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I'll write more later, but here's an album I just made of my little cloth diapering area! http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWz4Q

I just need a diaper pail, two pail liners, and something to put in the wipe solution bottle. =O)
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Hey, I just took pictures of my changing table and newborn diaper stash too, before I emptied it all to wash all the dipes! I your set-up. I may have to use a couple of your ideas!

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Appt rundown

Chiro: adjusted sacrum and pubic bone and spine, myofascial work on belly of course opened everything up and the kid is flopping around like a fish now. At the appt, kid was back to my left side. DC recommended taking DHA for a while since the fatty acids are good for brain development and ***helpful with mood*** esp postpartum. I think my mood could benefit from some fish oil right now so I started taking them tonight!

MW: fundal ht 37.5 (about 1/2 cm ahead), hb 128, my bp 126/68 which was high for me but was easily attributable to the hectic day and the pain of the screaming hemorrhoid. GBS culture today, mw agreed that hemorrhoid was screaming and nasty, cervical exam revealed baby at -1 station, 0% effacement and 0 dilation. mw also said that she had seen a woman today who had the same stinging on her belly. The verdict: nerve getting pushed or stretched by the uterus, stinging will hopefully go away when baby drops or is born. (Hopefully...!) Oh: and by the time I had my mw appt, baby had switched to have its back on my *right* side. And by the time I had gotten about 3 blocks away from the clinic, it floated right back over to the left side. Smartypants!! :

I'm off to bed to get off of my bum - this is a very nasty pain. Let's hope that this remedy works quickly!


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Anna was right; ya'll have been freakin' chatty!!! I'm afraid to even begin...

Jen, sorry about the 'rrhoids, and the pubic bone pain! Glad your appts went well, though. Sounds like that baby wants to stick around! And I had to laugh about the mess beside the bed. I thought we were the only ones with that mess. And my cat likes to sit on my reading material.

Pam, that's funny that we both did changing area pix tonite! Your setup is quite organized and nice. I didn't have anywhere for a real changing table, and had thought we'd have to put our "station" on the floor or bed... so it was exciting to realize I could clear off the vanity. I saw another mom (Karen's diaper site) that puts the changing pad on top of the dryer. I thought that was quite clever, too. Your diapers are GORGEOUS! And it doesn't look like you'll have to do laundry very often, haha...

Anna, please get some rest! I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend... And Jen is right, your hubby is INCREDIBLE. I would probably be emotional too, realizing you'd have a bundle in your arms next time at the farm. And Yay! that you get a college shower!!! Those computer-savvy folks are more apt to actually use your online registry, I would think. (I love your registry and was inspired to create my own, thanks.) You can see mine at findgift.com, under Savannah Rogers, Georgia.

Samantha, sounds like Radish wants to wait until Daddy is done, too! Good appt!

Sarah, sorry to hear Jack's schedule was off and you both had a grumpy day. Those are the worst! And I am SO impressed that you made shams in 2 hours. I am a sewing ignoramus. Do you have pictures?

Heather, you're definitely getting close, aren't you??? Though I remember being 80% effaced and 3 cm dilated for... THREE WEEKS with Nicolas, even with walking and sexing and cohoshing and stripping membranes, egads! =O) But you've got the right idea... All that was still better than laboring through an induction, yuck.

Indiana, welcome back! Jen is pretty clever that way. She is our "shepherd" haha...

Wardermom, how did the MW appt go? I'm sorry she stresses you out; I hope you got to talk it through with her??

Hugs to the weepy, cranky and fearful moms! (I guess we all take turns going through the gamut of emotions, eh?) It's amazing how quickly you'll learn your baby's cries and cues. Wow, in a month or so we'll nearly all have little babies to snuggle! Can't wait to see all these beauties, can you??

I love this due date club. It is so funny to read all of your reports on new discomforts at the exact time I'm starting to experience them also! hahaha... I cannot believe how achy and old-manish I am when I get out of bed! It is quite uncomfortable, and I DO shuffle!!!

Hey, Christi, it took me some serious searching to find those pictures on page !! 52 !! of your journal... but how cute! You really do have a nice big 'ole belly now! You look great. The beach picture is still my favorite. When was that shower picture taken? This past weekend? I see the giant basket (cake?) of diapers in the background, haha... We also have received tons of diapers. I don't have receipts for any of them, so I don't know if they can be returned?? But at least I'll have something to offer to all those non-CD friends I have when they have showers!! I also expect to use some of the sposies when CD-scared family or sitters are changing them. But gracious, I spent way too much on my cloth dipes to "wait" to use them until after the sposies are gone, no way! =O)

OK, I have to run. I had my 35 week appt today, but will update you all on that tomorrow, when I can report on my perinatal appt at the same time. Oh, and I'll have a new belly shot. I'm sure you'll be anxiously awaiting that with bated breath... hahahaha
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I just realized there must be a new thread going on! :LOL

Originally Posted by plantmommy
Is anybody else having lots of strong/er toning or BH cntx? I've had hours of them, virtually non-stop. They do call attention to themselves, but I trust they're helping a lot for when it's time for the real thing, so I guess it's good!
I've been thinking of posting the same question... I am having so many BH (some a twinge uncomfortable)! I'm hoping this will pay off in labor. It's not too bad right now, but sometimes it gets annoying to have the tightening seemingly with anything I do. Oh, well, just a few weeks to go!

So, this is only a reply to one post... but I don't think I'm gonna get through them all tonight! DH is trying to put a very fussy 2yo down to bed and all I hear is "Moooom! Whhaaa! Mooooom!" ... so my time here is limited, I think. Sigh.
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Grouch o' the year award right here

I'm going to be a big old CRAB today, I can already feel it. Been up since 4, now. Can't get back to sleep. Had a nice glass of milk but Sprout must have thought it was a Coke or a Red Bull or something since s/he decided to do a lovely, spirited dance. Oh, guess where those little feet are again, yes, right ribcage, meaning baby must be back on my left side. Must have just wanted to give the midwife a thrill switching over to the right.

this is how my rear feels!

I wonder what's on tv at 5:30 AM besides local news. it will be another half hour - hour until I can get back to sleep, even though I feel tired in my bones.

yawn, j.
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Poor Jen! I know from grumpy, believe me.

Hey, if you've got a boppy pillow for nursing, use that to sit on. It'll take the pressure off the 'roids! So far that isn't a problem for me, this time, knocking on wood.

I still have feet in my right ribcage most of the time. I trust he'll move over a bit tummy to front when the time is right.
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We get carpet installed in our bedroom today, whee! At least the weather is really nice so I can open the windows in there and close the door. I hope it doesn't smell too bad! My husband is in Oregon for the week and it' lonely and boring. *sniffle* He gets home Saturday morning, is home for a week, then he has to go to Detroit for a week. Eep! A friend is coming to stay with me that week in case I go into labor while my husband is away.

I liked looking at the pictures of the changing areas. I've decided to get a changing table from Ikea when we go to get our dressers. I wasn't going to have one, then realized I really need a place to keep everything all together. We still need to get a diaper pail. I did a bunch of shopping online yesterday. Ordered things like liners for the diaper pail and another diaper cover and a nursing bra and a sling. Now I just have to wait for the packages to arrive. I'm getting so antsy to get all the baby stuff put away and organized and I can't yet. Ack! I got all my cloth wipes finished yesterday and today I get to start working on my cloth pads. I hope I bought enough fabric.....

My mother in law has been making me crazy. Somehow it came up when my husband was talking to her on the phone that the information I got from the doctor says I'm not supposed to do anything the first week, just rest. Well, you know she was at a job interview two days after having one of her babies and back to her normal routine on the third day. Good for her! (She also doesn't believe that a woman can actually be in labor for 36 hours straight, that it's just not possible, it must start and stop a lot.) I told my mom about the job interview thing and she thought that was pretty nuts, she had to spend a week in the hospital after having me.

So is it bad if baby is head down but on the right instead of the left? As far as I can tell Vaysh is quite content to stay in that position. I hate getting out of bed, it hurts so much when I sit up. At least the cooler weather has been good for my blood pressure. I still don't think I'm having any b/h, but I'm not sure I'd really notice them anyway.

And now I'm going to find some breakfast then go sweep and mop the bedroom floor. Hope everyone has a good day!
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Isn't it great to be getting everything ready? It's so close. It's cool to see what set-ups others have for their changing stations. I bought two diaper pails and micro-fleece yesterday for liners. Also got a couple more hooded towels - so cute, and some more terry washcloths. We have tons already, but I want to use these to back flannel for diaper wipes. To buy terry cloth by the yard worked out to be waaaayyy more expensive then just buying pre-cut cloths. Go figure!

Today is my 35 week mw apppt at home. I'm looking forward to it cause I want to ask some questions about how things will go. I'm also looking forward to seeing our mw again. She has been on holiday for a month, so we have met with the back-up. She's good too, but you know how you get used to the one you know best!?

I'm thinking the beans head may have dropped a bit as I now have the "must pee urgently" sensation all the time and then nothing comes out. Pelvic pressure ain't fun. ;( So sorry to hear about your discomfort Jenn. I hope it all is remedied soon. Amazing how a bad night's sleep or a good night's sleep can affect us. I was crabby all day yesterday cause of bad sleep and the bean was pretty tired too I think- barely moving all day, but today back to his/her normal self. I look forward to seeing what this baby was doing when they come out cause there is some serious boxing and dancing going on.

Anna, I am counting the days with you till the end of work. Are we the only ones in this group still working? Supposedly there is a shower going to happen for me here, but I tend to be the planner, so I'm not getting my hopes up for anything!

One more week for me!
Hugs to all,
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Julia - I'm still working, too and will be until I go into labor!! For me work is a little bit of a rest, since I get to sit and don't have to chase a toddler around for two hours.

Jen - You might try some dermoplast if you get really desperate for some relief. I don't know that it would work on roids, but I assume it would since it worked on my huge tear from Jack.

Savannah - try returning those dipes to Wal-Mart. They will take anything back!!!

After saying I wasn't having any B/H, I'm having really strong ones this morning. So much so that I just checked my cervix in the bathroom at work, so that if they keep up I can check myself again in a couple hours and make sure nothing is changing!

I've started doing some of the basics of that stupid flylady stuff, and I've got to tell you, it makes a big difference to wake up to a clean, pretty house. I'm trying to get some stuff under control in the house before the baby is born, cause I'm not one of those people who can stand to let it get messy for weeks. When my house is a mess, it makes me such a bitchy grouch and I'm really awful to dh. Probably because I think I shouldn't have to do it all, but that's another rant!
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36weeks 5 days

My mw appointment went alright. I cried through most of it though. Cried because dh picked a fight right as I was leaving-about the state of the house and how we can't handle what we have right now. Nice.
I cried about that. I cried about the anxiety attacks.
I saw the mw that I'm comfortable with, thank goodness. It turns out that she will most likely be the one I see from now on and most likely the one at my birth.
I had a minor problem getting to sleep because my body, looking for an excuse to freak out about something chose to worry about the snappi I lost yesterday. After searching the house, I finally found it and was able to get to sleep. Stupid, but at least I didn't end up with a full blown anxiety attack.
The mw wants me to see the homeopath that operates out of the same office. I may make an appointment with her.
I've got most of my birth supplies ready. I still have to find a place that sells blue pads. This will be my 6th homebirth, and the first time I have to track these down. Well I have a couple more places I can look still.
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35 / 36 weeks

It is one month to the day that Jerome is convinced I will give birth. Personally i'm hoping for the 9th (A powerful number for us)
I wish i felt more prepared... It's pretty overwhelming. at least i will be home this weekend and can get some stuff done. A friend of mine is visiting on Saturday and maybe i'll put her to work! My MIL offered to come help with anything, and I may just take her up on it!
Having another baby shower planned is almost making the stress worse.... now i need to wait again and let people buy stuff on the registry instead of just getting it myself! But if people want to be generous.... I'm not about to stop them!
There is this diaper sewing website I've been waiting with bated breath to have reopen, well it just opened up again and I think i will order a bunch of stuff. But now, i wonder if I will have time or energy to sew my own dipes?? I want to, I just don't have any time!

Feeling much better today, slept pretty well, but had a weird morning. I am still seeing my doctor in case I transfer from home to the hospital. So, anyway I was scheduled with her "partner" who covers for her and vice versa. Well, I knew that my regular doc was gone on vacation... what I didn't know was that she would be gone untill the 20th of September!!! What the @#%*!!! Maybe she should have told me she would be gone during my EED??? That would have been nice to know! So, now this other woman is my back-up and I have no relationship with her, had to insist on using fetoscope, was chided about my weight gain, and was generally annoyed by the whole dang thing!!!

Boy am i glad we decided to pay out of pocket for a homebirth instead!!
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3 more days of work, yahoo! Today we go to the zoo, fun!

Did we ALL have appts yesterday? I did too. Baby is low, but not dropped yet, phew, don't want to walk around the zoo all day with a bowling ball between my legs! Overall, everything is good.

Just wanted to check in , have great days!
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Wow, I'm so behind again! I smell a poopy dipe on dd, so I just have a moment here. I can't believe some of you are 37 weeks! I'll hit 34 on Friday. I think this babe is pretty low already, though, judging by the amount of times I'm peeing each day. I keep meaning to count, but I'd say it's at least every 20 minutes. I actually lasted an hour and a half in the car the other day without stopping--dd was sound asleep and I didn't want to miss out on a peaceful drive.

It's fun seeing the dipe changing areas. I'm going to work on ours today. We have two in dipes, so I'm trying to find creative ways to arrange everything. DD tends to pull everything in reach onto the floor, so I have to put stuff up high. I'll post pics once I get it figured out.

The newborn dipes are all washed and I just ordered our "fishy pool" for the birth. I have my 34 wk. appointment today, and then next week the midwives come to our house. It seems like just yesterday that they made their home visit before dd's birth, and she was born the following week.

I'd better go take care of that dipe. I'm sorry to not reply to individual posts, but hoping everyone's aches and pains and grouchy moods (mine included, I am a big crank pot these days!) improve soon! We'll be reading birth announcements very, very soon! Should we have a separate thread for that?

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37w 0d

Wheeee! 37 weeks!

Something is causing great discomfort under my left ribcage, and I can't figure it out, because the baby's back is on the left. In bed last night I couldn't get comfortable unless my left arm was raised above my head.
Maybe it's all my organs shoved up there.

I am starting to get increasingly worried about having too fast of a birth and that we will have the baby on the road. Seriously.
I know that every birth is different, and I may not have so fast a labor this time. But what if I do? Staying at home and having an unassisted birth I suppose would be better than trying to get to the hospital, but it freaks DH out.
I think I'm getting those late-pregnancy anxieties, and just getting more tired of being pregnant.
Someone tell me to chill!
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Unfortunately I can't drink any coffee, because you're not supposed to mix coffee with homeopathy, but at least I'm in a better mood. I did indeed sleep until shortly before 11. Got a call in German from my best friend's mom which required me to wake up and pay attention. And I'm still shuffling around like I have a pole up my you-know-what, but I just remind myself that no, it's really just a witch hazel pad.

Lazuli: Yes! - changing table - IKEA - cheap and attractive! Sorry your hubby is gone so much. It's not bad for baby to be on the right side, just means it has some twisting and turning to do in order to come out face down.

Danielle - chill! HCMC is not that far from your house. And if it gets really serious, I've got a friend who lives in Crystal who is a doc and has delivered a *lot* of babies. There, no longer unattended! I'm sure you'll be fine, have a long chat with Finn about how you want him to wait til you get where you're going, at least the construction on 394 is pretty much done. But then there's always 55.

Anna - the son of a former co-worker of mine was born on 9/9/99, at 9:09, and weighed 9 lbs 9 oz. No, I'm not kidding. I even think he was 19 inches long. I have wondered if the nurses would fudge something like that, but the whole family swears that it's true. Sorry to hear about the snafu with your OB, that's obnoxious! (OBnoxious?)

Melanie - I'm glad you made it through your appt with your midwife and very sorry your husband picked a fight, that's no good. Sounds like he's got some last-minute jitters too! Glad you found your snappi. You might find blue pads at a health care store, like one that sells supplies for home care.

Sarah, I hear you with how nice it is to wake up to a clean house. Jo doesn't understand that it's easier to keep a house clean than to clean it when it's messy, so I of course end up being the one who goes around and picks everything up from day to day, which makes me resentful too. But as you said - that's another rant.

I'm off to go lay down again and find something to read or a letter to write, perhaps. Enough sitting for now.

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work sucks!

Well my brain is actually working today... and I'm horrified / overwhelmed / apathetic about all the stuff that needs to be done before I leave (forever) in about 11 shifts! Yesterday my brain couldn't even begin to sort thru all the tasks... today I'm aware of a dominoe effect of tasks all waiting to be knocked over.
I halfway don't even care anymore... "so what, it'll get done, when it gets done." I halfway am obsessed with finishing every thing i can before I leave... "I am the only one who REALLY knows how to do this stuff!" what a weird combination!
Been having alot of BH today... i want to go home and sleep, but I really can't! I'm out of sick pay, or nearly and I still have lots of appointments to go to before my last day.

All you organized mamas are inspiring me to get my baby stuff clean and organized. most stuff has been folded up in our dresser drawers for about 2 months now... but all the new stuff is lurking around in various gifts bags and cardboard boxes, waiting to be washed and folded. I think I'll do alot of nesting this weekend!

Well, gotta go get some of this stupid work stuff done, so that it's DONE!

A general message to all...
Relax, breathe slowly and deeply. You don't need to worry about all this stuff so much. It will be okay. The baby will come when it comes and how it comes... there will be some dissapointments about timing and circumstance, but that stuff is secondary to the REAL DEAL. Your baby is almost here!

with love
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I haven't posted in quite a while, I've been away visiting family. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who is tired and overwhelmed. As a warning, this post will likely be one long complaint...

Dh had a week off in July, and we drove out to see our parents. They live close to each other, but about 8 hours from us. I actually managed to get most of the packing done before the evening we were going to leave (we drive through the night so our boys will sleep). I had a lot to do, things kept coming up, but we managed. We stayed the week that dh had off with his parents. His sister and her family were there too, and she's due about 4 days after me. She married last summer and now has 3 step kids. There were other cousins there too, the boys had a good time, except there are mosquitos there (we live in a city that sprays, they live in the country) and they inherited my extreme swelling reaction to mosquito bites. Darwin could hardly walk, one foot was so swollen and blistered. And we were sleeping in a tent, which wasn't so bad, until the second night that it rained and the waterproofness just gave up. My feet and hands swelled for the first time in any of my pregnancies, it was really strange. Dh's mom was very sweet to me and her pg daughter, always telling us to go sleep or sit down and rest. Then at the end of dh's week off, the boys and I went and stayed at my parents' for three weeks. Oh, we also brought our cat, who stayed at dh's parents for about a day, and then went over to my parents because some of the cousins there were a little too enthusiastic with her and were chasing her all the time. Anyway, my parents were both working for the first two weeks. It was very mosquito-y there too, so we spent a lot of time either inside or shopping. The evenings were difficult, since my parents get home late and the boys would be all excited to see them, they would get really wound up. I would usually fall asleep with them between 9 and 10 after the exhausting ordeal of putting them to sleep, and then wake up around 2 and not be able to sleep until after 6. We ended up watching a lot of tv, I would be so tired in the morning and no one was around to look after the boys so I could shower. I felt so badly about that, but my parents house has lots of hazards. I was cleaning up one morning (almost no cleaning was done other than what I did ) and found an aerosol can of furniture stripper under the livingroom couch, for one small example. Gah. It was stressful being there, the boys were unsettled and acted out a lot, and I was tired. My belly grew a lot while I was there, I had to buy new clothes even. My parents communicate with kids very differently than I'm trying to. They are really nice, but.... I try to tell my kids, especially my toddler, what to do, as opposed to what not to do (as I think Jen mentioned earlier). If Solomon were doing something he shouldn't be, my mom would just stand there and say "Don't, Solomon, hey don't Solomon, Solomon, don't DO that!" in a really annoyed voice. It gave him absolutely no information about the situation. I explained to my brother (he's 18) at one point that I try to tell him what to do, since don't is so easy to miss and it gets confusing for kids, like telling someone not to think of a purple elephant or whatever. He was then always correcting my mom when she would say don't, it really bugged her. Anyway, I did like visiting, but I was also looking forward to going home. My parents drove us home, I was in the back between the boys for the whole 7 hours. It was very uncomfortable. And I was trying not to drink too much so I wouldn't have to pee. My parents couldn't really do much to amuse the boys from the front, and we were all cranky and tired. Ugh. I was just thinking of how wonderful it would be to get home, to my home, and be able to relax, and see dh. He was actually working a double shift that day, but figured he could be home by 10 or 11. He had called the day before to ask if it was a problem for the downstairs bathroom to be out of commission, there was some problem with the toilet and he hadn't been able to fix it. I said it wasn't a problem. So I open the door, and the laminate flooring is gone. And I open it wider, and the walls are gone. The drywall on the ceiling is gone. All of the appliances, fixtures, counters, and cabinets are gone. The downstairs bathroom is gone, except for the toilet. And I'm thinking that something must have gone horribly wrong with getting the toilet fixed and he had to gut the whole kitchen. Then I realize that Darwin is standing next to me, crying. I called dh, and apparently the cash and opportunity to do the kitchen renovations we had thought about came up, but only about 3 days before we were coming home. He wanted it to be a surprise, and thought that more would be done by then. Darwin cried and cried, said our house was destroyed, why did dad destroy our house, etc. Poor kid, he had just been going crazy in the car for like the last hour of the trip, and then he had to come home to that. His bedroom was the same, the upstairs was all the same, so we went there. I was thinking we would also have the basement, but that's where all the stuff from the main floor was being stored. My parents considered staying at a hotel, and I thought they would since we just had our room and the boys' room and literally nowhere else for anyone to sleep, but when I said that they boys could sleep with dh and I they decided to stay. They took us out to dinner and we got back late. I just wanted to cry and sleep, and my parents were standing around mostly watching me struggle to get the kids ready for bed, and helping a little bit. Dh didn't get home until 2 am. I didn't fall asleep that night until nearly midnight, and then I woke up when dh came home, at about 2 am. I had just started to drift back to sleep finally at about 3:30 when Darwin wet the bed. He had a pull up on, but I realized after that he hadn't peed since lunch time, and the pull up just wasn't enough to contain everything. Oh, we didn't have a washer or dryer either. I was wide awake again after dealing with that, and couldn't fall asleep until after 6. Solomon woke me up just after 7. : We went to church that afternoon, and dh ended up driving me home to nap while they were there (it's 3 hours all together). This week has been exhausting. I had to buy a bunch of stuff, we're basically in the boys' room (the big bedroom) all the time if we're not out. I've been running errands in the morning, which makes the boys cranky, and then I need to rest all afternoon. Luckily we still have the fridge and microwave. But the microwave and dry foods are in the basement, the fridge is on the main floor, and we eat upstairs, so it's a lot of work to do anything. Dh washed a bunch of laundry before they started, but something happened and none of them were dried, or if they did dry, they were outside on the line, right next to where they threw all the drywall, so they had to be washed again. Now that the washer is working, it's in the basement and I dry them upstairs. I can't believe how exhausting it is just carrying the laundry around. Dh is working full time, he can't get any time off right now, and he's also putting in a full day's work on the renovations every day, so he's busy and tired too. I still haven't had a mw appointment since I've been back, it's been a month. I haven't had the home appointment yet and I'm 36 weeks; we also have yet to buy/get together anything we need for the birth. I delivered my first two at 38 weeks. I have to take the cat to the vet's and get her registered. In one week, my dh leaves for a scout camp for 4 days. I'll be 37 weeks then, I hadn't realized that until yesterday, and I had a minor meltdown. Dh doesn't think he can get out of it, but the park rangers will have phones that work there, so maybe I can call him and he can canoe out of the bush and drive the 4 hours back here if I go into labour. : The following week, he's helping out with another youth activity for a few days. He hasn't talke to anyone at work about getting parental leave yet. September is when thing really pick up, and about half of the managers in his position quit within the last few weeks. I'm just feeling so overwhelmed by everything. I had so much more strength and energy with my first two pregnancies, with this one I feel like I'm falling apart. I know dh feels badly that the renovations haven't gone smoothly and I don't want him to think I don't appreciate all the work he's doing. The kitchen will be way better after and he is working really hard on it. I didn't want to complain or say I couldn't help out when he needed it, but by today I just told him how badly I was feeling, how little sleep I was getting, and that I really needed to get more rest, for the baby and for the kids (I get really cranky as the day goes on if I'm doing too much and not eating/drinking well enough). He's stressed out too, but I knew if I didn't say something he would keep asking me to do things I wasn't up to doing and I would just do it and then be angry with him. Today, though, a friend of mine called to say her daughter was available to come over and look after the boys for a few hours. It's been wonderful. They get so cranky with me, we're always running errands, taking care of stuff here, or I'm trying to rest and not giving them the attention they need. They're putting up walls tomorrow (dh's day off) so I think we'll be at the children's museum for quite a while.

Lol, as I go over and read that, it would seem like I've been living through this forever. We came home Sat night, so it's really only been 4 days that we've been home. The freezer is now stocked with tv dinners, frozen pasta dinners, and pizza pockets, and we have cold meat and buns in the fridge, and veggies and dip and lots of fruit. And cheese and crackers, and granola and cereal bars, and yogurt cups. I bought a bunch of craft stuff and little junky toys at the dollar store to keep the boys amused. I just hope this is done soon!

About feeling the baby drop -- I have never really "felt the baby drop." Maybe it's because I'm so short, it really isn't very different. At my last appointment, the mw said the baby's head was getting low, but it wasn't all the way down yet. I'm not feeling much more kicking in my ribcage, but I am feeling pushing and stretching between my hips and lower. So I'm guessing the baby has dropped or is dropping. But it's not really like night and day for me, I don't think it would have occurred to me that anything was very different if I hadn't heard about the baby dropping. Breathing is still difficult especially when I lie down, and I still have heartburn, and if I'm sitting I'll still get some kicks up in my ribcage. But like I said, I'm short, maybe that's why.

It's been neat reading through what I could of everyone's experiences. My hat is off to you ladies who are still working, I have no idea how you do it! Just shopping with the boys for a few hours in the morning exhausts me for the rest of the day. And I get to spend money then, not work to make money.

My kids are getting more cuddly with the baby too. Solomon is convinced that there are two babies in my tummy. He wanted me to carry him the other evening when we were out for a walk. I carried him a little bit, and when I tried to put him down he cried and cried. I started to explain that there was a baby in my tummy who was getting very big, and I just wasn't strong enough to carry him too. He started insisting that there were two babies in my tummy. Lol! I'm measuring small for dates, so I really don't think it's twins. Though the midwives have never had to search for the heartbeat, it's always right there when they put the doppler on... hmmm...

Take care everyone!
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D@#n Shannon, that sounds awful!!!!

I may be whining about my job, but at least I sit most of the day and can sneak lots of time in to post online!!! And my dearest darling hubby pampers the bejesus out of me when i do get home!

Hang in there dear, it will get better!!!

P.S. I think you win the prize for the longest freaking post ever!!! te he heee.
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Everyone who has posted about having had the GBS test, what happens if you turn up positive?

I had my 34 week appt. with my midwife today and she gave me more info to look over in regards to this. I still havent decided what I will do, but I thought it was quite interesting that she gave me so many options if I do decide to test and come up positive.

My choices if positive are:
1. do nothing
2. automatically have IV antibiotics in labor (which doesnt risk me out of a homebirth or anything)
3. have IV antibiotics ONLY if I have risk factors such as prolonged rupture of membranes.....during labor
4. give baby a shot of penicillan after the birth (she said that this is what a hospital in our area actually does. except they give EVERY baby the shot after they are born because many of the moms havent been tested at all!)

If I decide to test, I will also get to do the vaginal swab myself which is nice.

I have my home visit in 2 weeks and we will go over my birth plan. Theres lots of questions about how I have been visualizing this birth, what my fantasy birth would be like... and Im nervous about giving it back to her because I havent really been thinking about it that much at all. I may be giving it back to her with all one word answers.

Whats your fantasy birth? Peaceful.

Everything else is going well. Baby is head down, but posterior. My midwife gave me the "you dont want a posterior baby" lecture, which I thought was funny since I am always giving girls that lecture on the VBAC forum here and with ICAN (Intl Cesarean Awareness Network).

I measured 34 weeks, bp was 126/68 (I think) and I weighed about 134.
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