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I have only ever seen ONE other momma in my town that slings. I went to my kids' open houses tonight (elementary and jr high) and I got alot of looks, smiles and a few "Oh, that's so neat! That's what so-and-so needs."
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I like some of the attention, but other times I feel like people are looking at me like I have 2 heads! :LOL

We were at the Mall of America the other day (and I swear I did not see one other babywearing mama there) and I got some of the weirdest looks!!! Ella LOVES being in the pouch and some people looked at me like they felt sorry for me having to carry her!
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okay - I 'fess. The best was when I was in Sedona at the health food store - about 15 people came up to us - they were all SOOOO nice there!
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We've been getting lots of attention since we got our sling. Definately more so than with the stroller or bucket (i hate keeping her in the bucket). A man at the mall pet store said it had probably been three years since he'd seen a sling used around here! A pregnant woman today asked if I made my sling so I gave her the mayawrap url, she seemed really interested! Yay!
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I live in super-crunchy Portland, and see quite a lot of slingin' mamas...more looks come when it's DH with the sling. He is just so cool wearing our red-and-pink patterned Hotsling with our little red-headed girl pokin' her head out. And he's already highly visible with his mohawk and a huge tatt on his leg! He slings her all the time when we go out and people always come up and just gush.

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You would think that Colorado would be a bit more crunchy, but it's not! I LOVE the attention Peyt gets in our Maya Wrap...she just snuggles in there, leans her back against me and grins and flirts with the world. Everyone always says how comfy she looks and how happy she seems. Of course, she's just now getting grabby, so I kind of have to be careful of how close I get to any displays...:LOL

We were in Indiana a few weeks ago, and she fell asleep in the middle of a mall in her sling...it was so adorable! I love that she's comfy enough to do that...any time we've used a stroller, she just fusses until we put her in the sling anyway. :LOL
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