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Tushie Coverz
I love this AIO!
It's a true blue, old school AIO. No snap-ins, etc.. I RARELY use front snapping AIOs due to wing droop, but this one has never moved out of place! I have one of the all cotton velour AIOs with the fleece inner (and on leg openings). It is incredibly soft and comfortable (my 2yo told me so ). The first time I used it, it did wick. I think the fleece had to have a break in period. Either way I sprayed it with waterproof spray (Walmart camping section- spray OUTSIDE ). It worked like a charm ! We've been using it for months, and it hasn't wicked since. My dd is 26lbs, she fits on the tightest setting. I LOVE the cut. There's no slack anywhere. She has a very good pattern cut. All the sewing was good, and the materials were also great. Worth every penny and more.