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Let's see...

I'm at a point where I find too much talk of pregnancy tedious. Is that a typical stage? I can't remember.

To entertain myself, I've been lurking in other forums, particularly the Gentle Discipline one, which I find occasionally informative, often hilarious. It can be like an alternate MDC universe: your children want to watch tv, who are you to stop them? they want to eat ice cream on a daily basis? no harm done! your daughter won't let you do her hair? Let go of your bourgeois pretensions. Actually, I make myself laugh when I'm caring for my daughter by imagining how some of the other posters might handle the same situations.

Today I asked a friend to consider being dd's support person at my labour, which might mean that she would witness the delivery. This was a big step. My friend doesn't have kids (yet) and she really has a fear of pain (as in takes medication for each and every period) and I'm not one of your pain-free, ecstatic birthers. I don't want to traumatize her. At the same time, she's the only person I can think of for the job. And she's super reliable.
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Today is my first day alone with the kiddos.

It's 10:30 a.m., we have all showered (well, not Katie, but that's not an issue!) and eaten breakfast AND lunch and Libby is napping and Katie is about ready to nurse down for another nap.

Whew, we're doing good! Dh left at 7 so we're 3 1/2 hours into our day!

Now granted, I'm trying to rush the day here... the fact that Libby's 1:00 nap is taking place at 10:30 is a bad sign, LOL!!! When she wakes up we're going to have a lotta day left!! LOL
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I dunno dodo, I am just evil or

I sent the email to my mom and sister last night and said do not call me at home, work or cell. I will not take the call. I told them I was evil and it wasn't worth trying to talk to me as it will only cause problems.

So whatcha want to talk about? It is sunny and nice out today and I am at work. I head out in 3 hours for something at DS1's new school. Then after my 39 week appointment before doc goes on vacation. Debating cancelling my 40 week appointment since it obviously won't be with her and I have things to do that day. (first day of preschool for ds2) oops, that almost sounded like I was straying.... I think I blew a hole in my muffler this week, no news on my job security or lack of... I had nice clean sheets on my bed last night and didn't sleep in them.... been up since about 5 and now I am ready to go to bed. Lovely arguement with DS1 this morning about what a grid search means. (ds3 found dh's keys and now we can't)
I need to seek out some other forums- MDC has become my haven. Even the not so crunchy folks are so much less soggy in milk here!
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Magemom, I didn't realize that you were still at work. Holy crap.

I get pretty evil near the end too.
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Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
Today is my first day alone with the kiddos.
....Now granted, I'm trying to rush the day here... the fact that Libby's 1:00 nap is taking place at 10:30 is a bad sign, LOL!!! When she wakes up we're going to have a lotta day left!! LOL

Oh man! The longer this baby cooks, the better my odds are. Dh found out he is given a week leave at work for being a dad and planned on taking another to help. I told him if he planned on loggin in his computer at all then go to work! the 12th ds2 starts 9-2:30 preschool and the 16th dd and ds1 start school... high school and middle school!!! ds3 is going to be at daycare part time so he doesn't get out of hte habit so it could be me and none-one other kiddo at a time.

Back when ds1 was born DH didn't get any time off, other than my hospital stay. That first day was absolutely murder. I think we were big nappers then, also.
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Originally Posted by Dodo
Magemom, I didn't realize that you were still at work. Holy crap.
Yeah, benefits don't start until my doc says no more work- labor. I am using up the last bit of my vacation and sick leave daily before baby is born.

This baby's name if a boy should be called Kyle. As in Cartman's song Kyle's mom from Southpark. (I have watched the show maybe 3 times)

Totally inapropriate, mostly the "B" word, but the line I keep thinking of is

"Then on Sunday just to be different
She's a super king kamaya maya beyotch"

That would be me.
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Magemom, do you find your co-workers taking the long route around your desk? With DD, I worked up to the day of having her and I know my co-workers were just counting the days...... I was not pleasant to be with.

Kimberly, good luck on your first solo day.

Ladies, thanks for the links! I finally made up my mind..............took the castor oil with chocolate milk a half hour ago and we'll see where it takes us. If the castor oil doesn't do the trick, then I'm going to hold out for as long as my OB or the on-call OB will let me in hopes this babe will get to come out when it's good and ready. I figure if the babe and my body happen to be good and ready now, then the castor oil should kick it into gear. If it doesn't, then it's not meant to be yet. At least the OB should be able to tell me this afternoon if we've progressed at all since last week.

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Good luck, Leah!

There was a good castor oil induction story on the boards recently, Doula Sarah was the mom, I think. Did you read it?
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Hi-Just checking in again. Good luck to you, Leah!! Keep us posted on any happpenings!!

Dodo-You know, I read the GD forum fairly often, too (not lately, however) and although I feel strongly about GD, there are times that what mommy says GOES! And I don't think there's a darn thing wrong with that.

Magemom-Didn't realize you were still working, either. And I am getting a little annoyed at all the loving attention I am getting via daily phonecalls from friends, etc. I want to just hunker down and ignore the rest of the world, and that's hard when the world is hunting you down (don't I sound so popular?? : )

Kimberly-Good luck with your first day alone with the girls. I remember my first day alone with DS when DH went back to work. I did all this stuff, looked at the clock and it was still only like 7:30AM! Only about 11 hours to go.....hahahaha! It was hard in the begining with one, and I'm sure the transition to TWO being a SAHM will be interesting... let us know how it goes...

Okay, ladies. I have an OB appt. at 3pm today and DH is coming home early so I can go. I actually made a last minute pedicure appointment for after the doc. Do you guys think this should be fine????? I am anxious to get the old toes cleaned up before labor... vain, I know, but I realized I couldn't reach my own toes last night....I can't imagine it being a problem. And if "labor" is the only protential problem, well, that's okay...

Check in again later... Thinking of all of us past-due ladies or like me, today is the EDD...
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(sorry Dodo but I have to pg talk for a minute)

Hey am back from my appt and with great news....
I am almost 3 cm and 50% effaced and OB thinks I will go this weekend...
The EPO is really working

and not one word of induction..not a word..she said she wants to do this naturally and keep taking the EPO and she said I will schedule you an appt for Monday. NO talk of NST or U/S for that day or anything.....

I gained a 1/2 a lb and baby is still measuring 35 ish weeks.
My OB could not have been more positive!
I feel such a relief I cannot even express it with any words(or smileys)!!!

Bears good luck today and go get that pedi!!!!!

Leah good luck with the castor oil.....

Sunfairy you can take the homeopathic version(JMHO much safer than the herbs) of the cohoshes too did you know?

Best wishes on the rest of your day Kimberly....


dancing on cloud 9 today......
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Dodo - thanks for the chuckle but BEWARE of what you say. Some of the boards and threads are getting shifted around or shut down if you are not tolerant and open-minded enough.

SD left early after her last visitation because she got in trouble ans supposedly is afraid of me because I called her a liar. She lied about having candy in her room on the floor - specifically bubble gum and other hard candies. 1 we don't allow food in the bedroom and control sweerts, 2) I have a 2yo and 1 yo - anyone heard of choking hazards. Well, nutty ex and SDs therapists say that I have traumatized her and she is afraid of me. Heck, I didn't even yell. But, according to them SD is very sensitive and this challenges her self-esteem. WTF? What happened to parents being in charge and kids with a little less life experience doing what they are told - esp. when I have a D!!!! good reason that goes beyond because I said so.

Off the soapbox - guess what though - no baby! DH is out of town tonight but like that matters! Going to take a nap so I can deal with the other 2 monsters while he is gone.
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AP! You're happiness is contagious!!!!!! : What a great visit with your doc.... Just think you could be holding a new little one any day (minute) now....Sounds like your EPO is really, really working.... Please keep us posted.....

And yes, if I didn't get a warning from the labor GODS about pedis being bad for me at this stage, I will go and ENJOY it!!!! \

Ketilave-I'm sorry you're dealing with all this BS....I know I've tried to be encouraging to you when you mention your ordeals with the EX and the SD, and I'm sure it sounds like nonsense. I am sending you all the positive vibes I can-not just for this baby to get here soon for you, but for some of the chaos to go away in your life....
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Originally Posted by ketilave
WTF? What happened to parents being in charge and kids with a little less life experience doing what they are told - esp. when I have a D!!!! good reason that goes beyond because I said so.
My mom asked what would I do if DD didn't want to go to Virginia in October. I said it isn't up toher, if DH and I can swing it, we were going and this is NOT a democracy. Apparantly her neice who is a year older than DD was visiting and informed her parents and my mom when a reunion was a good idea and when she would NOT go and how things should be. Mom didn't say anything about how uncle/aunt reacted. Granted the reunion is rushed, it is for hte ill grandmother who does not do anything to encourage you to like her so I don't blame her. But durn it, if I say we are going, we are going.

I do try and explain things when I can or discuss them, but sometimes you have to put your foot down and end the discussion. Period.

Except me. I spent a lot of time in time out last night and I didn't learn anything from it. I had better try it again and again and see if it works. I had a hour time out in the bath and 2 in my office
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I'm kind of sad because it's not sounding good for my VBAC right now . What makes me sadder is my family's attitude toward it (DS is supportive, but mom and everyone else isn't). They think I'm nuts. I was talking to mom and she said she'd rather me have a nice easy surgery than go through 30+ hours of labour. I reminded her that at least when labour is over, it's usually pretty much over and you don't have major surgery to recover from plus two kids to look after. She said she worries I'll have a heart attack during labout because I'm obese, but I told her the risk of something going wrong is many times worse for a cesarean; that is why they waited until the point that DS wouldn't make it last time to do one. Then she tries to rationalize that maybe I'm not "built" to give birth : . I didn't even touch that one. Grrrr, it makes me mad that people think I can't do what women's bodies were designed to do.

I'm still hopeful things will change before next week. I haven't given up yet. I plan on spending the weekend getting things done I want done before baby gets here (my list is getting short, lol!).

My family is having a memorial service for my grandmother tommorow. My family has been close together these last few days and we'll be meeting together again in a little while. Sometimes I just need a break to get my mind off things and come here and read. It's good to keep busy with so many things going on.
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Yay Traci!!! That's wonderful!

Well, it's 1:00, we all just woke up from our LONG nap! It was delightful Libby is now running laps around me as I eat cereal. She comes by for a snack on each lap

Have I mentioned how DELIGHTFUL Katie is??? She **never** cries unless she is hungry. That's it. She is so mellow and sweet Libby was quite a screamer from birth, so this is ALL new to me!!
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OH honey, Carla!

I'm "obese" by medical standards, but you know what? My body is very capable of birthing children! Might sound stupid for me to say that after having 2 c/s, but my c/s have nothing to do with my body's ability to birth. Had I not been eclamptic with Libby, I would have birthed her naturally, I have no doubt.

Two things:

1. You are not defined by how you birth. If you birth vaginally, via c/s, or via your armpit, you are STILL a mother and your birth is STILL valid.

2. If you have a repeat c/s, please do not feel like a failure. You have been committed to this, and it is NOT your fault if things end up taking a route you did not choose. The point is that you were educated and informed and if things get to a point where a c/s is safer, YOU will be the one making that decision and YOU can stay in charge of what happens to your body.

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Thank you Kimberly! I don't have a natural or failure attitude because honestly, after all the trouble I had to give birth to DS and quickly being in acceptance of it, I knew that it would never matter how I gave birth as long my children are with me alive. I never regretted having a c-section although I never dreamed I'd need one, but I think my positive attitude helped me have a quick recovery. There are times I think it would be so much easier if I would of just scheduled one this time because I'd have my baby now and have it over with, but I want to know that I at least tried naturally. Part of me is a little scared either way. I think it hit me for the first time today that I _could_ have another c-section and it just made me a little sad even though I would ultimately be fine with it. So many emotions!! Maybe I should post over in the c-section thread.
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Carla, I'm glad you're here. I started to post something to you the other day that got erased, and then I thought you wouldn't be checking back in for a while, so I let it go. But, here it is. You are going through a huge emotional upheaval right now. I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer's a few years back, and I remember how hard it was. It's a horrible disease to watch progress, and I remember thinking while he was still alive how much happier he would be once he passed. And, then, when he did, how guilty I felt that I had wished that on him. Yes, it's a slow process and you have plenty of time to prepare, but soemtimes I think slow deaths are harder than the fast ones. Give yourself some space to really grieve about this, and try to keep those feelings separate from your upcoming birth. Another thing that's coming to mind is the fact that my own father passed away shortly after my DD was born. His funeral was horrible for me, because everyone offered condolences to the rest of my family, but when they got to me, with our newborn daughter in my arms, they would congratulate me and say "as one life leaves us, another begins". Words of comfort, I suppose, but there's little comforting in it. I'm imagining that you've heard some similar comments. I hope that you can stay strong. You have my deepest sympathies.

As for your VBAC, I'm with you on this one totally. I've had to face up to the fact that I may not VBAC, and that's hard to deal with. But, in some ways, I think it's an important part of the process. Work through it. It's not over yet. You can still do this!

And, Traci! I'm so excited for you! I know how elated you must be! I'll be praying for you here. Come on Baby! We want to hear all about you!

Okay, we're going to go for our daily swim. Catch you all later...
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: Thank you Caroline. My grandmother actually had a fall last month, which triggered several strokes, she broke many bones and they found two brain anyurisms. From then it was just basically a matter of time before she passed . Her Alzheimer's was really getting bad (I think she was diagnosed 3 years ago) but she probably could of gone on for quite a while according to the doctors as she was in otherwise good physical health.

I've been feeling so awkward being so close to giving birth as there's more than usual attention on me (which I dont' like) and the baby since we're around everyone so much. The circle of life comes up a lot and while it's true, it doesnt' change the sadness. I think that's why I'm glad the services will be done before the baby comes.
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Ugh, I thought I'd posted under the Group B Strep thread Tuesday, but it seems to have dissappeared.

Anyway, my GBS culture came back positive, so now I don't get to avoid having the dreaded IV in my arm .

DH and I have been doing the deed almost daily to try to get this show on the road. Sorry but I don't want to be living with my parents AND be over due at the same time. A girl can only handle so much, :LOL. Plus I'm ready to get to NY and into my own house again (we live in CO right now).

Christine: repeat after me "what are my options?" Just keep repeating that to your OB when they talk about inducing if you really want to avoid it. The nurses at my Hospital are the ones who taught me that line, but they also only use cloth dipes, only have rooming in (there isn't even a NICU nursery, instead they have private NICU suites where Mom and Dad have a room attached to the babies NICU room) and are very pro unmedicated birth. Can you tell I love my hospital?

Caroline: sorry you're feeling sick again. What a bummer! Here are some **Get Well Soon** vibes, and some **Get this show on the Road as soon as you're better** vibes as well. s

Guess that's about it. Other than sitting on my birthing ball, having a sore neck from sleeping on it wrong last night, and not really sleeping much last night, I'm doing GREAT!
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