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kids who don't/won't eat

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What do you all do with kids who don't/won't eat? My kids (one more than the other) eat fruit, cheese, yogurt, hummus, pizza, pasta, macaroni & cheese, and any carbohydrate known to man. But that's it. I know, it sounds like a lot when you write it out, but try to make 21 interesting meals per week with these ingredients... They were breast-fed as infants and toddlers, and they ate everything when they were younger; somewhere along the way, however, they stopped eating almost all vegetables -- and we're vegetarian! For dinner tonight, I made a delicious potato and mushroom chowder with a zucchini and tomato fritatta. They ate nothing. They barely touched a fork tine to their lips. This is not unusual. I have tried not to make a big issue out of food, but it seems to be making an issue out of itself. Tonight's dinner should have provided enough for two meals, tonight and Friday night. But, given that no one touched anything, should I give it to them again on Friday? On the one hand, if I don't, I can be certain they will not eat it. On the other hand, if I do, they probably won't eat it anyway, and they do need to eat, right? We have actually arrived at a point where I would have to say that most nights they simply do not eat dinner, unless we have pizza or pasta. Sometimes we let them have cereal (if they are really whiney about being hungry) but most of the time they seem happy enough going without. They can't even be bribed with dessert (not that I think this is the best practice anyway). Is this normal, or are my kids really weird? Don't they need to eat something? Shouldn't we insist that it be something healthy? How many carbs can you eat before you slip over to the unhealthy (or at least "less than healthy") side? HELP!
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My ds is only 12 months, and he's having the same issues!!! Loves carbo & doesn't like fresh cooked veggies, or fresh fruit, for that matter.

Veggies: I find that he loves pizza, so I sneak some broccoli & other veggies on the pizza, and I put some extra cheese on top over the veggies. He will only really eat veggies that way right now. He also loves pasta, so I try to get some cooked carrot & spinach & cooked mild peppers in the sauce, and he'll get some that way. He'll also eat a grilled cheese with extra tomato slices cooked inside it pretty well.

As for fruit: I'm doing a lot of homemade fruit popsicles right now, and experimenting. So far he'll only eat watermelon ones! Watermelon does NOT have a ton of nutrition. But I'm going to experiment with other fruits sweetened more & with yogurt in the popsicle. It makes me feel bad, cause that's really "frozen fruit" that he's eating, even if I get it from a farmer's market! Such a shame to give it to him frozen, but that's the only way he'll eat it. (I'm also going to try some strawberries & banannas dipped in chocolate or carob, which another mommy on another thread here told me about, frozen.........)

Carbo: His pediatrician assured me that kids' diets should go by the regular food pyramid - which is LOTS of carbo (on the bottom of the triangle) and then less of other things as you go up & a little protein (toward the top of the triangle). So, lots of carbo, he said is normal & healthy & alright.

Good luck.
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Also - I remember not wanting to eat cooked veggies when I was growing up. But I betcha some melted cheese over the top would've done the trick, for sure.

My mom makes this broccoli, cheese and rice casserole that is really yummy. That's also a good way to choke down some broccoli.

I was thinking, too - sometimes fruit dipped in just regular chocolate syrup, like Hershey's or an organic brand or something, could do the trick, rather than mess with dipping fruit in chocolate and freezing it. (i can't do that with my 12 month old, cause he can't have chocolate or carob yet, but i do that with low calorie choc syrup for me.......)

Speaking of dipping - I wonder if they'd eat fresh veggies if you had a yummy Ranch or Bleu Cheese dip? Or a sour cream and onion dip? Sometimes a good dip does the trick.

Anyway, good thread you started!!!!! I think a lot of us deal with this issue. I know I do even for myself. I like carbo's and cheese better than the other stuff.
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unfortunately, I have no advice for you, but "potato and mushroom chowder with a zucchini and tomato fritatta" sounds so yammy!
could you post the recipes?
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Luckily, my 1 yr old dd loves her fruit (I haven't found one yet that she doesn't like!) and *most* veggies. But I do try to make them interesting to her. She loves to dip food in something. I give her hummus, plain yogurt, cheese sauce, tomato sauce, or avocado that has been through the food processor. She will take most anything and dip it in the sauce. She thinks it is so cool! She doesn't have many teeth yet (only 4) so her veggies have to pretty soft.

Also, I make veggie pancakes with whole wheat flour. I put the veggies through the food processor and add them to the pancake batter. She dips pieces of the pancake in yogurt. I make a batch and freeze them individually in freezer bags. Pretty easy and convenient. I do this with the veggies I can't get her to eat any other way (mostly green ones....green beans, broccoli, etc).
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Just letting you know you're not alone - my dd is vegetarian and won't eat vegetables. Or any fruit x-cept bananas. Or anything that might be covertly concealing any fruits or vegetables. She eats a lot of peanut butter, breakfast cereal (non-sweet stuff), she will eat pizza after it has been stripped naked and properly inspected for vegetable matter, plain noodles, and scrambled eggs. I have started adding fortification to her milk (vitamin drops) which she hasn't noticed yet cuz I put a drop of vanilla xtract in too. I just figure she's not small for her age and she's not going to starve so if whenever she's hungry I just keep offering only the foods she needs, we'll get through what I hope is a phase. Am I being too lax?
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