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I wish I could talk my dh into sex at this point!! *(never thought I would say that!) I am horny. I am ready to have this baby.

The midwife and U/S tec dont' agree on a due date (even though I KNOW when this babe was conceived). It is anywhere from 9/7 to 9/17.

I am so mixed on when I want it to come. The anniversary of my mom's death is the 7th. My ds starts middle school on the 1st, and dd starts preschool on the 14th.

Nothing like having a jam packed beginning of the month!! Given all that, I think I would be ok with the 17th. Get past the 7th *that would be far too bittersweet for me - esp. since dd was born on my parents wedding anniversary* Get past ds starting middle school *I am a nervous wreck about that* and have a little time alone with dd between school and the new baby!

THEN.... I am ready NOW!! I feel like I have been horse back riding for a week now. I am so sore. Those 'rubber band' muscles have kicked back up again when I roll over in bed. I am so tired. (doesn't help that dd isn't sleeping through the night again - bad dreams).
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No, it was the evening of the next day. ; )

But you are describing exactly what I was feeling. So far it hasn't come back again.

If I were you, I'd try another position.
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Originally Posted by Kabes
Hi mamas. I never get around to posting much but I read it all! Since we're already talking about mucous plugs. . how long can you walk around without one? I

I lost mine two months before Lilly was born, but I think that was a weird occurance....

With Bridget I lost it three days, and with Jonathon, I never lost it...
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Anyone who spent time in TTC, please go look at the One Thread...very exciting news there....

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I had such a busy day yesterday! (And lots of contractions too, yikes!) We went to Ikea, which is just a nightmare on the weekends. Spent several hours there, and while there I started having contractions, which wasn't a lot of fun, and we were with my father in law so I just had to act like all was normal. But we got just about everything we went there to get! And then we went to order a mattress which will be here on Saturday. Yay! Today i feel like a truck ran over me. I have an awful sinus headache and a sore nose as well which isn't helping any. Today I plan to take it easy, keep my feet up and work on sewing. If I feel really energetic I may start putting clothes away in the new dresser that's put together.
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I finally slogged my way thru all those posts and got caught up!
How exciting to have us all "gearing" up and getting ready! All the mucos plug talk is simultaneously revolting and intriguing to a newbie like myself. I hope that Jerome is around to show and tell when i lose mine. It'll be exciting and i like sharing with him... however, I'm afraid he'll think it's really cool and get all scientific about it though!!! EEEeeeWWW!

Had an EXTREMELY productive weekend! Had two different helpers come visit me and help clean house! A dear friend of mine came on Saturday and helped me set up a changing area. It was so fun to get all the diapers and stuff out of the bags and drawers and bins they have been in and get them all together. Unfortunatley the "work surface" is kinda low, but I am still hoping to get a changing table at my upcoming shower this week!
My mother in law came and stayed overnight.... she did SOOOOOOOOO much for us! I can hardly list all the stuff. Let's just say the fridge and freezer were entirely emptied and cleaned out... while I took a nap! The three of us (Me, Jerome and his mom) got so much done!!!
The best part was setting up the birth space. We listened to birth chants while working together. We had to make room for the birth tub in a corner of our bedroom, and my MIL helped put up posters and we hung the handmade mobile she made us above where the tub will be. It is so beautiful. I have more planned for that corner.. photos and cards and birth art. Every item holds meaning and significance for me. I feel surrounded by positive energy when I sit in the rocking chair there.

Jerome is in full out nesting mode! It is the funniest thing! He's been diapering and swaddling my teddy bear, daily! He was cleaning like a maniac this weekend! The monster pile of magazines and odds and ends, next to his bed... it's gone! He even came over to my side of the bed and cleaned up all the tissues I had thrown on the floor, from the head cold i had last week!!! I am so glad he is such a sweet sensitive man, it warms my heart to see him preparing for fatherhood with such enthusiasm!

I made the hugest batch of chicken soup this weekend. The biggest pot we have was FULL to the top! I didn't add noodles or potatoes or anything, instead I have divided it into 4 different tupperware containers (each 7 cups!) and put it all in the freezer! The idea is to take one out and add pasta or rice or whatever as we need it! I'm intending to make two big lasagna's next weekend and freeze those as well. Getting some food made ahead is very comforting!
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*sigh* warning: big vent/rant/whine

I am SO sick and tired of being this constant bundle of emotions and crying at the drop of a hat. This weekend I did it twice, once while Jo and I were sorting baby clothes (yet *again*) and I felt so unprepared, and again last night when I woke up to a huge THUMP and thought Jo had fallen or something only to find her arguing with the cord on her alarm clock because she was going into the next room to sleep because I was snoring. I didn't even know I was asleep!! I would have sworn I was awake, but no, I was asleep, snoring, keeping her awake and she was annoyed and the angry stomp woke me up and I felt really guilty - yet another crying jag. This one a bad one, I woke up with a sore throat and my eyes are all puffed up. I CAN'T STAND THIS!!!!! No wonder I go to my mw appts and have a higher blood pressure than normal. This is probably the exact same reason my mom's doctor put her on Valium after I was born.

And I feel like such a basket case; when I'm home alone I am lonely, I try to do work around the house but don't get anywhere; then when Jo comes home she plants herself in front of the tv and asks what's for dinner and my loneliness turns into grumpiness and resentfulness. When something actually *is* for dinner she's either not hungry because she ate a late lunch or she doesn't like it and then I am the one who ends up doing the dishes anyway because it's more important to me to wake up to a clean kitchen.

I need a vast container of sand to bury my head in. Just for a while. As Flanders and Swann sang: "Peek-a-boo, I can't see you, everything must be grand / Book-a-pee, you can't see me, as long as I've got me 'ead in the sand"

Worst of all, I'm afraid this kid is going to be born a little bundle of unhappy energy just like her/his mama!

And you're all talking about being horny! I haven't felt horny since about early December and I think we've had sex a grand total of 4-5 times my whole pregnancy. I just am not interested. Ladle on another spoonful of guilt with that, even though Jo says it's perfectly fine.

I'm going to go find something productive to do so that I stop moping and feeling sorry for myself. Here's hoping I can actually find something.

Jen the whiny
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls
I am SO sick and tired of being this constant bundle of emotions and crying at the drop of a hat.

I'm going to go find something productive to do so that I stop moping and feeling sorry for myself. Here's hoping I can actually find something.

Jen the whiny
Dear, dear Jen the whiny.... it'll be okay. It's okay that you are a bundle of emotions... hormones will do that to you. You're doing a great job of cooking up a big batch of hormones to help you be a mommy! I'm sorry you feel lonely, i'm afraid that we will all be there feeling lonely soon... I worry about going from the activity and interaction of my daily work to the quiet of home... it'll be strange.

Many women have less sex drive during pregnancy, there was a thread a while back in I'm pregnant that was all about sex drive and there was full spectrum of reactions from daily sex to not once during pregnancy and many months after. Don't be hard on yourself!

As far as doing something productive.... would list writing help? I take great satisfaction in crossing stuff of lists. You can include simple stuff like feeding the cats or watering plants. They count too!!!
You are a crafty lady, right? Maybe you should treat yourself to supplies for a new project to keep you hands and heart busy. Go find some inspiration, don't just do something that NEEDS to be done. Be frivolous!

P.S. I wish i was living just a little closer so we could get together... maybe after the babies are here, when I'm living in Eau Claire.
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Thanks Caroline! That makes me feel so much better!!!
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37 weeks 2 days

Hey Ladies! I am finally done with work, yaaaaaaahoooooooo!!!!! However I am still having trouble keeping up with y'all! We had our big summer bash this weekend, so that kept me way busy, had about 75 people over, lots of yakking, BBQ-ing, playing horseshoes, music by campfire, hot tubbing, very fun, but I'm still tired. I won't even tell you how late I actually stayed up until Sat, you wouldn't believe me.

So my Monday morning so far has consisted of paying bills and making a massive list of things to do. Much of that included buying supplies which ended up bumming me out after the bills got paid, cause there ain't no money left now! Argh! So I'm working on being creative with some things and just biting it and using the credit card for a few other things. I can just see myself bawling over not having enough diapers or food in the freezer after the birth, so I am just going to suck it up, get the things I need and feel better about being prepared. Money stuff will work itself out.

So exciting to hear about mucus plugs, contractions and all sorts of birth signs out there! Best wishes to those thinking hard on induction. I am so excited to see who goes first and start hearing everyone's stories!

Jen, hang in there, sister! Those emotional times are rough, but do serve you. Just think how soon you will be at the peak of all joy, having your precious sweet baby in your arms at last. Makes me want to cry tears of joy.

Steph, its great to hear from you, glad to know all is going great!

I have my home visit tomorrow, very exciting! We have our birth kit, and I am gathering the rest of the supplies today (I hope). Last week my mw said baby was very low but not quite "dropped" yet. We are on weekly appts now, holy moly!

Alright, my list of things to do is massive, so I better get on it. At least I don't have to worry about going to work anymore! Yipppeeeee!!!!!!!

Happy Monday to everyone!
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75 people over, Sheryl!!! I'm trying to count whether I know 75 people to invite over! Where we would put them in our house, I don't know, but I know you have a lot more land than our wee little postage stamp! Did you kick your sinus infection?

Anna - thanks for your consolation. I got off of my a* and took a shower and sang in the shower, that helped immensely. My Sydney is being very lovey, too, and staying right next to me. She's so intuitive.

And I'm trying to remember - HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION - keep those hormones dilute and they won't build up and have to come out my tear ducts!

My mother gave me a doozy of an antique - the revised 1921 edition of the bulletin "Infant Care", put out by the US Department of Labor. It is incredible - what used to be "required" wear for babies (a band to hold the navel dressing in place, diaper, wool shirt, wool pants, garters for socks, a wool hat, a petticoat, a dress...), that breastfeeding is the best food for baby *but* you should feed them on a schedule, training the bowels ("this may begin as early as the end of the first month" - whoa!!) and keeping the baby "scrupulously clean" by bathing every day including retracting the foreskin at every washing - yeouch! And right after that they say that the baby "should be evaluated by the doctor to determine whether circumcision is necessary". (See me crossing my eyes and shaking my head here?) There is a very interesting section about caring for children with diseases - all the childhood ones - and a lot of interesting recipes. I love old books, and this one is so fascinating, seeing how child care has evolved over the years...

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Hey adventuregirl!

It has been nice to hear from you more regularily! I am glad you are done working and can settle in and focus on the next steps!!!
I also have my fist homevisit tomorrow and spent a bunch of time this weekend preparing the birth space... gathering birth supplies and allowing myself to realize that I can be delivered at home ANY time now!!! I still have over 3 weeks left to my due date and no big signs that labor is emminent. BUT, it could happen....

sorry to hear that money is tight, we haven't balanced out the budget recently and i am dreading what i will find when we do. Oh well, we will get by somehow. And family and friends have been very generous with baby money, so hopefully we won't be without, just more..... careful.

gotta run
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Jen, some time ago my mw said to me that being emotional means that you have a very healthy placenta cause there are lots of hormones going around. Just think with every tear that you are making a healthy and strong baby.

About the crying causing or being a sign of an unhappy baby...no way. You are a strong and positive woman...as we have all come to know from your posts. Your baby will be like you I am sure and will healthfully express emotions both good and bad.

Adventurgirl, you're so lucky to be off work. I have 31/2 more days! tick-tick-tick

They are planning a shower. We will go out to lunch tomorrow. A good friend of mine also works here and she is bothered that it won't be what she had hoped or expected for my work baby shower, but I told her I wasn't expecting anything, so it will be fun regardless. No point in fussing about people not doing what you want when there is no precedent for them doing anything before. kwim?

Anna-banana - sounds like quite a productive weekend. Good for you.

Enjoy your week everyone. Those who are coming close rest up, cause this ride is just getting started and keep us informed. I like to hear all the gory details.

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Jen, to add to what has already been said, try taking an extra cal/mag supplement and a B6, and see if that helps you feel better? It helps me a whole lot when I'm an emotional roller-coaster.

BTDT, many a time, though, so don't feel alone!!!
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how the heck do you delete messages from your private messages folders???? I am almost full and can't freaking figure this dang thing out!! #$@* It's making me CRAZY!!!! It will let me create more folders, but i can't seem to just delete old stuff....

Any takers?
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Originally Posted by plantmommy
OK. i give up. What the heck does this mean???

Raging Orange Tomatoes Fight Large Maroon Apples Overtly???
Ribald Obstetricians Think Female Lactating Mothers Are Obnoxious???
Ridiculously Obtuse Tangents For Laconic Minds At Observation????
Really Old Tires For Large Motorized Armoured Octopuses????

please. clue me in. I'm obviously clueless (and bored)
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: Anna, what a riot! It is: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *Arse* Off... But I like yours better!

Your birth area sounds so wonderful! And how nice that mil is so helpful and supportive. I can't think of one person right now (even dh) who would be supportive of us having a home birth. And Jerome really is in gear, isn't he? You will cherish those memories! Matt never diapered a teddy, but he sure ended up being great at it on a live baby.

BTW, how in the WORLD are you able to have "rambunctious" sex right now, in your large condition?? I'm impressed. Danielle, dh and I haven't had it in EONS; he's pretty icked out by all the secretions haha (he loves breasts, but not when they leak!! and he knows I have to wear a panty liner these days.)

Jen, sorry about your emotional rollercoaster. My dh has moved to the couch many a time due to my snoring, which I never hear.

Hey, I got to do my belly cast today!!! (Thanks again, Danielle!!) It worked out so great. Though my golly, was it painful to just sit there still for so long. It was worth it in the end, though. Now to figure out how I want to decorate it... (I'm thinking of two peas in a pod, or just photos and hand/foot prints? I really haven't decided yet. Could be a rainbow, I don't know...) Maybe just leave it white. Anyway, here's a few pics: http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWzCHA

Happy MOnday, ladies; I have to go lie down and hope my swelling goes away.

P.S. Who is it that's due on the 13th? You are right at 36 weeks. I am due on the 14th, and depending who you ask, I turn 36 weeks either today or tomorrow.
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That belly cast is gorgeous!!
I am so impressed by you prolific posting of photos! It has been so nice to follow your changes and projects!
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: :

oh my gosh Anna you are SO funny!

As for your messages in your pm folder: down in the right hand corner of the list of all of the messages in your inbox, it says "selected messages:" and then there's a pull down menu. Click the boxes next to the messages you want to delete, then go to the pull-down menu in the bottom right hand corner, pick 'delete' and click the 'go' button. They will be deleted.

Julia and plantmommy, thanks for your support and ideas. plantmommy, I haven't tried the calcium/magnesium supplements, maybe I will. I am taking DHA now on the suggestion of my chiropractor and it's supposed to help with mood, but I can't tell.

Had 37 week appt today, biggest best news was GBS negative, woo hoo! no dilation or effacing and kid is still -1.

Gotta search for that *$@! hypnobirthing CD! Where did it go?!

Oh, I bought microfleece for diaper liners today. Everything thought I was going to make a blanket with it. Um!


ps: another possibility for rotflmao:

read our thoughts, for lately mirth abounds online!
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Savannah - That was me. Thanks for filling me in! I thought I was at 36 weeks but I wasn't sure.
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