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I *thought* last night was it . . .

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Crampy ctx every 10-12 minutes that were enough to wake me up (not enough to keep me awake though) from 11-ish until about 2:30. Then I couldn't get back to sleep and they were every 8-10 minutes. But not particularily painful even, just strong.

I got up eventually and went into the bath with a drop of peppermint oil, because I was feeling a little pukey again. Still coming and I couldn't get comfy.

Went out to the living room and sat on my yoga ball for a bit, noted the time again - down to every 15-18 minutes.

Back to bed, I was feeling tired.

Nursed Boo even, in the hopes that the nipple stim would help perk things up again.

That was just crampy, a long, hard cramp.

Then everything petered away to nothing more than a constant period cramp.

Around 5-ish the boys got up, I got a drink and a few crackers and went back to bed. Waking every 20-30 minutes, but no more ctx at all.

I thought this was it . . .
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I'm sorry mama. I have been there with both ds and dd. I hope you can get some rest today.
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You poor dear! I absolutely abhorred the prodromal labor I had with dd, but in the end the "real" labor was smooth and mostly painless. Easy work! So, this all does count in the end. Imagine if you can get to 7 cms this way, with breaks in between for sleeping and eating.
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Sorry Lizabear, maybe just a practice run to tease you eh Hopefully the next time will be the real thing!! Fast labor vibes mama!
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Ugh, been there mama. I feel for you. It's so frustrating.

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I'm so sorry! I have been having the same thing. Its hard to be patient! It wont be long .
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Still nothing - almost a week later.
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I am sorry LizBear. I figured if it were to happen, last night would be it. From about 3ish on contractions every 15 minutes. I organized 8 years of medical stuff. (had tossed it in a drawer and never took any out, drawer would no longer shut!!) and the visiting nurse is coming by this morning to take fasting blood and urine for the life insurance policies.

Still contracting when I would wake up, but nothing to keep me awake or wake me up with.

Monday still works for me.
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I desperately want this baby to come today or tomorrow.

My husband only gets 2 days off work - might be able to take 1 extra day by using his last sick day for the year. So - if babe comes today, DH will be home as it is, have the weekend off, Monday & Tuesday as his paid days from work, and Wed as his sick day - he'll be home until Thursday - when babe is 5 days old.

BUT, if babe waits until a Monday - he'll go back when babe is 3 days old.

Come on labour vibes please . . . .
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Hang in there. Here's hoping for a Friday night baby for you!

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