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My pants are too tight!!!!

Hey y'all!

Bopping along, getting stuff done. It's been a productive last 2 days at work, which is nice, but not. I generally like being busy rather than bored, but I'm wearing myself out at work.

Last night I tried to stay up and watch a movie, but we had to turn it off half way thru. You know how an overtired little kid will cry when you try to put them to bed instead of letting then continue to exhaust themselves.... that was me. sniveling and whining about wanting to see what happens next in the movie, crying and sniffling with a silly little quaver in my voice. The more i protested going to bed, the more I proved how badly I needed to go! Jerome was laughing so hard at my ridiculousness, which caused me to laugh and cry in response. Pretty silly, i must admit. BUT I am still dying to see the rest of the movie!!!

Having lots of Braxton hicks again today.... it's funny.... if I had been feeling this sensation this often earlier on, it would have freaked me out. But, now that I'm getting REALLY sick and tired of being pregnant, i almost welcome them. It means my body is getting READY!!! Also, I've become so acustomed to being in discomfort (over the last 8 months) that it doesn't faze me much. That and I'm stubornly insisting to myself that it DOESN'T actually hurt. I'm NOT in Pain... it's just a "strong sensation" This is all part of my masterplan to convince myself that birth doesn't need to hurt... it's all how you perceive it... I'm trying very hard not to let myself perceive this as pain. This is just the beginning!! The beginning of the END!!! Hooray!
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That's too bad, Caroline. I hope you can work something out that you're comfortable with. I remember reading or hearing, maybe from my mw, about the gbs test being unreliable, or maybe just that it can come and go? That if you test positive, you might test negative again before the birth. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

plantmommy, what do you mean about paying attention to the way you sit, for baby's position?
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Originally Posted by Brisen
plantmommy, what do you mean about paying attention to the way you sit, for baby's position?
http://www.spinningbabies.com Check it out.
But don't get to freaked out about baby positioning... my midwife's response to my questions was to reassure me that it is during labor that the baby gets moved into the "right" position. So, don't sweat it too much!
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Shannon, it's from the website www.spinningbabies.com
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Quick fly by post.....

I have a great homeopathic book recommendation. We use homeopathy exclusively in our home and that is how we treated my infertility. Anyway, the best laid out and easy to follow beginner book that I've found is
Homeopathic Remedies by Asa Hershoff. I like it because it is laid out in a way that helps beginners find remedies before their case taking is very good. There's another great children's homeopathic remedies book too, but I can't find it to give you the exact title yet, but I'll get back with it.
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Can't. Stop. Eating. I have been ravenous all day, I just can't get enough to eat. Eep! I'm about to go raid the kitchen yet again. Anyone else have days like this?
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Love the belly!

What a hotty pregnant mama YOU are!

I suppose one of these days I better post a shot of me, since haven't yet.
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Lazuli: hear. you. there. Today I was a total chow hound and needed to stop because I was going to aquacise class and swimming with lots of food in belly = way bad heartburn! Everything i saw in the fridge looked good, and the two eggs + cheese in a burrito was not enough, I had to follow it with a hummus chaser and even a bite of bumble bar (energy bars that the co-op I shop at makes with sunflower and sesame seeds, peanut butter, coconut and honey, MMM). Thank goodness my heartburn was not so bad once we got into the deep end. There were only 2 of us at class tonight.

And swimming for an hour is better than a sitz bath, WHEE! relief!

Shannon - the thing that my midwife emphasises about posture is keeping your belly forward when you're sitting - being Buddha-like, spreading your knees and letting your belly hang forward instead of sitting back. Ladylike-ness must be thrown out the window. And for sleeping, if you can remember it in bleary moments: on your left side, lean forward onto pillows and throw your right knee up and over; on your right side, keep your hips and legs at a right angle to the bed. I honestly don't know if it really works - my kid always readjusts her/himself first thing after I get up and get vertical - but supposedly it works.

It seems that Sprout is still at swim class.

xo, j.
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: : : :

I hear ya, sister. Been there several times myself. Maybe it's because our stomachs are so squished and small you have to keep eating all the time since they don't hold very much. I feel like a freakin' hummingbird.

And on that note, I am off to the kitchen to make a mint chip ice cream cone... :
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Food, food! I don't feel like I even have enough time in the day to eat as much as I want! But I'm trying to watch it though, because I think I sometimes get hungry when I am actually thirsty.

Crazy day - forgot to give Jack his morning AND afternoon meds, so he was a hormonal nightmare by the time I figured it out. We had our friend and her two year old over, we had fun but the house got trashed, of course. Then made dinner with Jack in the sling because he was so out of control. Then helped dh put Jack's new swingset together in the backyard. (New to us, we found a great one used for $30!!!)

I'm so sick of the local news, because they always blow this hurricane business so out of proportion and freak new people out. Now I might be concerned if I were in Tampa, but we are so far inland that anything that comes from the west coast can't really do us that much damage (unless it were a category 5 or something!). Dh works at Home Depot, so you can imagine what his night is going to be like tonight.

Anna - are you going to have internet at home after baby?????
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Sarah - so can I expect our college kid in Miami to be all right in this hurricane?

Woke up around 4 I guess, lay in bed for a long time and finally got up when the cat started walking all over me and I realized that we probably had not fed them last night before going to bed. (True enough.) Everyone is fed now.

Hot date tonight to sit on the couch and watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Anyone have any ideas for what I want to eat for dinner? Jo will bring me whatever I want.

Well, I suppose I'll try sleeping again.

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Sarah, are you superwoman, running around cooking with your 2 yr. old in the sling at this point?! I can't imagine! Wow!
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Beautiful bellies (and mamas!!) Savannah and Stacy!

Sarah, I forget- what are Jack's meds for? I too am way impressed that you were able to carry him in the sling at this point.

I must be on the opposite end of the eating spectrum. I don't seem to be that hungry these days. I still eat but just not tons and sometimes it takes me a loooooooooong time to think of something that sounds appealing.

Caroline, bummer about the GBS! What is your m/w suggesting as an alternative?

Christi and Jen, thanks for the book recomendations. I will have to check them out.

Jen, those Bumble Bars sound delicious!

I think some of the poison sumac(?) on my leg is getting infected so I'm going to head in to our family doctor this morning. It is very puffy and angry and red and kind of throbbing.

We're supposed to be going to a potluck at my midwife's house tomorrow to discuss waterbirth, but I'm wondering if it is going to be cancelled due to the storms. Hmmmmm....

And those with good thoughts and prayers to spare, send some my mama's way. She and my step-dad live in Venice, FL, which is on the Gulf Coast. They don't seem too too worried but I'm a little worried for them.

Happy Friday to all you mamas and babies!
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34 weeks 1 day

I just can't keep up with you chatty mamas! I read through about half the thread and will try to catch up more later.

I wanted to say thank you to all of your kind wishes for my grandfather. I'm glad I went to visit when I did, he passed away a few days after I left.

My girls are back in school now so I have a bit more time during the day to get things done. However, I'm still not feeling too much of that nesting instinct and am procrastinating. I want to do a major a clean out and have a yard sale in two weeks. We just have too much stuff. I also need to find and wash all the baby things.

I sprained my ankle two weeks ago and it's still swollen and I don't have full mobility but it doesn't hurt too much anymore. But that has slowed me down as well.

I think we have something going on every weekend until my due date. Next weekend it's my dd birthday party, then the yard sale, then we are going to Florida for my brother's wedding, then there is a big kids consignment sale I'm selling at the next weekend. No wonder I'm overwhelmed- there just isn't enough time.

Hope everyone is well- I'm lookign forward to birth stories and announcements soon!
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Happy friday!

Hey ladies!

Me. Too. Very. Hungry. All. Day. the most frustrating part of being hungry all the time is that I am currently trying very hard to improve the protein ratio of my meals. It can be really hard to get lots of protein. (I did some testing with a glucometer a week or so ago and had some kinda weird results to a urine sample testing.) My midwife wants me to try and adjust my diet a little and test again once I've completely kicked this head cold. I even cut soda and juice out of my diet!!!! Been drinking hot tea to avoid caffeine withdrawl headaches and am slowly weaning myself off of caffeine again. ( I hadn't had a caffeine addiction for about 2 years before pregnancy!)

Work beckons, must jump!
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37 weeks today!

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Originally Posted by sistermama

Anna - are you going to have internet at home after baby?????
I'm working on it... really, it's on my to do list. You know, that overwhelming list of things that keep getting put off in favor of going to bed early or getting the dished washed.

I need to find a solution by the end of THIS month or I will be cut off as of the 27th!!!!
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Blithe - I hear you on the full weekends! I'm booked solid and after the birth will probably be booked solid from very beginning of November through New Year's.

Chrissy - Jack has a rare form of very precocious puberty and if he wasn't on meds would have the testosterone levels of a grown man (who himself had high testosterone levels). So with out his meds, he is like a toddler/teenage boy, which as you can imagine, is a frightening thing to behold!!!

Jen - Miami should be fine. It is windy there already I think and should be over in a couple hours.

At least because of the hurricane, I only have to work about an hour and a half this morning. TV afternoon here we come! I'm excited about dh probably being off tonight, so he can join me for Olympic festivities. I love the Olympics!!!
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Anna - have you got a computer at home?
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Originally Posted by 3under3
Love the belly!

What a hotty pregnant mama YOU are!

I suppose one of these days I better post a shot of me, since haven't yet.
thank you for sharing your photos ladies, you look so great! I have not yet figured out how to get my photos in a digital format so I CAN share them!!! Jerome and I did a "photo shoot" last weekend out in the garden at the farm... I haven't gotten them developed yet, but am hoping to do so this weekend. Maybe they will inspire me to find away to share them!
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