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Japanese Beetles

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After many years of gardening, I am having my first Japanese Beetle problem. They seem to be everywhere, eating holes in all my leaves and devouring flowers. I've seen those little bags/traps that people hang in their trees to lure them from their gardens. Anyone have experience with this or other methods to control the little buggers? Any advice ?
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Bag-A-Bug traps are EXCELLENT!! DONT THROW AWAY THE BAG when it is full. Take the bag of rotting bugs and hang it on the garden fence. The smell of the dead bugs will further keep them away. I think a pile of rotting corpse would keep me away too. When the season is over, the rotting bugs can be added to the compost pile or directly into the dirt after the season is over when you mulch the beds with leaves or whatever.

I highly reccomend the bags. When my MIL and I were putting them up one year, WHILE we were hanging the bag 3 beetles flew in!! We were so impressed. They really worked very well. Make sure you hang them at the correct height.
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Thanks Chanley!

I actually went out this morning and bought the bag-a-bug traps. While I was hanging it up three of the little buggers came up and landed on my arm! My kids and I watched as about 15 of them plopped in the bag within a few minutes of hanging it up! I'll buy some more later today, I only bought one until I could see if it worked. I bought the stand they sell to keep it at the correct height - I'm thrilled! Do you hang yours up in early summer every year? I'd like to get to them before they get to my plants next year.
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Dem bugs are too skeered of the South Ga bugs. We dont have problems with them. I only tackled them in the North.

I seemed to put them out early July every year.
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While we do not have a problem with them here in our garden, out neighbor does. (go figure). she hangs her bags out in june, and says it really helps. when I do see them I do the old fashioned thing...I pick them off and squash them (ewwww).
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