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37w 5d

What a gorgeous belly cast!
I totally forgot that the supplies are what I fairied you with, or I would have asked sooner!

Yay on the -GBS. Me too!

Crabby day today.
Hoepfully tomorrow will be better!
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Yeah, Jen, that negative GBS is wonderful news! I guess I should find out my results tomorrow (uh, today. It's almost 6 a.m.!). I see the other doctor in my small OB practice for the first time. Please, Lord, let it be negative!!!!!

Does anyone have any good reference sites on preEclampsia? I have some signs and am concerned that the doc might be alarmed tomorrow...

Danielle, I was waiting until the last possible moment to do the cast... 36 weeks with twins is pretty last moment! =O) Everyone is really amazed at how well my body has handled this pregnancy. It's all rapidly deteriorating lately, though, haha, with the swelling and aches and pains and less sleep.
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Jen and Danielle...yeah on the negative result!!!! Prayers for your result Savannah!!

Jen, I am always really emotional the end of the pregnancy. My family says when I turn into a raging lunatic, I am going to give birth anytime!!! Don't be so hard on yourself, look at all your body is going through!

I am doing the same...lots of sharp pain and pressure. Nothing new. I go to the MW tomorrow and we should make some decisions about the Group B Strep. I still am up in the air....

Lilly has kindergarten orientation on Thursday, I can't believe it!! They grow up too fast. But it is exciting, I will have TWO in elementary school. Unreal. I am too young for this!

I am also planning my DH's surprise 30th bday party in October. I rented the hall, got the caterer, and decided on a DJ. Now I just have to order the invitations and finish up the guest list. Anyone want to come to the Philly area in the end of October??

Well, everyone have a great day!!

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Ack! I'm starting to panic a little bit! (Not about labor or anything, I feel pretty good about the birth process.) I'm panicing about how much stuff needs to get done in such a short time. I feel kind of bad being online right now, actually. I mean, there's so much cleaning to do and I'm not sure how much of it I can actually do. I have lots of sewing to do, I need to get all the laundry done. I'm a bit worried about after Vaysh is born. Our freezer is pretty full so i can't really make any food and freeze it and can't ask my mother in law or mom to do any cooking for us. Then there's the fact that my mom is going to be up here for a week. Thank gods she's not staying at our house, but her visits are always so stressful and she *has* to be the center of attention. It was a total nightmare when she came up to take care of me/help me out after my last surgery. She ended up leaving the next day and it was a relief to see her go. She'll be staying with the in laws, which is both good and bad. My mother in law has told me before that they talk about me when she's up here, things like what a horrible housekeeper I am and stuff. I have one friend in the area, and she lives an hour away in the city. She's coming out to stay with me all of next week while my husband is in Detroit. She volunteered to come stay but I still feel really guilty about her having to be here a whole week.

*sigh* I feel so stressed right now and I'm starting to get a headache. I need to wander off again and see what I can get done.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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36 weeks

good morning ladies!

I slept SOOOOOOO much last night! went to bed by about 7 or 7:30 and got up around 6:00!!! I was up a few times in the night, didn't sleep the whole time... but nearly! Feeling very well rested and ravenous today. Can't seem to get enough food in the tummy to make it happy!

Lazuli, the cleaning, sewing and laundry will get done when it gets done. Don't feel guilty asking for help, you shouldn't be home alone and stressed right now. Take the love and support that is being offered!!!

Caroline, i know this may sound silly, but I am so proud of you for stickin this out. It seems like you've had alot of opportunities to have had this baby by now... worries about early labor, breech position, pelvic rest, and offers for induction. I'm impressed that you have avoided all that weird stuff and are still working on cooking this baby! Way to go!

Savannah, i'm thinking I may do my belly cast this weekend... i was wondering if you are happy that you choose to include your hands in the cast? i thought it looked complicated to include them, but it looks so "complete" in your pictures that I'm thinking about trying it. Was it hard to keep the hands looking delicate... instead of large and clunky?

Jen thanks for the help with the pm folder, i only had room for one more message!!! Got it all figured out now!

well gotta run... stuff to do!
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Lazuli I'd take your friend and set her up as a shield between you and your mom and inlaws. It is *NOT* time for your mom to be the center of attention!

Met with our doula last night who brought over a gorgeous Amish-made wooden birth stool. Zowie is it comfy to sit on! She left it in the living room, it's about the only chair in the living room that feels good to me to sit on. Sprout did some impressive kicking for her last night, she watched from across the room. Although I would prefer for Sprout to put her/his back against my left belly and stay put, the mw said that it's very good that baby is moving around so much. ok then!

Savannah - for preeclampsia there is preeclampsia.org, that might help you out?

Shannon how are things going in renovationland?

rotflmao: really ought to fight laziness, much available offline -

(I love this! It's like writing haikus!)

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38 weeks 2 days

Thanks Anna, although today I am thinking I am crazy for waiting. I feel miserable. And I kep thinking Bridget was almost two weeks old by now....

Jen, I was really bored and lazy, so I was looking through our first thread here (really funny too, we were all still puking and worrying about when to wear maternity clothes...)...anyway, I wanted to ask you how the adoption was moving? Did you get the paperwork going or are you going to have to wait?

Lazuli..no matter what happens, the baby will come. The baby won't care about what you haven't done yet. Relax. But eww, your mom AND your MIL getting together on you...oh no. That is reason to stress!! Try to relax though, and remember it is almost over and you will be holding a perfect baby in your arms..

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Oh Jen, believe-you-me girlfriend, our house is only 800 sf! So the party was 90% outdoors, but yes, we do have 3.5 acres of land... 75 people sure seems like a lot, I will admit, a bunch were friends of friends, I actually met a whole bunch of people, but then I was thinking about how many of our friends actually didn't make it. We are very social people, what can I say? Sure am glad its over though, it took a lot out of me.
The sinus infection is gone, thanks be, I almost feel normal again, sleep is about caught up. I'm getting a massage today, I think that will seal the deal.

Anna, its good to be "back", thanks! I am so excited to be getting all my prep done. Made a few supply purchases yesterday, and have plans to get everything together for real this week.

Congrats on everyone's neg GBS news! Good luck Savannah, sending you neg test vibes!

Julia, hope the shower is great fun! Three days is going to go quickly, yay!

Lazuli, I know exactly how you feel, I was in the same boat for a few weeks while I hemmed and hawed about quitting work. Now I am actually getting those things done, but keep thinking I better move quick, this baby could decide it would like a birthday at any moment! I'm just being really anal about prioritizing, getting the more critical things done first. Hope things start to feel better for you to.

Well, I better get going, don't want to fall behind on the chores...
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Wow, Caroline, thanks for asking. The adoption wheels have been set in motion which mostly involved a big fat check to our lawyer (a heck of a lot less than what our friends are paying for a *chance* at a domestic adoption, though). Once Sprout is born affidavits will go out to my mom, my sister and Jo's mom upon which they will testify that they know of our relationship and that it is seen by them as a permanent relationship, they knew of our desire to have children and support our becoming parents as a couple, and they understand and support that instead of them, the child will have, essentially, "first dibs" on inheritance from us. The affidavits usually make a home study unnecessary, which is great because not only is it expensive, it's also stressful. And I think in our case it's stupid because the child is going to be living there whether a social worker approves of our house or not!!! After she gets the affidavits back our lawyer will schedule a date in court, present the affidavits and us to the judge, and hopefully it will be as easy as that. Our lawyer is very experienced in family law and has done many second-parent adoptions, and knows the best judges to schedule with in our county, so there will hopefully be no snags. If everything goes smoothly the adoption should be complete by Halloween!

Sheryl - do you still need queen-sized sheets?
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Thread Starter 
Home studies aren't so much about the house, as they are about the home environment, if you know what I mean. Still they're very stressful, and I felt so judged and sized up! It's good that you can avoid one for that reason, if for no other!
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Sounds like it is going smoothly Jen..I am glad to hear that!! We had a nightmare with my son, when my DH tried to legally adopt, we failed the home study because we didn't make enough money. SO we dropped the adoption and my husband continued to support us, the way he had already been!! Stupid stupid stupid.....THEN...they had the nerve to send us a bill for the home study!!!!! They just told us we couldn't afford the kids, but we could pay them?? Ugh.

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36 weeks 1 day

Yeah about the neg. GSB tests. I find out mine next week. I'm not really worried since I've tested negative both times before.

Oooh to be able to lay down and just go to sleep...

Add me to the group that isn't sleeping well. Mainly because I'm WIDE AWAKE late at night and only want to sleep in the mornings... but I can't do that because the kids are up then. Too bad NEITHER of them are like me and like to sleep in the mornings. :LOL I've been doing the semi-doze for an hour on the couch in the mornings with them. Tori has been really good about not leaving the living room area (which is totally baby/toddler proofed) and going and being destructive somewhere. She's been playing with Jack and they've been having lots of fun.

I was finally able to sit down and repair the bassinet skirt the other night. My mom made a simple muslin skirt to go around the wicker base of my baby bassinet right before Tori was born. She took some of this gorgeous old crocheted lace (about 10 inches long) that my Great Grandmother Dame had made (its about 100 years old) and put it around the bottom of the skirt. Then she threaded some silk ribbon through it. Was very cute. Well about 6 months ago Tori decided to be her usual destructive self and torn a section of the lace up. I was so upset, it took everything I had to not yell are her for it. Especially since she openly admitted that she did it too me. (Don't want her to stop telling me she's done stuff because she gets in trouble YKWIM?) I took the skirt off of the bassinet base (it was held on with heavyduty staples). Since I don't crochet or knit, I just kind of "tacked" the peices back together onto the muslin underskirt. It isn't great but you don't notice it unless you really look at it that its not quite right. So last night I'm already to re-essemble everything (the kids are asleep). I go out to my toolbox and MY STAPLE GUN IS GONE. I swear David drives me insane with my toolbox. He mucks in it and NEVER puts things back. So I go through all the drawers, cabinets and toolboxes in the garage trying to find my staple gun. There are various tools and peices scattered around everywhere (BECAUSE AGAIN IT IS TOO HARD TO PUT THINGS BACK!!) I always here the excuse "there's no where to put everything..." Well having going through all the drawers and toolboxes... maybe if he didn't have so much CRAP that doesn't belong in the drawers there would be a place for the tools that are suppose to go in there. Ya think?? I finally find some other staple gun that has no staples in it. Keep looking and find the staples that work in my gun... but of course they don't work in THIS gun. So after an hour or so of ransacking the garage I give up. I talked to David later on IM and I mentioned that I couldn't find a staple gun and staples that worked together because my staple gun wasn't in my toolbox and that it was very frustrating. His response... "yeah". Oh don't give me YEAH! He of course couldn't remember what he did with the staple gun, he remembers he used it at Christmas last year... hmmm wonder if it's still sitting out on the window sill of Tori's windown from when he was hanging christmas lights. The man drives me crazy with leaving his tools (and worse MY tools) all over the place, I've broken him of the habit IN the house but haven't gotten him to do it in the garage yet. So I now need to add going to Home Depot to my list of things to do. UGH!!

Okay that was a : and a half. :LOL Sorry about that.

I never really lost any of my mucus plug with either pregnancy. I think David would if I'd showed him one. :LOL

I'm a list maker too. I've gotten into the habit of putting simple things like feeding the cats, , , , vacuuming, etc onto my list. It helps to make you feel productive when all is said and done. :LOL

Savannah- wow your belly cast looks great. I've always wanted to do one... but I have no idea WHERE I'd put it afterwards. :LOL

Sheryl- on having 75+ people over for a party.

Julia- hope your shower is wonderful.

Lazuli- try not to stress. I remember when I mentioned to my OB (about a week before Tori was born) that at least the nursery was done. He LAUGHED. :LOL He said yeah the nursery is for the parents, not the baby. All the baby needs is a warm spot to sleep (even if it was a dresser drawer), a few clothes (and even then you'd be amazed at how few you really need!) and you. Everything else... not a big deal.

Of course I SAY this as I look at a long list of stuff I want to get done before Radish gets here.
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Savannah, your belly cast (and belly!) is beautiful! I am anxious to hear how your appointment goes today.

Love to everybody else. My boy is napping and I must join him!
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How did your home visit go?

I have mine next week and Im kindof nervous and curious about it...
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Thanks for the encouragement everyone. i'm feeling a bit better now. (Perhaps because i treated myself to a very yummy milkshake?) I finished one of the baby quilts this morning. I'll post a picture as soon as I have batteries for the digital camera. At least myheadache went away.
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Lazuli! A yummy milkshake always makes me feel better too. I can't wait to see the pictures of your new quilt. I LOVED the one you posted a while back.
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Caroline - if that had been me in your shoes I probably would have written a very nasty note to social services! Of course, that would not have accomplished much except made me feel better. Plantmommy, in our case a larger portion of the home study would actually have been about the house (we have been told), given that our house is so old the social workers would focus on whether we would have to do some serious renovations before they would approve an adoption - e.g. installing new windows because the old ones may shed lead paint flakes, removing and installing a new furnace system because the current old one has ducts that are taped off with asbestos tape, etc. This is why I was so happy to come home to the bathroom reno finished, that room was an exposed lead paint nightmare after we tore portions of it out, but now it is all sealed in!

We actually are waiting for a check from the settling of Jo's grandma's estate to attack the furnace. Who knows, maybe we'll get central air conditioning too! (YUMMY!)

Samantha I am *SO* with you with the tool thing! I actually brought to this household one - count 'em, one - lousy little toolbox of essential tools - 2 screwdrivers, a pliers, a wrench, a hammer, etc. You know, one of those toolboxes you can get at Target for $15 and everything snaps into its own little spot in the box. Since I have been here the hammer, the wrench and both of the screwdrivers have mysteriously disappeared. I'm sure they have wandered down into the Jo toolbox, which is this big messy thing, or better yet, into the random tool area in the basement where I can't find a blessed thing except many happy spiders. Jo's method for storage of tools/equipment/yard tools/etc is "A place for everything and everything everyplace and if I can't find it, I'll go buy a new one." This is why we have 3 hand rakes and 2 dandelion diggers. We also have a completely rusty Fiskars hand pruner (GRRRR it was not cheap!) and hedge trimmer because a certain someone does not believe in cleaning and putting away her tools when she is done with them. if I knew a good solution I'd suggest one! Alas!

See, not having a husband doesn't mean I get to escape *any* of these things. :LOL

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37 weeks 4 days

It is so frustrating living here with 6 kids. Any housework I get done is undone right away.
I am so envious of you who are getting things done. It would be so nice for the house to be in shape, you know, so it's NICE for when the baby's born. It seems so impossible.
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Hi, ladies! Chatty day again today!

Thanks for the compliments on my big belly cast. Now to figure out where to actually put it... It's drying on top of the washer right now, barely fits, but I will need to do laundry tomorrow! I have a spot in mind for it to finish drying, but I will have to climb up on a chair to get to it, hmmmm. I would just go ahead and hang it near the crib with a ribbon, like some of the other gallery pictures showed, but a couple of parts are coming undone and it needs a little glue or something (right now I have the offending sections stapled, haha).

Well, I had an overall good visit today at the OB (36 week appt). Only thing that made it not perfect was that my GBS test came back positive. Grr. I figured it would, though. I had GBS with Nicolas' delivery, and tested positive earlier this pregnancy. But I had pretty much decided I'm OK with a hep lock anyway, so the GBS IV is the least of my birth plan concerns. Oh, and babies were both head down, had great heart rates (136 and 140) and my fundal height is 43.

The parts that make me so elated are: No high BP, no protein in urine, swelling less awful, weight gain fine. No preE scare! Also, I met with the other doctor in the practice (just 2 docs and a midwife) for the first time. Not only was he nice and happy and welcoming (and looked like he had small hands, haha), but he had actually taken the time to read my birth plan and was completely fine with it all. (I thought for sure he'd balk at SOMETHING). Even the part about having more than 2 support people in my tiny L/D room, and staying in there instead of moving to OR to push. I even requested upright delivery/pushing positions, like squatting, and leaving the amniotic sac intact if possible. Not only was he unphased and supportive, he took it upon himself to bring into the room a cord blood donation kit for me, since he read on the birth plan that we were considering donating the umbilical cord blood... I was quite impressed by that, you know? So now I'm VERY peaceful about laboring with whichever one is on call. They're all just right.
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35 weeks

Sounds like a good appointment Savannah! I also had a check-up today that went well. My GBS screen isn't until next week. I met the fourth and final midwife of the practice and really liked her, so that makes three of the four that I like and wouldn't mind being at the birth.

I've also been an emotional mess lately, crying daily over the dumbest things. Today, it was running late for my midwife appointment. I can't get comfortable anymore and I can't remember what it's like to sleep more than two hours at a time, let alone more than six hours in one night. Then to top all that off, I got a migraine on Sunday. It was a pretty mild one as migraines go, but I've been dealing with the lingering headache for the past two days now. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better, thank goodness!

Not too much longer until babies start coming! I can't wait to start reading birth stories!

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