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OMG, I almost nursed my friend's baby today!

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We were over at her house and I was holding her 7 week old. The baby started to fuss a bit and without even *thinking* about it, I sat down and started to unhook my bra!!!

I was sooo embarrassed when her dh said "What are you doing?" I thought I'd just float away on the cloud of red that surrounded me!

Please, please tell me I'm not the only one! What's really weird is that she asked me if I'd be willing to wet nurse her dd when she had trouble bfing and I said no because I'm nursing two already and really don't want to nurse three! :! Anyone else?
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Oh, that is so funny! :
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:LOL That is too funny! That hasn't happend to me, but I haven't held anyone elses baby in a long time. I bet it has to do with you nursing two right now. I imagine you spend a lot of yout ime nursing - so its like you are on auto-pilot.
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Is your friend a breastfeeder as well?
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That has happened to me! When holding my friend's newborn son (my daughter was 5 weeks at the time) I propped him in position to nurse and almost got set up. I'm sure she would have let me had I not stopped myself though! :LOL (I was pumping for him).
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I've had the urge several times to breastfeed other peoples babies when the parents ignore the crying child, but thankfully I've never had the opportunity to act on it... yet! I haven't held another persons baby in a long while, so I'd better watch myself when I do! (my friend just had a baby a week ago so...)

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OMG, I almost breastfed my friend's baby

I have recently taken to cross-breastfeeding the baby (about 3 months)of a childhood friend of mine. Whenever she cries, believe me, I experience a strong let down reflex. Fortunately, I have not to suppress my natural instincts as the suggestion for cross bf'ing had come from my friend only and we are happily in it. Please also see the mails under the heading "cross-breastfeeding" under this section of few days' earlier.
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we were babysitting my best friends dd (3 months old). She was bf'd before the mom left. Mom was supposed to be gone for just an hour or so. Well, this little babe cried so much. She was inconsolable. Finally, my dh said "try nursing her". I did. I still can't believe I did it. I kept thinking about doing that but I just couldn't mention it to my dh. I thought it sounded too weird. I was glad he said it first. Well, it did not work. The poor babe would not take my breast. She just continued to cry. Fortunately, mom came home shortly after. I did finally tell her about it. She just laughed.
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I was asked to care for a friends baby and breastfeed her, but I declined. I was really wierded out about it. When my second son was born 10 months ago, another mom on my road hadthier first daughter, along with some severe potpartum depression. She dropped her by sometimes(2weeks old) without feeding her first. my partner suggested breastfeeding her, but I didnt want to disrespect the mother by not asking first. The next time I did ask, and did feed her anytime she was dropped off after that. She latched on beautifully and it was the only thing that would keep her from screaming... anyways mom and baby now great. And breastfeeding someone elses child a wild experience!
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Hehe. I almost let a coworker's toddler nurse. I was holding him and trying to listen to three of his sisters all trying to talk to me at once, so when he started reaching under my shirt I lifted up my bra out of habit. His Mom was right there but she just laughed and said "you're still nursing, he smells that you have milk"
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This has happened to me with my grandbaby! It has been 2 + years since I was a lactating mama but while holding my Gbaby and talking to someone I have had that "take this baby to the breast" feeling just automatically rise up within me a couple of times. Catherine
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I want to nurse my friends little one every time I hold that child! She started out bfing but supplemented and is now nursing maybe once a day. I want to nurse that little babe so badly! But I'm sure it would totally wierd my friend out so I've never brought it up.
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I helped a good friend out and watched her baby boy who was only 3-4 weeks older than my dd. I think they were 2-3 mths. This poor baby cried this g*d-awful cry. I don't think him & mom made a very good emotional connection before she returned to duty (due to the situation and her working 12+ hrs a day). Everytime he cried I wanted to nurse him and caught myself on more than one occasion lifting my shirt! I stopped watching him after 6 weeks or so, when they got him into a childcare provider. I think there would have been nothing wrong with it, and I should have just said something to her. She's now preggo with another boy, and a sahm. I'm trying my best to get her to nurse this one longer than the first.
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I've yet to go into mama-auto-pilot, but this did remind me of something really cute

I was at my friend A's house a couple months ago (dd was 4 mos) and was playing with her 3 yo dd when my little one got fussy. So, I start nursing her and A's daughter (who hasnt nursed since she was an infant) crawls into her lap and practically begs to nurse, which really caught A offguard :LOL Her DD got a special bottle of choclate milk "nursed" to her curled up in her mama's lap. I almost cried at the sweetness of it
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APmom! : I can SO relate! I went out of state to visit family in September. My sister had a brand new baby and my SIL had a 6 week old baby. Whenever I held them I had to *constantly* remind myself "this is not your baby" "you're holding someone else's baby" "DON'T lift your shirt!" I had to remain focused or else, if I relaxed at all (thought of something else, talked to someone else, did something else) and the baby fussed, I'd start grabbing to pull my shirt up! After years of breastfeeding it just becomes a reflex really. A baby fusses, shirt goes up. So many times I have looked down to find my kid nursing and I really cannot figure out *how* they got there. I didn't remember anything. :

Kind of similar, but not an accident - While I was visiting family on that trip I had my sister nurse my youngest for me because he was being fussy and clingy and I really needed to get something done. He took right to it. I wondered though if I should be a little offended that he didn't even hesitate at all before accepting someone else's boob.
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I think it would really be cool to have someone who i could cross nurse with. However i don't know any nursing mothers IRL...or even anyone with a young baby.
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Too cute!!!

if you were nursing three- are your boobs even yours anymore??
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Just today I found out my PG friend might be having twins. I just had a babe 3 weeks ago so I offered to nurse her babes if she ever needed a break. She didn't think it was a bad idea!!
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I was doing daycare for a friend's 2 year old who, like my own daughter, was still nursing. One day I was lying on the floor nursing my daughter and she turned around and offered my other breast to my friend's daughter, my friend's daughter got a cute little smile and then leaned in to latch on, but then I said "no, no" because I wasn't sure her mother would be too impressed if I nursed her child without permission. I did give my expressed milk to my sister for her daughter when our children were 8 and 10 weeks old and even tried to nurse her when they came to visit once, but she wouldn't take it. If anyone ever asked me to nurse their child out of necessity I probably would.
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I babysit for a 7 month old and he's been coming to my house since he was 9 wks. old. My 3 1/2 y.o. dd still nurses and when he first started coming to our house and he'd cry, she'd say "Give Quin milky" Very cute!
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