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Diapering Mamma's...Do the Daddy's have any.....

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thing they obsess about on the same level as us and our diapers? Things they visit a message board for?

My husband goes to a website called Timezone for watch collectors and collects watches....wait...I said that wrong...
He collecet's "timepieces" LOL. I would have been given 30 lashes with a wet noodle. LOL.

Anyhow just curious!
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Mine switches, but we have a rabbitry and we raise/breed rabbits so he will visit those message boards daily, but lately his obsession is geneology, he got into researching our family history when he was laid off a little over a month ago, and now even though he is back to work he still spends HOURS every night on the computer working more. It is okay though, harmless and doesn't cost as much money as the rabbits or the diapers for that matter
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hmmm.. not really. There are things DH would LIKE to collect, but I think mostly he likes going to websites about things that remind him if his youth
He used to promote bands and work a lot with the local music industry and I think he misses that kind of social life sometimes...but he loves to play poker online LOL!
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My husband visits a message board for his diessel trucks. Loves his dodge ram turbo diessel that is his baby.
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My DH is obsessed with football and playstation football. I can't dog him for it, he spends as much time playing it as I do knitting or buying diapers. It's just that he's 26 (almost 27) and still loves it all so much . He plays with his friends, wants to get the online hookup for the playstation so he can play them in games and stuff. And he will sit down with a sports illustrated and read it cover to cover for an hour. He looks up stats online and will browse team websites for hours too. I guess there could be worse things, right? He just likes to get on my case about a lot of things (he's that kind of DH :LOL) so diapers are no exception... but god forbid I should nag him about his habits!
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My husband is starting to obsess over his boat and learning to fish. I thought it would drive me nuts, but it doesn't. He spends his days off in the garage working on his boat w/ our son. It really is a nice break that he has something to occupy his time. When he is in the house, he is online looking at boat and fishing stuff...
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My dh is building a submarine and he belongs to a group where they talk about building subs etc. He is obsessed. He has been building this thing for several years now and it is very slowing growing into a sub. :LOL
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Originally Posted by DreamingMama
My dh is building a submarine
uhh... anyone else find that pretty cool?
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My DH is not allowed to have a hobby!
There is not enough money to support two habbits:LOL

Since I an obsessed with kids clothes & diapers, I claimed dibs on the compulsive internet surfing/shopping. Poor Joe is out of luck

He does enjoy fishing but he is not big into the computer.
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Originally Posted by DreamingMama
My dh is building a submarine
Hmm, my DH is on a submarine. Maybe they would like to trade for a few days?

I'm not "officially" a diapering mama yet, but I've got my stash all ready to go for this little one. DH's hobby is aquariums, he spends a lot of time messing with ours and reading the forums. Yesterday he set up a second aquarium to the tune of several hundred dollars. Ouch. As of now, he can't say squat about my dipes!!

FTR, never keep male and female guppies together unless you want to breed them. We had one female given to us when we bought the males ("here, take her, we're not sure she is going to make it"). She is now the matriarch of the grand guppy clan and the females will shortly be moving into their own tank.
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My husband is really into a program called Lightwave, where he creates and makes movies with computer generated images **yawn** At least it keeps him from spending LOL
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my dh grills, no wait he BARBEQUES -- you know slow cooking the meat for hours and hours
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My dh is a photography nut
...and let me tell you, his purchases completely dwarf any diapering purchases, so he can't complain too much
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I'm sure that fantasy football will soon be taking up large amounts of DH's time. In the meantime - he obsesses over the stock market & golf.
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Cute thread...

My dh goes on the internet forums for biking and Body for Life weight loss stuff these days. He also spends lots of time "windows" shopping for computer parts and techno stuff.

Hey, mine was on a submarine too! I'd never heard of a build-your-own-submarine... that's cool! DH also dreams of one day building his own small airplane.
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geneology here...I get so sick of hearing about it :LOL
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My DH is on a message board for his car (a BMW M3, no we can't *really* afford it but there it sits in our garage anyway, lol) and for sports. He spends way more money on his hobbies then I could ever hope to spend on dipes and we both know it. I give up trying to stop him though.
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My DH is obsessed with turkeys, yes I said turkeys. He hunts them (though he is not very good! I think the turkeys secretly laugh at him) , collects them, reads about them. And last but not least he walks around the house gobbling and making turkey sounds. I used to complain but since he doesn't complain about my diapers, I leave him alone about his turkeys! :LOL
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dh has two. he loves playing video games, so we have a TON of ps2 games and he plays all the time. he's also obsessed with motorcycles. we belong to a group of "bikers" called the utmc and there is a site dedicated to the group and he spends a great deal of time on the message board. he'd love to collect motorcycles, but there's no way we could afford for him to-- if we could, i think i'd own some fancier diapers!
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Well, let's see...there's dirtbikes (we now have TWO in our garage, for one person to ride!), deer hunting, and high school and college football. I may hog the computer, but he monopolizes the tv, so that all we ever watch is hunting shows. I never realized there are so many out there (I think I've seen them all, too!)
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