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When DS was 5 months old we went to look at an apartment and the woman grabbed DS and held him for about a minute. It took me that long to get him back from her. Afterwards I realized she had a large open cold sore. Now DH and I have never had one, and I know that they are viral and part of the herpes simplex virus.
Yesterday DS (who is 11.5 months old now) bumped his mouth on the wall, and hius upper lip with swollen, but I notice in the corner of his mouth he has like a little whitish blister. It looks kinda raw. Now to me it is looking cold sore-ish, but he could have hurt it when he bumped his face. It hurts him if I touch it as well, he starts crying.
I don't know what to do, we are moving and I know that the virus is stress related, but he seems to be fine otherwise. Could he have gotten it?