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Chat thread from 8/9 until...

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Ok, I am not doing a Jen awesome recap. Sorry people!

I wasn't up at 5am this morning! ...

I was up at 4:30. :

I seem to have the first yeast infection that I've had in years and years. Garlic has been put to use. I've never tried that before, but many swear by it, and I want to knock this out before it gets bad. I've had thrush before and never want to again!

Oldest dd is off to the grands for the week, we haven't decided whether we'll drive up to pick her up next weekend and spend the night, so the other two get to spend some more time with them, or whether it's just too long for me to contemplate sitting in the car (almost 2 hours each way). Both of my girls have a great relationship with them, but ds and grandma are like oil and water. He's a very sensitive little boy and she is convinced that he needs "toughening up". grrrrr.

The idea of possibly going into labor while I'm there, if we do go, is enugh to make me want to stay home! Not the environment I would want to labor in. Although father-in-law is a retired MD, and is very supportive of our decision to hb. m-i-l stresses me out, though.

Is anybody else having lots of strong/er toning or BH cntx? I've had hours of them, virtually non-stop. They do call attention to themselves, but I trust they're helping a lot for when it's time for the real thing, so I guess it's good!
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Almost 34 weeks

I've been having some crazy B-H contractions lately. I had an episode on Saturday night where they wouldn't stop for 2-3 hours and were quite strong and regular, making me contemplate going to the hospital. Thank goodness they slowed down and eventually went back to my regular B-H type contractions.

Well we made the big move into the new place over the weekend. I'm glad to be done packing, but now we have boxes everywhere! I'll be unpacking and re-arranging stuff all week long on top of working all day. And sometime before next weekend we have to finish cleaning the apartment before our exit walk-through. So still lots to do, but I'm so glad that the bulk of the move is done with!

Alex has been really super cuddley with the baby lately. He came up to me yesterday and pulled up my shirt to lay his head on my belly and fell asleep. It's been well over a week since he's nursed, so I'm wondering if that means that he's weaned. He's gone two weeks before without asking though, so who knows. Only time will tell.

Well plenty to do, so I better get going. Hope everyone has a good week!

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37 weeks 1 day

Plantmommy...the garlic works awesome!! My husband thought it was the oddest thing, me inserting garlic "there"...but wow. I can't believe I never tried it years ago. With that and your contrx's, could labor be looming? I ALWAYS get a yeast infection right before birth...matter of fact I noticed a slight burning last night...

Pam, glad the move went smoothly..at least that is one thing you have done now!!

I am the same...went for a walk last night and had major lower back pain, but nothing....That and the beginning of "the burning"..maybe I am getting ready. We took the shower apart and scrubbed the bathroom, my husband will be done with our room today...and I got hte pack and play put together. Baby;s bag is packed..just gotta do mine. So, I guess I am almost ready!! Hmm..since my due date was moved to August, I guess I am the first one due?? Closely followed by Jen, and someone is due on the first??

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I am... 36 weeks, 3 days.

gee, Caroline, I hope not yet! I would prefer if he came early, but I'd like to wait until the end of the week, at least, and ideally until after the 22nd. (DD's 4th bday)

Although, I am feeling kinda crampy, to be honest. Also exhausted (up at 4:30 is no fun). I was attributing the cramping to irritation from the garlic, or the tea tree oil, which I just put on my fingers and uh, massaged in last night, since it is also supposed to help.

generally crampy, but not timable crampy, iykwim. however, I have to admit my hips also feel achy, and that is a typical sign for me. could also just be he's moved, though.

I think not yet. Hope not yet. I'm not quite ready. Although my midwife did say he's a good size and she'd be ok with anything after the 8th.
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36 weeks 2 days

Happy Monday, ladies!

Pam, I can't believe you are working all week AND unpacking/arranging, AND taking care of a toddler! Boy, I thought I had a lot on my plate a week ago. You go, girl!

Caroline, there are a few of us due in the first days of Sept. We should re-do the due date list we had a while back, maybe copy/paste it to the top of new threads.... If someone has time...? I will have time next week.

I fully caught my dh's sinus infection, yech! Cancelled our plans yesterday and took it easy, called in to work today, although if they are desperate, I'll go in for the last two hours of the day, but I really don't want to. I had an awful night's sleep last night, I had to get up to pee so many times, it felt like it was every half hour, ugh! Then each time I had to blow my nose and even had to eat once. Not to mention it was very painful to roll over, and get up and down. Not really good to heal this cold....

Looks like most of us are in full nesting mode. I can't stop thinking about this and that I need to get done, and Oh, we don't have that, better go shopping!

Hope everyone has a great week!
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Plantmommy...could be something going on there!! But, i had that for weeks with my second baby. Just as long as all goes well...maybe this baby wants to have his bday BEFORE his sister!!

I was thinking about updating the list, but really there are many people on there that are not around anymore and several who are around aren't there...(I was looking for plantmommy's date). So maybe we need to do a new one...ok..see new thread...

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I'm "due" the 2nd, Danielle is due the 1st and I think Sheryl is due early in the month, too...?

My B-H have been fairly mild and occur mostly when I've done too much in one day. Sprout is still riding high but may have sunk just a touch.

Had another infamous irrational hormonal crying jag last night. It was so irrational, I don't even remember what it was about anymore. Oh yes I do - being so big and clumsy and feeling helpless. It was after Jo offered to get my bear for me which had fallen on the floor next to my side of the bed. You'd think that I'd be grateful for her offer of help, but no, instead I bawl. puffy eyes today, I think after I swim I will put some eye solace on my eyes and maybe I'll fall asleep.

I swear these stretch marks are going to go clear around my back and meet at my spine.

Happy Monday, hope it isn't too manic (whoa-oo-oh)

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Anyone else's abs just given up the ghost? I can't even roll myself over in bed anymore without it being a major ordeal. Plus I've got muscles hurting in my pelvis/groin that I never even knew existed!!

Got the rest of my bins (from moving) sorted through last night. Finally found the quilt and bumpers I made for the cradle. Jack is so sweet - he saw them set up in the cradle this morning, and he said, "oooh, nice in there mommy!" Now I just have to prepare myself for a huge garage sale in two weeks, and then I should finally have some room around here!

Today is Jack's second day of school (he goes M and W) and it didn't really go any better when I dropped him off. "Please Mommy, don't close door on Jack" Talk about tearing your heart out. But, they called me at 10:30 and told me that he was doing great and that he should stay for the whole time. So I feel much better.

How did we all get so preggo? I can't believe we'll have babies soon. I've got a mw appt this afternoon, but I'll be in a rush to get to work so it will just be all business. Hopefully my iron has come up some. I need to start taking nettle capsules - keep forgetting to pick them up!
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Hello Mommies!

I'm feeling way behind on everything in our life!

Sistermama- My abs gave up a long time ago. I seriously was wondering if Robert was going to have to roll me over at night, but then I went to the chiro last week and had my hips put back together, ahhhhh. MUCH BETTER! I'm glad Jack's day is going better today than last week.

Jen- From end of last thread.....All the wives tales are saying girl for you huh.....then I'll guess boy for sure!! LOL! I've been fighting crying urges too. Saturday night I was so tired that I just cried and freaked Robert out. It really was pure exhaustion.

Sheryl- I can't believe you are still working. YOUR NUTS! Enjoy your down day, especially not feeling well. Veg on the couch!

Pam- ARE YOU CRAZY? You make me feel less than a woman. I can hardly even make sure to have dinner ready every night any more, much less move, pack/unpack and chase a toddler. Your a super woman. Can you send some of that over this way???

We had a good weekend although I way over did it....for me. Reading about ya'lls lives, I can tell I'm obviously the biggest wimp of the group...oh well. Friday Robert had off work so we went and bought all of our birth supplies, not that we unpacked and organised them in any useable fashion, but at least they are in the house now. Saturday we drove an hour away to my Aunts house, VERY UNCOMFORTABLE CAR RIDE and it ended up being a surprise shower for us. We got lots of stuff although none of them live the same lifestyle as us, so I will be returning about 90% of it. I feel bad, but what am I going to do with sposies and wipes out the wazoo. And I think we got 4 copies of every sleeper. It was a nice surprise since we didn't think we were going to have any showers since we don't know anyone here yet (we just moved to CA in Jan). Anyway, the running around on Fri and then all day on Sat wore me out and I was in pain and an emotional wreck on Sat night.

I'm having B&H about 20 hours a day and have been for a week. Is this normal? My belly is ALWAYS HARD!!! And when Spud moves it hurts so bad. He/she hasn't dropped so I know I"m not even close to labor, but this is really uncomfortable, can I call time out??

Sleep. I'm finally getting some. I finally listened to my MW and started snacking at bathroom breaks at night, and I am sleeping so much better. I have a ziplock of peanut butter crackers on teh sink in the bathroom (I KNOW GROSS, I AGREE, but what ya gonna do???) and when I go potty each time I eat one and guzzle some water. It has made a huge difference. At least now my sleepless times are shorter and when I do sleep it is a sounder sleep.

Anyone else getting excited about the olympics? I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them. And Robert ordered us cable so I can be couch potato extraordinaire once they start!!! YEA!

Thank you for all of your well wishes on us getting to have our homebirth. I'm really excited, but a little nervous that things might not progress smoothly. I just want a realitively fast birth so maybe I'll at least have a chance to deliver Spud, and then move on to anything that might happen to me!

I posted a progression of belly shots on in my journal on another site, LOL!!! They are hysterical.
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36w, 5d

I love the Olympics, too!
I'm a very competitive person by nature, I guess.
I love watching the gymnasts and the swimming, and the diving. I have an old friend who came really close to being a National Diving champ, so I was into diving for awhile there.

Yep, I'm due 9/1, whoever was wondering.
I have BH all the time, and sleeping is pretty much a joke these days!
Rolling over is a huge ordeal, isn't it?

Well, my Donny-boy is 5 today!
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36weeks 3days
Happy Monday!!

plantmommy- I have been fighting yeast the past few days as well. I have been using a homeopathic inserted every night before bed and it works really well. It has been almost 9 years since I had a yeast infection this is only my second time to experience yeast. Hope you are feeling better soon! Braxton hicks are really picking up here too. I have about 3-4 hours every evening where they are about 3-4 mins apart and make me pay attention. They always go away during the night though.

Pam- congrats on getting moved!

Sheryl- health and healing coming your way! I hope you are able to stay home and rest.

Jen- I hope you are having a wonderful nap. I have been feeling pretty moody too. My sis let out that we are tentatively planning a home breech birth to the rest of my fam and they are falling apart! I have been having awful dreams where everyone is attacking us. However last night I had a great dream, it was about you!! I dreamed you had a baby boy with tons of dark hair. He was so gorgeous and he smiled during my whole dream. It was great to "meet" you in my dream.

Sarah- Here's to Jacks great day!!! Good luck with the garage sale!

Christi- Hoping your placenta doesn't cause any more worries/problems!!

3under3- Happy birthday Donny!!

I had an appt. with the backup ob I have been seeing. Babe is doing great. He would prefer that I deliver at the hosp if she is still breech when I go into labor (he does have breech experience). I overheard an interesting conversation between him and another doc in the practice. My dr is the head of the practice but the other dr thinks he is being to laid back with my "case". The other dr was insisting that I need bi-weekly u/s and nst as I have a history of low fluid. My dr kept telling him that the last u/s for low fluid was normal and that I am keeping track of movement and that he trusts me to know if something is not right. It was nice to have a dr stand up for me. I had a great surprise mother blessing this last Sat. We went for a picnic/gathering of a natural moms yahoo group I am part of. They were all camping nearby. It was so fun to finally meet some of the moms from the group. It was nice and cool at the campground. All the kids had a blast. The ladies all gave me a bead and put a braid in my hair. I received a henna kit and a belly cast kit. Two of the ladies live near me so they will be doing those on wed. All the ladies there took home a candle that they will light when I start labor. I finally opened all my beads yesterday with my family. I will update my post on the bead thank yous. I am so excited to put them together. I haven't decided whether to make a bracelet or necklace.

Have a wonderful day!!
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Well, I had a nap, and am not feeling crampy anymore. So that's good!
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36 weeks 4 days...

Well ladies I am starting to lose little bits an pieces of my mucous plug. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I will find out if I am dilated at all. This kiddo dropped at 34 weeks so I am wondering if I am going to join Caroline with an August baby or not. I am due on September 3rd.

We have money woes right now. I want to order my cloth diapers but some annoying bill keeps coming up. Right now we have $400 in the checking account until Thursday which is payday. Almost half of that will disappear tomorrow for our Car Insurance. I hate living paycheck to paycheck lately. Thankfully I have some AIOs so I do have some diapers for this kiddo. What else will go wrong next?
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34 weeks, 2 days

Hello everyone! I've been scarce, but I've just been too busy to be online -- no more "Hoof and Mouth," thank goodness.

My abs have totally given up the ghost. I have a vericose vein where God surely never intended such a thing to happen. This morning I found tying my shoes was utterly impossible. And my fingernails aren't awesome anymore. I guess baby decided he needed ALL the vitimins and I'm not getting any fringe benefits any more! LOL

We're still house-hunting, after intending to build all summer. Unfortuantely that fell through. So I was either in the car or on my feet Friday evening through last evening! My back aches, behind aches ... hips -- fuhgedabowdit! My due date is Sept. 18, but I'm thinking it'll be more like the first, second at the latest, week of September. My son was two weeks before his due date. If I go all the way and gain a pound a week, we're talking an 11 pounder here. Yipe!

So, in summary, I move slow, or else I barely move. Everything hurts. I want this babe in my arms now! Before I fall completely apart!
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Heather! :HUG

Sounds like you need a "pamper me" moment! Losing some mucous is exciting, since it's neat to know that somethin is happening, but it could still be weeks away. That said, I always also get really hormonally moody at a point in early labor or just before.

Ellen, sorry about the house building falling through. I hope you're either sitting with your feet up, or laying down!
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Ha! I'm sitting at my desk at work on my hemorrhoid pillow, attempting to get some work done! Soon will be my hourly adventure walk down the hall to pee.
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Hey there, I haven't posted in a while and I can't really say why...hmm maybe the 'my brain is there but kind of fuzzy feeling' I have all the time?!

Bean just started kicking my ribs all the time these past few days and B-H contractions are a regular occurrence. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and thought about going to pee but decided against it. Then when I woke up again it really hurt. So, as I struggled across the room to the bathroom I thought about my hypnobabies script and decided it didn't have to hurt...and guess what I stood right up and walked pain free! Whether the scripts work or not for the birth, I must say I have appreciated the feeling they give me every day. I don't usually wake in the night and I sleep so well. I do have my achey nights, but overall life is good.

Everyone is getting so close! I am so happy for all of you/us! What a sense of anticipation. I am also due on Sept 18, and I hope we will make to the date or at least the week before. Wed. is the MW visit at home and I am eager to see what she says about the whole process. I think she will give us our list of supplies needed. Yay! It's really getting close.

And I'm counting the days till work is done....8 left!

All the best!
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Oh, Julia, you're so close to done with work! yippee!!

SarahB, wow, how cool that you dreamed about me! and of course, now that all of the tales have said that it's a girl, you dream about a boy! Lots of dark hair would be consistent with the old wives' tale about heartburn... bleah. Lately, though, the indigestion woes have been primarily from the garlic capsules I'm taking, along with vit C and a mega-dose of acidophilus, to convince any strep b hanging around that it had better hit the road. My culture is tomorrow, I hope the results come back QUICKLY so that I can know whether I can be done with this yucky garlic nightmare. Or maybe I will change to taking it at night so that I can be garlicky overnight and no one will know or care!! By the way, I'm glad to know that your baby is still staying put. I know months ago you were expecting to go way early, but your due date is nearly here! Hooray! And how super that your Dr. stood up for you.

: Donny!!!

We also are big Olympics watchers. We got our cat Sydney during the last summer Olympics. Agonized over a name for nearly a week and then it hit us like a ton of bricks that all had the word "duh" inscribed in them! I joked to Jo that we should name our daughter "Athena" if it is, indeed a girl. Unfortunately she latched onto *that* one. So... it's a decision, now, between Jorja, Alexa and... Athena? No, we're not naming her Athena! I still am waiting for the name to hit me. It hasn't. Sigh.

Sarah, I'm glad that Jack is doing better at pre-school.

Well, we have such a nice dry wind, I really should do some laundry and take advantage of it. My cousin surprised us at the family reunion yesterday and gave us about 12 onesies she "just couldn't leave lying on the table" at a garage sale. All colors and sizes, even some pink ones to which she said "if it's a boy - oh well, I'm sure he won't care!" - our sentiments exactly. I finally feel comfortable that we have enough clothing. Only significant things remaining on our list are the breast pump (and we have enough Target gift cards to get that, but you know, that generous Target dad at school... we may just hang onto the cards for cat litter and shampoo) and drawer latches, and both of those can wait a little while.


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Babies Soon!

OMG! It just hit me that we are going to have an actual baby for us to care for and raise soon. WHAT??? I've been going thru this pg thing for so long that I guess I've just blocked what is really about to happen.

What do I really know about taking care of a baby? Do I really need anything more than diapers and my boobs? What if I don't do it right? What if I hate CD'ing? What if I am so overprotective that my family hates me? What if my baby doesn't like me, or worse, I don't like it?

Any of you other first timers starting to feel a little anxious? Experienced Moms, HELP!!!!
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teehee! Christi, take a few deep breaths.

You really do just NEED diapers and boobs. A few little blankies are nice to have.

Baby's are quite easy: they either want to be fed, changed, burped, held, or put to sleep. If it cries, check the diaper, feed it, check the diaper again, walk it/bounce it/burp it.

If you hate CDing, you buy sposies.

Family always complain about something. They'd get bored if you were perfect, so by not being perfect, youre doing them a favor!

You may not always like the baby, nor it, you, but you will always love each other!
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