she is in Georgia and I can't reach that far. And she isn't doing anything but trying to schedule stuff in January. Like I give a rats a$$ about January! I told her I may get laid off and we are hording money but she still can't get it. I know that is typical for her, but still I am tired of repeating myself. She is just another 4 year old.
Heck, my 4 year old is the only one not getting on my nerves and that would be because he is watching PBS. I think this is hour #3. ugh.

I did take a bath, it was private for awhile, then I cleaned the bathroom. It was gross. My hair is everywhere and SOMEONE is getting tooth paste all over. It started with my bath company dumping gel all over the floor. That is ALL I need. Clear slippery gel on my bathroom floor!

Man I am a grouch! :ignore me please.
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do not let them induce you w.o good cause..ITA with the others on that one
Dr. hurry

Cheryl..read your birth story and you are so inspiring for a first time mom! Congrats on your nursing success!


Rebecca and Terri glad you got to hear reassuring HB's today!

hhmmm Heather so what do you think maybe baby by tomorrow???

Jenn...sorry you are having a bad day!

Well , I am getting nervous about our appt tomorrow-DH too he has called me so many times from work today.
I am pretty sure my baby has turned sunny side up as this back pain/pre-labor is killing me....not to mention the crazy off/on again contrax...making me exhausted!
BUT I am still ...or trying anyway....
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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to add, you will know when you are in labor. You just will! But don't get too frustrated b/c all those BH are doing a good job getting you there. I had them for at least a week before I really started contracting. My biggest sign was that they started going into my back, and losing a lot of mucous.

cheryl-you are an inspiration! Great job on your birth! And you also crack me up, what do you mean "so you can get things done!" Take it easy and enjoy your babymoon!

I am feeling much better today. My one tear is healing well, and I am starting to feel more like my old self. I know you all probably don't want to hear this, but I am just so happy to not be pregnant anymore!

I posted my birth story today too, was good to get it done!

And also christine, he most likely was talking induction, but I agree with everyone else, don't let him do it unless there is a very very good reason. One intervention will lead to another...

You guys are close...it will happen!!! I know that it feels like you will be pg forever and never go into labor. Hang in there!
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Am I crazy? I suddenly want to look at hiring a doula. I am really afraid that I might be induced again if this baby doesn't come soon. If that happens I think I might want a doula. I have no idea how to find on here in Mississippi. I went to dona.org and emailed the only ones in MS that they listed. I don't know what else to do. I'm biting my nails anxiously awaiting a miracle to put me into labor naturally in the meantime bouncing feverishly on this ball. Is it too late for a doula?
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Hi Ladies,
Trying to catch up on all the posts and activity...

Carla- I'm so sorry for your loss...

Sunfairy-You have a GREAT overdue belly! May it be quick and all that you want! Thanks for introducing yourself..

Laurie-So good to "see" you. Sorry you're having trouble with her latch. Can you call a local LLL???

AP-You're reminding me to paint my toes! I'm a little unsure if I can get a pedicure at this point-but if this baby isn't here by Sat. perhaps I will... I totally understand all the obsessive hygiene things.. I am getting this way myseld. With DS#1, I took a loong, hot shower right after my water broke and shaved my legs, and just generally took care of myself and made sure my hair was washed and that I smelled okay!

Christeeny-Have your practitioner clarify what he meant by his comment. It seems to be bringing up worry for you and if that is the case, I would call him and have him reiterate what his policy is...My practive "lets" you go to about 41 weeks and then you get put on an induction list. Ugh...

Juju-I've thought about sex recently... but haven't put any of those thoughts into action...good for you. Hope it helps speed things up...

Girl-My babe's movements have definitely decreased lately. I hate it, too, although I know it's comppletely normal. I even was pushing my belly around tonight to see if he/she would respond. Luckily, I got a few good kicks..

Katje-You are certainly not a crank... just an overdue mama! You're allowed to gripe. Pregnancy and this waiting can be tough business-especially if you are still sick... you poor thing, Katje!!!

Okay, I know I missed some of you... getting bleary eyed and it's only
9:30. still nothing different over here. Go again to doc tomorow. Let's see what, if any changes have happened in the past week. DS is sick. Hasn't been sick in probably 7 months. He has a throat infection. We haven't done anything differerently recently, so I have no idea where this came from. All I know is that he is such a sweet, sick muffin, but it's not exactly the best timing for him to be feeling so yucky. Sounds so selfish, I know. But really I just want HIM to be okay when so much else in his little life will be changing. My ped said that she sees lots of prego moms who right before giving birth their other children get sick or DH-it's like Murphy's law.

Tomorrow is my EDD. No sign of baby... really thought it would be early... HA! The universe is laughing at me...

You are all so inspiring to me. I read all the birth stories and they truly give me strength...
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glad I am not the only one in a crabby mood. I totally lost it by the end of the day.

I need to read Cheryl's birth story but probably not tonight. Just wanted to see if any more babes came in before I went to bed.

Wonder about Tiff (Madrone) is it baby time or the electricity plus company?

I'm starting to wonder how long my mw will let me go. I know I definitely have until the 10th which is when I see her again. Kind of bummed - the only date I really wanted to beat with the 8th because I didn't want to have to deal with SD being here and her psycho mom. Her mom is trying to get an emergency injunction to stop her from coming until I have the baby because she doesn't want her exposed to a homebirth. Same woman that buys a 9yo a bra but has not discussed menstruation. And - had SD sleep in the hospital waiting room when she had a baby 3years ago. I'm sure I've said all this before but my brain is shot - as is my temper.
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Ugh, just had the worst day. I have been sick again! Started with very bad diarrhea last night, which I started to take as maybe something promising? But, no, it was just being sick. Heartburn all night long, vomiting, more diarrhea, then I felt pretty okay this morning, so I ran some last minute errands. I really wanted to get party favors for my DD's birthday party before the baby arrives, and had a couple packages to mail and stuff like that. Got that done, came home, collapsed with my swollen tree trunks up on pillows and the diarrhea and vomiting started up again. I kept nothing down all day - no water, no food, nothing. And, I know this is TMI, but my bottom is so sore right now, the very last thing I want to think about doing is pushing a baby out. Ouch! So, I just lay there and prayed that all the contractions I was having weren't labor, but BH's or just related to being dehydrated, over tired and under nourished. I was getting them every 3-5 minutes all day long. And, they were crampy and uncomfortable. When DH got home, I took a short nap, maybe 45 minutes, he took care of my DD and I just rested up. By the time I nursed her to sleep I was feeling a bit better, and managed to eat one of my daughter's beloved applesauce cups and then made some rice (thinking BRAT diet). I've kept that down for a couple of hours, the contractions are easing up, but I'm definitely not ready for sleeping yet. Darn it!

So, no news on my bloodwork from yesterday. When I was called for the induction for my DD, they called me the very next day after they drew blood. That was Wednesday, September 5 when I was 38w pregnant. If I can make it through tomorrow, I feel like I will have shaken the curse. So superstitious, huh? And, here I think it's silly to be nervous about having a Friday the 13th labor. We all have our stuff.

In happier news, I finally hired a cleaning lady! I'm so excited about her! She comes on Monday for the big clean, and then every other week after that. I feel so indulged! We're giving up going out to eat in exchange, and honestly, I think I'm getting the better end of the deal, since eating out with a tiny baby can be really frustrating. It can be really easy, too, but invariably, they want to nurse when your food is hot, and everything just gets out of hand. And, I don't mind cooking, so I just have to cook some special meals on the weekends to make it up to DH. A clean house, though! Ahhhhhh!

I had typed up a reply to everyone earlier today, and DD hit the refresh button AGAIN so I lost it. She's really into that button these days. Need to keep her away when I'm typing. So, I'm sorry I don't have replies for everyone. I can't even remember what I typed and didn't type yet.

Hope everyone gets some rest tonight, and labor vibes to all!
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I just killed my whine post. So do I get up and get some work done, rewrite or go back to bed?

I am evil and should be locked away, but DH is not making good choices, either.

And? What really gets my goat? I have a legitamate reason to be upset but because I am so crazy right now it will be ignored. Ugh. 39 week appointment today and it will be funny when she asks me about my mood this past week!
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Thanks for the thoughts everyone... I appreciate them.

Christeeny, I too would be wary about inducing so early. You have the right to refuse and if it's something you don't want to do, don't do it! As has been mentioned, interventions can escalate and you're suddenly trapped. I wish I would of known more when I was PG with DS as even though I was 42 weeks when they started to induce, neither he nor my body were ready (I ended up having a c-section at 43 weeks). I dont' blame you for wanting a doula and hope you can find one

I have been feeling so sick and crampy. My back is tight and my stomach is just blech. I have a prenatal appointment today and I'm not looking forward to it, although I'm optimistic it will go better than the OB appointment. DS has been getting up for hours on end at night lately, which has been very exhausting. I desperately want some rest before this baby makes it's arrival.
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Hi ladies! Welcome, Sunfairey!
ODD is today, and DH and I are really "on-the-fence" as to what to do. We're trapped. Given how big DD was, my thinking is that the on-call OB next week won't allow us to carry very far over-due w/o inducing us. My OB leaves Saturday for vacation. If we want to have a delilvery with my OB, she will most likely try to induce us tonight. Any of you have experience with cytotec? That's what the OB wants to use. I'm hoping she'll break our water and send us home to see if anything gets going or just plain send us home to see if things get cooking on their own. The pot's been simmering good for a week now but just won't come to a boil. This leaves the option of pitocin-induction labor Friday am or playing the waiting game and having the baby with the on-call OB.
I like the idea of the cytotec b/c it gives you a chance for a labor with a more natural rythym to it (as compared to pitocin), but a bit of web research yesterday yielded the info that cytotec is not approved for labor and delivery and is in fact an ulcer drug. My OB did not volunteer this info to me. We have much to discuss with her tonight.
Meanwhile, I very nearly had a castor-oil cocktail last night. Iffy stuff, that castor oil. I can handle the idea of nausea and gobs of diarrhea, but if it doesn't work, I don't want to be going into an induction being completely exhausted. I'm leery too b/c the babe's sitting real low on my pelvis..........I can't even get a fart out this a.m............can't imagine what would happen if you added castor oil to that situation.

Nookie last night and I'll take yet another long walk this morning.

bwylde, hope you feel better.

Christeen, I wonder what your OB was getting at? My OB cynically asserts that many of her clientele begin to request an induction at 38 weeks just b/c people hate the discomfiture of the last few weeks so much.........and her clientele are really just the run-of-the-mill selection of midwest ladies. It's just now dawning on me how many people really are not "crunchy" at all.

Anyway, you all take care!

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AVOID CYTOTEC!!!! I'm digging up resources right now. But, by all means DO NOT AGREE to let them use this on you. I'll post more in a minute.
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Let me speak from personal experience here. Well, the personal experience of a friend of mine that was in my Bradley class when I had my DD. She was induced with cytotec. Started labor quickly, as promised, and within just a couple of hours, the pain was so intense she asked for an epidural (which she'd been vehemently opposed to). By 6 hours in, she was contracting so fiercely, the epidural was not working, they ended up taking her baby by cesarean section. During the operation, she started to bleed uncontrollably. When she first laid eyes on her son, she had lost so much blood she couldn't focus and her first words were "take him away from me. It hurts to look at him." Those were her *first* words to her first child. Heartbreaking. So, while they struggled to get her bleeding under control, her son was removed to the nursery. After a pretty long time, they finally thought they had the bleeding stopped and closed her up. Over the next 24 hours, she continued to lose a lot of blood, and they had to reopen her incision by emergency the next day. They were unable to stop the bleeding at that point, and performed an emergency hysterectomy. She then spent the next 2 weeks on dialysis, as she'd lost too much blood. She never was able to breastfeed easily, either, because of their rough start. Her story is not unique, either. It's kind of the classic cytotec story. Doesn't happen to everyone, and sometimes cytotec is a terrific method of induction, but why take chances that this could happen to you?
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i agree w/ caroline - AVOID CYTOTEC, it's known for causing uterine rupture...i would have to search to find my links but i will in a bit...how about cervadil or a foley catheter to get things started? or stripping your membranes?

sorry to all of you that are having this warm-up labor and feeling so grumpy - i'm right there w/ ya! i have to find solace in the fact that this (and labor) is only temporary, it'll be over in a few wks max! i'm ready to be done though, i can't stand this prodromal mess!
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No babies last night, huh? I go in for my 40 week appointment this afternoon. Yup, today is my EDD. And I really thought that I would have this babe in July... :LOL

My hands have been all tingly again. And I'm geting up OH about 20x/night to peee-as I know many of you are...

I am huge, my face looks a little puffy today, but I think that has to do with lack of sleep...

Caroline-Congrats on the cleaning lady... I've always fantasized about having one-and there are a few in our area who aren't really even that expensive and do a great job. It is soooo worth it. Oh, and what a horrible story about your friend and the cytotec. I didn't know much about it until I read your post... so sad and crazy...what we do to women is just insane. If men had to give birth, well, that's another thread...

Ketilave-You are dealing with a crazy person, and that, my friend, can make YOU crazy!!! Take good care of yourself and try to put this nutty ex out of your head. I know, I know, easier said than done, I'm sure...

magemom-I'm sorry you're so grumpy as many of us are...Hang in there!

Leah-Hope things get started for you soon. I haven't thought much about any additional labor starters except nipple stim and possible sex. Of course, ask me when I'm still prego NEXT week and my thoughts may change. I keep thinking that when I nurse DS at night that would start things up, but alas, nothing.

Anxious to hear what my doc says at my appointment today. I am really, really hoping this baby gets here WAY before there's any talk of induction. And I am happy to say that I know now that I can refuse this if there is no real medical reason, of course. The first time, it wasn't a planned induction, but my water broke and there weren't any CTXs (very normal, of course)but they just had to speed things up. And it was pretty mmuch horrible...I refuse to have a repeat of that experience...

Take care of yourselves today, ladies...
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thanks for welcoming me

had my 41 wk appt, lost all of my plug over the weekend, found out I'm 4cm dialated and baby is at a +3 station.
I think thats good, but man every visit for the last 3 weeks she's said "I'll prolly see you tonight" and...nothing..
I don't know what is holding this baby back, I wish the contractions would just get regular. The past few days I have been having some really light menstrual cramps? Like the day you first realize your period is coming and also some light contractions...short ones, but then they run down my legs and I can't even hold myself up...maybe like 3 of those a day for the last 4 days....

I have a houseful of dh's family, I've been up since 3am and there was nowhere to go...sleeping bodies cover all the carpets...I was so restless, I finally snuck out for a long walk with the dog at 5am....no contractions today yet though *sigh* ok..I'm done

wait-I'm not done, the blue cohosh issue..I took it over the weekend and it really gets the contractions going..really, i think thats why I'm so *ready* down there. But then on monday all these threads and reports and emails about it being like cociane and causing strokes....honestly, it seems like a hoax (like the swiffer thing) but of course I don't want to take chances with my baby...I took it with chloe and I know lots of ppl that have done it fine, midwife says its fine and delivered lots of healthy cohosh induced babies...any thoughts?
patience is a virtue eluding me at the moment-I am 7 days away from a 42 week induced hospital birth

sorry so long-bursting with energy and the house is asleep
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