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Does PPD go away on its own?

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Does PPd go away on its own if one tries to reduce external stress-?
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Please call your OB or family doctor. She can help you evaluate the situation and determine if talk or drug therapy might help you. Don't be afraid or ashamed to seek help; you owe it to yourself and your daughter.

It really can be better.

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ponoma...what are the signs or symptoms that you (or a friend) feel are PPD?
It better helps us answer the inquiry...and don't be afraid to be specific and honest...
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I thought I could make mine go away on its own but it got worse.
The hard thing is, it doesn't stay at a constant level.. it is a roller coaster. So some days you might feel better and think it is gone.. than boom! It comes back worse.
Please talk to someone if you think you have it.
It can really really be devastating.
I am going through it right now.. you need to get support.

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I don't know if it can go away on it's own. It's pretty risky not to get help for it however. I had severe PPD for 7 months after my DD was born. I didnt treat it until I was 3.5 weeks post partum. In those 3 weeks a lot of damage was done. Nursing was lost, and my bond with dd was delayed, as I was just unable to cope. I got Zoloft (not a perfect drug, but it really really helped me) and took that until dd was about 7 months old. Then I switched to Rescue Remedy and the occasional Lorazepam (mine was a very anxious PPD) and by about 8.5 months I no longer needed Lorazepam.
I havent taken RR in a while, couple months at least. I stopped wanting it after I quit bc pills. Those things did not help my hormones stay stable, to say the least.

If I hadnt gotten help, Id ont know what would have happened. It cant hurt to be seen by a psychologist/psychiatrist if you are depressed. Also, a consultation with a homeopath could be very beneficial.

Good luck! Email me if you ever need to talk.
I've had every crazy thought including chucking my baby out the sunroof of our moving car & suicidal ideations during my PPd so I promise I wouldnt judge. Take care of yourself!
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I had PPD with second dd. Was shocked it could happen to me and refused to talk to a professional or go on drugs. It was a very, very difficult four months - for me, for dh, for our first daughter, sure it was no picnic for the poor baby who had no idea why her mother was acting this way. What really helped me was to talk to a mom who I really respected and found out she had PPD with her 3rd child. This was someone I consider to be an excellent mother. Helped me to know that she felt the same things I was feeling and got through it and loves her son more than anything in the world now. Not that you don't love them when you are PPD, it is just hard to be happy when you have taken a perfectly good life and seemingly messed it up so much. I know some have PPD worse than I did - though mine seemed horrific at the time - so I would talk to your midwife, childbirth teacher, etc. to try to get an unbiased opinion of where you fall on the scale from mild to severe and go from there. My main suggestion is to find others who you can relate to who have made it through PPD.
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Thanks for your encouragement. I now freely admit I need to talk to some professional so at least I can say to my husband that I tried outside help. Now its a matterof overcooming pride, or shame, and inertia. Its PPD
just pretty darn relentless, exacerabted by sheer exhaustion.
I can't make any decisions! I wish my husband wouldn't try
the tough love approach to support me in this PPD struggle.
Yes I know its irational, I know I'm an adult, I know that I can't
hide from impending decisions on career, moving cross contry and the like,
but I can't deal with all of it at once.
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please check out this site...maybe your husband can look too!
hugs and love
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I know how you feel, I knew I needed help, but didn't have the strength to get it. I didn't have the engery (mental or physical) to pick up the phone and go somewhere for help. It just seemed like too much to do. You could start with you PCP as a first step.
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