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Ariel Gore

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Not a single mom myself, though dream of it some days . Have you ever read any of Ariel gore's books, or seen her zine and website "Hip Mama?" She is way pro AP.. I believe she nused her daughter till she was 4 or something. She's funny and very politically active. She even debated with Newt Gingrich on MTV. I reaaly love her stuff... check it out if you haven't.
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I love it too." breeders" is exciting and helpful and for all the moms who aren't especially into reading books it is worth it and who knows matbe it'l get you on a book kick.
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FYI - on her website right now - www.hipmama.com - they are selling big t-shirts that say "got breastmilk?" for $5 with a magazine subscription. they also have shirts that say "breeder."
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I love the hipmama website...and the magazine is great too. Also I like the articles on Salon.com under the Mothers that Think category
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I just posted on the thread What websites do you like that one of my faves is hipmama . . . what I liked about her Survival Guide was that it didn't assume that every mother is married or straight or has/had a career . . . I think Gore is doing good work.
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She makes me happy

I'm reading the Mother trip now and am always on Hipmama.com
Its nice to see a perspective that is progressive yet understanding of single moms.

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Bought 5 copies of the survival guide, gave them to all my preggo friends, my honey and I read it for entertainment before we were even thinking about having kids. Her "nervous breakdown" chapter got me through a few times!
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ariel gore's books are GREAT -- i've read both "The Mother Trip" and "The Hip Mama's Survival Guide"... they're for anybody, REALLY!

her web site... www.hipmama.com ...is good too. the talk forums are very informative and interesting. sadly, though, i found a very "self-rightous" tone on that site... not from everyone, mind you.

i have found that the posting forums here on "mothering" to be JUST as informative... and MUCH friendlier. People seem more relaxed and objective... it's a KINDER place.

these are my experiences, though. others may have different opinions from different experiences.

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Not to offend anyone but I actually found/feel the opposite. I sometimes feel like I'm judged much more strictly here where I feel I can be more real at hipmamma. I guess its all a personal preference things and depends on your point of view no? Like everything.


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I like hipmama's discussion boards but feel like I am too controversial to post anymore over there
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Sorry to sound like an idiot, but are you all talking about Al Gore's oldest daughter? I know she had a baby a while ago.
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Ariel Gore is this hype feminist, single mama author and she has a web site with a BB named hipmama.com like the zine she also publishes with so many other mad cool people
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Mother Trip

I just finished reading the Mother Trip... trying to cope. I've been single for 10 months but I still get resentful and stuff. Having an "irritated with parenting alone" day.
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You have my utmost respect. Sometimes I just can't imagine being a single mom, but then again, sometimes I wish I were . . .
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