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Back to School Challenge Anyone??

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Hi all,

I was cruising around the internet trying to find something would get me motivated to get ready for back to school time. I found this website that is doing a 14 day challenge.


Anyone want to join in with me. The first day of the challenge is already posted. I am going to see if I can get through all 14. Wish me luck. You should see my kid's bedrooms. I need it. I have to wash bed sheets tonight.

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Thanks for posting the link. I'm in. I will be a day behind but I printed the "directions" for cleaning my kids rooms and will start tomorrow.
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Day 2 is Done! I can't believe it!

DD's room has never looked so good. We threw out a huge garbage bag of stuff. We found so many toys that she doesn't play with anymore. She is so happy with how her room is starting to look. Is anyone else doing this too?
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You know what's really funny? Last week it occured to me that we should really address the kid's rooms in a serious way before school starts. So one day last week I spent ALL DAY working with the kids in my older son's room, and then one day this week we spent a whole day working the younger kid's room. The dressers, the closets, the beds, the floors, vacuuming in hard to reach spaces, organizing and boxing up old papers -- the whole mess! I hope it makes back to school a smoother transition. Meanwhile, they are happy with their clean organized spaces and spending more time in their rooms.

One thing I did -- I set an empty milk crate inside each of their rooms to put returned homework assignments and drawings into. So now -- those papers will have a place to go after they've brought them home.
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how crazy...we were just talking about doing something like this. thanks!
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Oh my gosh -- I'm so psyched. Can I join late? My dd doesn't go to school and doesn't have her own room, so I'm just going to apply everything to different parts of our apartment. Which *really* needs it, because I've had morning sickness for several weeks and we're moving next month.

This is extremely motivational. :-D
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Day 6 is done!

Update: I have fallen a little behind on the back to school challenge, but I just finished day 6 today. I found clothes from when they were babies. No wonder they had no room to hang up their clothes. Good grief!

They have all the days posted on
www.cindysporch.net so I am just doing them as I get to them.

What day have you guys made it to?
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Wow, congratulations! It sounds like you really purged.

I was quite (pg) sick this week, so my progress is kind of pathetic. But I'm proud of it. :-D I've finished day 1, started day 4, and um, did day 3...because Wednesday was free admission day at the zoo. Once I had repaired all the layers of dd's bedding with elastic so that the mattress pad and stuff actually stayed on, dd discovered a renewed zest for jumping on the bed. ::sigh:: It makes me so happy to look at the neatly made beds with nothing under them!
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