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Lesbian & Bisexual Mothers

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I would be interested in finding single lesbian & bisexual mothers, or coupled lesbian & bisexual mothers. I'm a lesbian mother -- half of a couple . Send an email or PM if you're not comfortable posting publicly.
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Hi! Bi mama with a bi guy here

Have you visited the Queer Parenting Forum?
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Hi there!!! Bi, not yet a mama, but trying really hard!!

Welcome, I hope you like it here. This forum can be a little slow at times, but the mamas here are very supoprtive and super friendly!
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me too, bi and married to a man, mom to a teenage dd
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Count me in- bi, married w/two boys.
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Hi! Lesbian mom here. 2 kids and a gorgeous, funny, smart dp! (I'm *alone* and able to post now because she took the kids to a playdate! She's 5.5 weeks postpartum).

There are lots of queer-friendly mamas here! And a ton of good parenting support and advice.

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queer expectant mama here! I have been with my dear wife for 6.5 years!
always glad to meet more of us, feel free to PM me!
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bi-mama married to bi-papa
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Howdy! Jen here, wife to Jo, soon to be bio mom to Sprout. Oh, and don't forget the two cats.

Wondering what it will be like if Sprout is a girl - we will be an all-girl household. Jo is deathly afraid of having a girly girl as a daughter - ribbons, bows, patent leather, etc.

Anyway - hi!

ps: Jesse: congrats on your wedding! That's some wedding photo!!
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I'm a sapiosexual mama married to a sapiosexual papa. We have a 2 year old boy.
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Bi mom here, with 2 beans and one more on the way!
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Bi-mama married to a bi-daddy over here! Nice to see there are a couple other couples like us! It's a zoo over here, 5 yr old dd, 3 yr old ds, 2 dogs, 4 cats, and now the 5 yr old wants fish!
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I am a bi mamma(lean more toward women though), married to a woman in Massachusetts. We have a 15 week old son and we are already trying for our second.
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Hi! Count me in also. Queer and partnered with a man, two kids and two cats.

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hello gals...i am a bi mama with a 5 month old son. have a wonderful male partner. really wanting to be in a more poly relationship with other bi partners.

welcome to all!
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Lesbian mom here...had my kids the old fashioned way, but left him and am now in a relationship with my lovely partner. Welcome aboard!

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Hello! I'm bi, married to a man, and for some reason I don't think I've even visited this forum to lurk in ages. T What's a "sapiosexual"? Does that mean that you're attracted to people in general?
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I just looked it up and it appears sapiosexual mean you are attracted to intelligence...
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Sapiosexual - yes, it means you are attracted to intellegence, it doesn't matter what gender (male, female, otherkin etc.) that intellegence is packaged in.
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