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dog stink

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Hi - I have two big dogs that spend most of their time indoors (actually they spend most of their time on my bed - lazy dogs!).

Anyway, even though I am now immune to it, I am sure my house smells ferociously like dog. Any tips on getting the dog smell out? I have mostly hardwoods, but there are rugs and a carpet in the hall.

I've heard of using baking soda on carpets - how long do you leave it on before vaccuuming?

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I am just like you. I often ask people, "Does this house/car smell?" I never can tell!

I have two doggerinos, too, and I have found that a great vacuum job is really the best, especially when I vacuum the furniture, as well. And have you tried vacuuming your dogs? I recently bought a really awesome vacuum cleaner, and I heard from other vac owners that they actually vacuum their dogs!

My dogs were scared at first, and now they ask for it!

I also burn essential orange oil a lot, and people tell me that my house smells really good all the time. You should burn the kind that smells best to you.

You should also note that I am not some great housekeeper, either!

Good luck!
Jean (and Tex and Ginger)
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HOw do you burn essential oil?

I am assuming you vaccuum the dogs with an attachment? One of them attacks it everytime I vaccuum (it is full of teeth marks!), not sure how she'd like it!!
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We have hardwood floors, but I do use baking soda on their dogbeds which works great. I usually leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, but occasionally I let it sit overnight. I also mop the floors with olive and lemon oil periodically which makes the house smell wonderful.... in my opinion, at least.
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Is lemon oil like an essential oil? or something else? We have a great store that carries all kinds of essential oils (called Escentials, actually) - so I can't wait to go get some yummy smelling stuff!
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LOL Ya know if you feed your Dogs a RAW (BARF) diet or one made from Human Grade Grain free diet they wont smell at all.
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what do you mean? Mine eat 1/2 hund-n-flocken dry food and half homemade made from millet, organic meat, healthy powder, vitamins, calcium, veggies...

it would probably help if they got a bath more often too...
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My dogs have been lifelong BARFers, and one always smells like honeysuckle. But the other one, bless her, although she is the healthier dog, she still smells like a doggerino!

It does make a big diff, though, IMO. Non-BARF dogs tend to have really gross poops. :toilet

Owensmom, it sounds like their diet is yummy!

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