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intro - mum in England

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Hi everyone,
Been hanging around for a while now just reading posts and getting a lot of support. My boys (fraternal twins) are 9 months now and I could have done with finding you all before now! AP is not a big thing here in England... so it is hard to find mums who aren't doing CIO and weaning at 6 months. We go to LLL but it's only monthly... so in between I sometimes feel a bit low when I explain about co-sleeping and extended b/f for the millionth time and get glazed expressions in reply. But enough moaning - I love being mum to Dan and Tom, born at 39+4 by CS , love living in beautiful Cambridge with my partner of 13 years (getting married in Sept!). Are there any other UK mums of multiples out there? Oh, and one question, what on earth is 'crunchy'? It hasn't made it here yet (I don't think).
Think you are all great,
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Hi Ali,
I don't have twins, but wanted to say hello to another Uk mum! I'm in Bristol and have been amazed how common AP is here, but I think it's quite unusual in terms of the country as a whole. I would imagine Cambridge to be a bit more mainstream. "Crunchy" is the American term for...hard to sum up..but I guess, hippie-ish, alternative parenting styles, healthy living, etc...Can't think of an equivalent english term but there's tons of "crunchies" here in the south west!
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hello! i am not a mama yet...but planning be very soon!
i guessed that the crunchie thing was a bit like our 'crusty' hippie!
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Hi & elcome. I'm not a UK mother, but am a mother of multiples and once lived in the UK (Derbyshire & Norfolk). My girls are 10 1/2 months old now and I'm learning that APing multiples is a bit different than APing a singleton. But then again, parenting multiples is way different than parenting singletons. Anyway, welcome!
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Glad to see that there are some other UK mums here - good to meet you. I should have guessed that the SW would be full of crunchies...

The day after I posted here I met another co-sleeper at a mum and baby group - hurrah! Mamadawg you are SO right about the differences between APing multiples and a singleton - there have been some compromises here...
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Hi ladies-

Not a fellow Brit, but dh is. John is from Yorkshire. We have been talking about moving to England in a few years, but I was actually just saying to him that the English mums I've spoken to say that AP isn't a popular way of life there. It isn't here either, but it's not hard to find other AP families. I guess we'll just have to live in the areas that more people are AP friendly if we do move over there.

It is so hard to AP twins anyway. We BF, co-sleep, cloth-dipe, and all the other natural parenting stuff, but it's hard to hold my babies as much as I did my singleton.

Glad to see all of you on here!~
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Hi again and hello to mum2lillie
Very sensible of you to marry an English bloke - am going to marry one myself in Sept!

I think a lot about the differences between APing singletons and APing twins. For example, I feel that my boys haven't been carried and worn as much as singletons. It is also difficult (now that I don't feed them simultaneously because I find them so big and wriggly) when they both want feeding at the same time and I can't respond immediately. I feel bad for them sometimes...
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