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Hey gals! I was raised in a meat and potatoes kind of house. My mom's idea of a healthy meal is baked chicken as oppsed to fried. I have tried to serve a variety of foods in my home. My husband has recently asked if I would try to make some vegetarian/vegan meals. But I have to admit I am completely stumpted. Where do I begin? I've never even tasted tofu - wouldn't have the first clue what to do with it if I had it. This may sound silly but it's true. I very much want my kids to grow up eating in a healthy manner and we both want to get away from the meats. Anyone have some suggestions as to where I can find good starter recipes? Websites? Cook book titles? Thanks a bunch!
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I have a list of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks reviewed on my site at http://www.vegfamily.com/book-reviews/index.htm

And you can also see our small but growing collection of vegan recipes at http://www.vegfamily.com/vegan-recipes/index.htm

I had a huge aversion to tofu when I went vegan. I thought it was all slimy. But I've learned so much in the last 5 years and have come to really enjoy tofu. I use soft tofu blended in dressings and pie fillings. I use firm tofu in stir fries, and soft tofu in tofu scramblers and "neat" loaf.

My favorite cookbook which is vegetarian and vegan together, and would make a great starter book for you, is Lean and Luscious, and Meatless. There are some stew recipes in there that are so good I can hardly believe it.

We regularly make 12 of the recipes in that book. Easy, fast, and delicious. I can't say enough about that one. so good!

Good luck on your quest.
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