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Lynsey, my options are pretty much the same, well except #4, I think. I was + with Noah, had the IV in the hospital, and we were all fine (no thrush even, which I was worried about. I did take acidophilous to avoid it.) This time I think I am planning on being tested and if + will do alternative remedies first. I haven't researched much on this yet but I know there are lots of things to try. Then we'll have IV antibiotics on hand but I will only get them if I develop a risk factor in labor. This is/was a tough decision for me. I don't want to take antibiotics if I don't need to and the risk of baby getting sick, even with a GBS+ mom, is very low. But then if MY baby is the one to get sick then the risk wasn't too low, you know what I mean? This seems to be the toughest decision I've had to make with this pregnancy.

I have lots of itchy poison something and it is driving me crazy!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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37 weeks today

Originally Posted by banana girl
P.S. I think you win the prize for the longest freaking post ever!!! te he heee.
Glad someone else won that distinction! :LOL

Shannon, holy cow! If I were you I would be looking for the nearest rock to crawl under. To you, and all of the mamas who are caring for other children while you are pregnant (especially Melanie, looking after 6!), I stand in awe, I don't know how you all do it. Taking trips and running errands and everything... sheesh. And some of you working on top of all that.

Oh - Shannon - have you ever tried Apis mellifica for mosquito bites? It's good for any red, swollen insect bite that ails you. I know not everyone is into homeopathy, but it might help... *shrug*

Lynsey - I haven't completely decided what to do if my GBS test comes back + . I think I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I found this at gentlebirth.org:

So, in this area, some OBs and pediatricians have a new approach; for cases of prolonged rupture of membranes, they're only giving antibiotics if the mom runs a fever. Otherwise, they just do a simple blood test on the baby (can be done from cord blood or a heelstick if they miss the cord blood opportunity) to check for C-reactive protein. This is an indicator of an acute infection. If it's negative, everyone can be reassured
that baby's fine, even though mom didn't get antibiotics; if it's positive (for whatever reason!), then baby will be appropriately treated for an acute infection. This has great potential for focusing the treatment where it is most needed and not exposing all the others to unnecessary side effects and increased risks from resistant bacteria.

My midwife had never heard of that.

Well, Jo is home and we're going to my friend's for dinner (to see their new house and teach her husband how to cook steak!), so I'd better run... waddlewaddlewaddle,

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Hang in there, mama!
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My bedroom has carpet, woot! I did get a really nasty headache though. Between the lovely new carpet smell and the aftershave/cologne that the one installer was wearing, bam! Horrible headache. I'm having a half caf latte which is helping, as did getting out of the house. I have the bedroom door closed and the windows open, so hopefully that will help air things out.

My hips hurt. I noticed this when I went to the grocery. Of course, it could just be because of the cool damp weather. The roofer finally showed up and said our roof is just fine, it's not a roof problem, most likely it's a plumbing problem. I guess we'll know when my husband gets back from Oregon and goes up in the attic to look.

Shannon, your situation does sound pretty awful, I hope the renovations get done soon!

I should start my dinner soon. Food would be good....
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My decision about GBS:

Last pregnancy I was +. I took natural remedies and it was still +. I chose to do antibiotics only if there were risk factors, ruptured membranes for a long time. I didn't need them.

This time I tested + when they did my other tests around 4 months. I'm choosing not to test again. I'm sure I'm still +. I'm not really doing anything for it. I will treat if there are risk factors. I hate the thought of going in to the hospital for antibiotics during labour. (A few years ago, I had intravenous antibiotics for a really bad case of mastitis. The antibiotics made me feel really sick on top of feeling sick because of the mastitis. This is the last thing I need while labouring, that and leaving the house.) I just hope nothing comes up.
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Gosh, Shannon, what a trying month you've had! Ugh. About your husband's commitments -- I understand people are relying on him, but if he explains the situation (that he screwed up, basically, thinking that he could do all that stuff right around when you are due) maybe it would be extra motivation for some compassionate person in charge to find a replacement.
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35 weeks 2 days

OK, here's my update: OB visit yesterday; forgot to measure my fundal height, but I have gained 30 pounds now. He did my strep B culture and did a vaginal check. Ick! My cervix is quite high, and I think he must have fat hands, haha. (And I've been crampy off and on since the exam. ggrrrr. he better not have tried something funny like strip membranes or something.) He said I'm beginning to efface, but no dilation. No reason to believe labor is coming, though, says he. I believe it, too; Nicolas had me effaced 80 percent and dilated 3 cm for a whole agonizing three weeks! Both babies were head down.

Today, went to the last peri visit (wow). They wouldn't raise the table very far, so predictably, Baby B flipped to transverse and by the end of the session was breech. Grrrr. There is a reason I don't lie flat on my back, nor do I want to labor that way!!! Anyway, no big deal, I think the baby has already settled back head down by this evening. Nice strong heartbeats and "practice breaths".

OK, here's my 35 week Torpedo Belly, haha. http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWz6Y
Tonight I measure 50 inches around from my high waist to my belly button, but 52 inches if I measure straight around from my belly button (to top of hips).
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Look at that beautiful belly! You look great!

Yesterday must have been the day for appointments. We had one, everything is going well, but my mw had a little doubt about the position of babe. She said she was 75% sure the baby was head down, after feeling around a bit. For some reason, at my last 2 appointments, we haven't been too sure on babies position. Maybe he's still moving around a bit? I feel movements all over. And the stronger ones are up top, so I'm thinking he probably is vertex but just that little doubt gets to me.

hugs to you Shannon, I hope things look up soon!

I must get to bed, way too long of a day today.
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Shannon, I'm so glad you got all that off your chest! That's what we're here for, haha. It felt like I was in a boxing match reading your ordeal; right jab, ugh; gut punch, ugh; oh, another to the chin! I'm praying things hurry up and settle down calmly and happily for you, and that DH comes to his senses! =O)

Thanks, ladies, for the great info on + GBS. All I've heard as my options are, IV antibiotics. It will be nice to have some different options to discuss instead! I'm just praying yesterday's swab proves negative. So much lurks to conspire against my plans to labor and deliver UPRIGHT and without intervention with these twins. Grrr. I wish I just had gone with a homebirth and not allowed any ultrasounds, even though I suspected twins all along.

Boy, some of you are so close! CHILL, Danielle! You will not have the baby on the way to the hospital. (Hey, did you read that wild birth story in the July or August board along those lines? hee hee)

Anna, what a monstrous aggravation that your doctor didn't mention the prolonged vacation!

Melanie, hugs! Sounds like the birth is looming large for your dh all of a sudden. I'll bet he has already apologized for blowing up at you like that. If not, I'd definitely bring it up. Heck, one mom can only do so much in her last month of pregnancy! Give us a break! (Oh, and maybe put those kids to work, haha...) I'm glad the appt itself went well.

Lazuli, yay to carpet laid! Boo to dh leaving!

Julia, I hope your coworkers surprise you by pulling off a super shower!

OK, gotta go put up my feet and fold some laundry. Then dishes and bed. Today was BUSY. (Oh, I forgot to mention I met an MDC mama that lives in my town today! We arranged a meeting at the park with our kids, and we all had so much fun. I meet some more on Friday at the same park. I get to "show and tell" with my diapers. It's great having them in that basket; I can just pick it up and take it with me, haha!)
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Thanks for the hugs and support everyone. It did help to get it off my chest; I've been telling people about what's going on, but just the interesting stuff, not all of the things that are aggravating me.

I had forgotten about the GBS test. I don't remember having it done with #1, and with #2 I did the swab. It was nice being able to do it on my own, but I wasn't sure if I was doing it right or not. I think I'll skip it this time, the midwives here have to follow certain rules that I think are overly restrictive. My test last time was -ve, so I'm not terribly concerned. Jen, I'm going to print that info off and have it with me at my next appointment, it does sound interesting.

Jen, I don't know much about homeopathy, but I would be interested in it for the boys' bites if we need it again. The best remedy I find for mosquito bites is more mosquito bites, so something homeopathic would probably be up my alley for this.
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Anna, that would really tick me off, the Dr. not saying that s/he wouldn't be around anytime close to my EDD! It's like he wanted to get as much of your money as he could before the trip. grrrr!

I think the prodromal labor has begun. I've been having mild cntx for about 45 mins, about 2 mins apart, lasting about a minute. I am NOT getting excited, since this happened with dd for weeks before labor, but instead, I will be encouraged. It made labor much easier. I expect them to peter out fairly soon. Funny thing is, last time it was about the same time; they'd wake me at about 5 am.

However, this makes me think I'd better get serious about getting this baby anterior! He's still typically back to the left side of my tummy.
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Petered out after about an hour, as predicted.

It is so humid here today, and really wet/rainy, dark and dismal. Lousy day to be up from 5 am.
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Originally Posted by plantmommy
I think the prodromal labor has begun. I've been having mild cntx for about 45 mins, about 2 mins apart, lasting about a minute. I am NOT getting excited, since this happened with dd for weeks before labor, but instead, I will be encouraged. It made labor much easier. I expect them to peter out fairly soon. Funny thing is, last time it was about the same time; they'd wake me at about 5 am.

Ugh, I was up at 5 with the same. But they lasted two hours (and had been going on and off through the night). The back pain was unreal...

BUt you are right, I think all this early stuff makes for an easier labor when the actual time comes....

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Well, just got the results of my GBS...positive. Now I ahve to see what I will do. With my quick labors, antibiotics may not be an option, and I am not comfortable playing the "wait and see" thing...

THis sucks.

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From Plantmommy: "However, this makes me think I'd better get serious about getting this baby anterior! He's still typically back to the left side of my tummy." I thought that back to the left was the right position? That is what I interpret from Spinningbabies.com, but I get confused by the diagrams.

I had my mw in-home visit yesterday and it went great. She is happy about the baby's position and about my health in general.

We talked about GBS, now is the time isn't it?! So, it seems that here in Ontario (Shannon I noticed you are in ON too. ) ...anyway seems that here if you don't test they assume you are positive. Odd! My mw finds it odd too, but she has to go by regulation, so I think I will test and treat if there are risk factors only. Luckily it does not impact the homebirth choice at all. Phew!

I found out I have ab distenstion - basically the abdominal muscles have split as everything moves up to accomodate the baby. It's uncomfortable, but not really a problem. I will be able to exercise it back into shape eventually. So now I am just trying to take it easy. Jen, made me wonder if that is the pain you are experiencing. Apparently it can sting and be irritated if it takes a while to happen.

Shannon, I hope things turn around soon and then you feel better for having a place to vent. I feel for you and give you lots of respect for all that you have managed to do without falling apart completely.

Savannah, what a belly! Me thinks those babies will be healthy and strong from the looks of their home. I have my fingers crossed for your ideal birth working out.

Jenn, I would like to know more about homeopathy. Can you recommend a good book for a beginner? Have I asked this before? Sorry. I know you use Wise Women's Herbal. I should get a copy of that too.

Hugs to all,
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Aw, I'm sorry about the GBS+, Caroline. What does your mw say/suggest?

I'm not testing, and will only fret if there are other risk factors, like prolonged time between membrane rupture and birth (which has never happened with me before) or fever or something.

Julia, I read that about back to the left on spinningbabies.com, too, but I don't understand why the difference? I think completely anterior would still be better, though, so if I can just pay attention to how I sit, etc., then why not, I figure.
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Wow, 50" !! But you are having twins... I was at 41" last time I measured, but I only have ONE baby! I wonder if that means my baby will be big?

I'm 35 weeks too, but here's my 34 week belly:

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OK, here's the one whine I'm allowing myself:


All right, I'm done now.

Julia and others: the homeopathy book I am using right now is called Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Baby's First Year by Miranda Castro. It is a very all-encompassing book with a lot of emphasis on healthy pregnancy. The healthy pregnancy part is kind of redundant when you look at the Wise Woman Herbal and even some other birth books like Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. It does have a very good, thorough "Complaints" section where you can look up what's bothering you and cross-reference all of the remedies to make sure you get the most exact one for your symptoms (repertorizing). I got mine on eBay for $3.50, it retails for $13.27 on amazon. Miranda Castro also has another general book on homeopathy and since I really like her style of writing and presenting homeopathy, I may try to hunt that one down too.

An article in the Sept/Oct 2003 issue of Mothering recommended the book Homeopathic Medicine at Home: Natural Remedies for Everyday Ailments and Minor Injuries by Maesimund B. Panos, MD and Jane Heimlich. I have not yet located this book locally but it is readily available at eBay, amazon and half.com. Do me a favor, don't outbid me on the one on eBay right now, ok? (My ID is trumpetjen.)

Caroline, I'm sorry to hear that your GBS test came back positive, but don't stress yourself out too bad over it; if you want the antibiotics in labor it only takes 20 minutes, or it can be given to the baby after birth.

Meredith, my little Sprout is still moving around a lot (giving me hope that little Sprout is, indeed, little), especially after I've seen the chiropractor. At my mw appt she asked if she could do a cervical check in order to get a better feel for where the baby was, which she achieved by giving the baby a push on the head. So you're not the only one!

Back to left side of belly is good! When labor starts they're right in position to tuck their heads and be anterior.

Off to go do *something* (anything!),

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Jen, so sorry that your hurting! Thanks for the book recommendations. I'll be keeping my eye out for those.

Caroline, I'm sorry about the positive GBS results. That sucks! Try not to stress about it too much, easier said than done, I know. I have mine to look forward to next week.

Beautiful belly shots! I just measured mine, and I'm at 43" at belly button level! I'm only 34 weeks! I've been feeling smaller with this pregnancy compared to my first one too.

Shannon, I hope things are coming together at your house. I can't imagine your shock to coming home to that. Wow! You're a trooper!

Back to work before we get hit by two more hurricaines! Up to 14" of rain says the local news, and we're in NC! I can't imagine what it will be like in Florida or Georgia.

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Thanks Jen for the book titles. I managed to find Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Baby's First Year at the library, so I requested it.

The other I could not find, but don't worry I won't compete with your bid. I will see how I do with the first one and then see how I get into it. I should also get a copy of the Wise Woman Herbal for Pregnancy. Oddly they don't have it at my library.

Funny that so many of you are measuring your "waist". I'm not going to, cause I figure it doesn't mean anything. I mean what if you just carry the baby sticking out? That's why they measure fundal height cause it's not dependent on how you carry. It is interesting to read the numbers though.
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