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My three year old dd has peed (and pooped) in the bushes on outdoor excursions!

One thing that really bothers me is that there is no way my son (who is 6) could reach most of the sink faucets and soap/towel dispensers. I know these are made for adults, but what about people who are dwarfs or midgits, people in wheelchairs and children???

As for using the disabled restroom- this is always what we do as well, (how else could the three of us fit?) and I don't feel bad about it because never in 6 years have I ever come out of it and seen someone in a wheelchair waiting. Plus my son does have a disability, although it's not physical.
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One thing that really bothers me is that there is no way my son (who is 6) could reach most of the sink faucets and soap/towel dispensers.
Yes! Ds complains to me about this all the time. Our church and the YMCA got stools for the bathrooms. I wish Borders would too. And the library. Once at a resteraunt that had stools in the bathroom, DS actually went to the hostess and THANKED her for the stools in the bathroom! He said "It is nice when people think of kids."
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I remember going into a men's bathroom with my dad when I was 3 or 4 and saying, "Daddy, those men are peeing in the sink!!"

LOL I'm scarred for life.
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My oldest is 10 and still must come with me. Period.
When possible I use a large handicapped stall and we all go in together. If the child is in a separate stall, they are not allowed to leave their stall until I am out of mine.
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My ds (4) has asked me a couple of times to take him to the men's (of course I didn't) but only so he could see "the waterfall"!!!! At first I didn't know what he was talking about.
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No, my daughter is eight and I am well past needing her in with me while I am using the toilet. Nor does she need her mother with her every time she pees in public. No more all-in-the-big-stall unless it is crowded, dirty or whatever and this is most efficient time-wise. We meet at the sink unless Dad is outside the restroom. If the restroom is down a hallway with stockrooms or whatever also entering on the hall, I wait outside or in the restroom.

While traveling up and down the country this summer, I kept a slightly closer eye on her. Perhaps she would wait just outside my stall or at the sink directly opposite, and I would wait for her. Gas station restrooms, we'd often use together. At Florida's Turnpike rest stations, where both north and south roads use the rest stop, I would be extra vigilant.

How many of those in this discussion have ever directly experienced something unpleasant or sexually inappropriate in the public restroom involving kids, either you as one or your own? Not heard someone, or your brother or his friend, but directly experienced? This question is not put forth confrontationally but in curiosity. There has never been an actual documented case of razors in Halloween apples, for instance, but everyone knows someone who got one. While no one wants their own child to be among the very small percentage of those abducted and murdered, we also need to be aware of the potential damage of unnecessary and overprotective vigilance.
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Something unpleasent has never happened to anyone in my family. But, in a small town south of us, 2 boys went to a movie theatre restroom together and was abducted by a male sexual pred. He kidnapped them, sexually assulted them and murdered the brothers. He was caught, interviewed and he said that he wan't to be put to death because he knew he would do this again and again. He also talked about who he preyed upon and where. He was a very scarey, sick man. Also, within the past year, within 20 miles of us, a boy went to the restroom (I think he was 7 yo) at the LIBRARY and a man sexually assulted him in there. These cases were in the media quite a bit, especially the first one.

It seems IMHO it doesn't matter where you are, you can't be too careful.


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I have never personally had a bad experience in a public restroom, andn it's a point well taken, but I have had someone attempt to kidnap me on a public street. One other issue for me is the mess- I have peered into a men's restroom and knows that my son wopuld not be able to approariately deal with that filth alone. I would really hate for him to come out with someone else's fecal matter on him, and not even so much as soap or a paper towel in the restroom!! (sorry to be so graphic)
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Oh, I quite agree public restrooms can be very creepy places. When I worked at Barnes and Noble's original location in New York men would come in on Sunday mornings to have sex in our public restroom; we were forever chasing them out. I also frequently saw a male prostitute at a mall in Atlanta, when I lived there, following men into the public restroom in a quieter corner of the mall. If I had a son I would be at my wit's end, I'm sure.
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