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Just bought a Kozy...will I regret it?? *update*

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OK, so I had a little paypal and I saw a Kozy on e-bay w/ a BIN of $45 and couldn't resist . It was supposed to be for dipes, lol. Guess I have a new addiction . So far, I've only used sarongs as slings and a SUPER hot sari as a wrap. I've never tried an ABC....am I gonna regret this? Please reassure me b/c I have this sinking feeling in my tummy that I spent too much cash (down, tightwad, down)...
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You lucky girl! If you hate I'll buy it from you! I am on the wait list! I am sure you will love it!
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You will love your Kozy It takes a little practice, but it it well worth it. You won't be sorry.
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NEVER You will love your Kozy - I'm totally jealous that you got one on ebay - lucky you!!
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I'm so glad to hear that. How easy is it compared to a wrap? I have no problems getting ds on/off my back. Is it similar or will I have a harder time? Sorry to be a pest...I'm just antsy, I guess.
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Cajunmama-Where in LA are you? I miss it.
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I just got mine last week (I was on the wait list) and have to say dd and I love it. She's been requesting it over the sling for hikes and I think mine is so pretty too. You can always resell it on ebay (or to any the of the mama's here) if you don't like it.
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It's much easier than a wrap, actually. Don't worry, you'll love it. It's very versatile. Yesterday, my 22 mo dd had half-woken from a nap and was nursing/dozing in my lap when a customer came in. I hoisted her up with her head on my shoulder and got my 6 yo to tie my Kozy behind my waist, then I just brought it up around her and tied the top straps and then latched her back on. She was happy as could be, and it was very convenient for me!
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I don't have a Kozy but I just my ABC!! I think you're going to have a new favorite carrier once you receive it.
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I dont have one yet (I am on the waiting list) but from everything I have heard about them you wont be sorry you spent the money. And like a pp said if you dont like it you can always resell it her or ebay. There is a hot market for them since they are hard to get so your money isnt lost!
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I'm in Lafayette! Where are you from?
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Cool! I'm really starting to get excited now. This is my first non-homemade carrier. I can't wait!

Originally Posted by CajunMama
I'm in Lafayette! Where are you from?
We bounced around, lol. Point Au Chien, Bayou Black, Houma, Montegut, New Orleans...oh the list goes on. Mainly back and forth between LA and MS. I went to school at SLU in Hammond. I really miss the food. There are "cajun" resturaunts here, but they want an arm and a leg for a plate of beans&rice cause it's "ethnic" . I especially crave a good crawfish boil, an Abita Purple Haze, and some freaking RAIN!!
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Wow, you got a really good deal on a very hard to find item! Just a month ago I saw a similar kozy listed for $55 on babywearing-swap. You won't regret it, trust me! I do have a kozy and I would have bought that one in a second had I seen it.
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i love mine and im sure you will love yours too. i dont regret one cent of the money i spent.
what fabric did u get? im excited for you!!!!!!!!!
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It's a lt blue, tan, and white striped fabric. It's nice and neutral so maybe my dh will use it,too . I think it's going to be cool having a carrier w/ a pocket.

Scubamom-How goes the reading?
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reading is going great, im still on the first one and grabbing moments when i can. slow but sure.
i never realised how much i read until i had ds and now hardly ever read as never have solid chunks of time with nothing needing done.
although my dh is good and i still do get nice long soaks in the bath with my book occasionally!!!!

enjoy your kozy u will love it, my dh resisted at first as wanted me to get a black one, but he wears all the time now as so comfortable.
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abc's were much more versitile that i first thought. the straps made it easier for me to handle than a wrap at first. it was a good inbetween the sling world and the wrap world. =D

congrats on a great deal!
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Just remember if you don't like it there are plenty of buyers out there. Trading Post or ebay or other...
If it was a good price then it's never a bad idea to try something new.
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i love mine, i don't think you will be disappointed!!!!
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I got it today and it ROCKS! This is by far the most comfy carrier I've used yet. We've only played around a bit. It is definitely easier to get on my back than a wrap.....so easy, I was sure I didn't have it right, lol. This is awesome
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