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:LOL Christine, don't worry it's not a bad thing to be remembered in that way...at least not in your case! Now if I were being remembered by how I look naked : a big ole white belly with tanned arms and legs, that would be embarrassing

Lucysmama- I hear ya! I am not slinging Ember but I carry her everyday...up stairs, hills, you name it! When she gets tired only Mama will do and I can't bring myself to deny her needs due to being pregnant, although almost 4 she likes to be held a lot.

Yes Soggie, I agree those pics are pretty cool!
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Wow, I can't believe some of you are still slinging your toddler's. I can't carry dd for longer than 2-3 minutes at most. I will pick her up and carry her when I have too (like she won't hold my hand in the parking lot), or that type of thing, but other than that, she walks everywhere. I can't imagine slinging her now.

I am so jealous of all you mama's buying slings and diapers. I want to buy stuff too, but I don't feel I can justify spending the money, when I am being given lots of diapers and already have a sling. Well, I am buying fabric to make a wraparound, but that is all.

I am also so jealous of all you with those nice big bellies. I just seem to spread out to the side more than in front. So, I just keep getting wider It is defintitely not as cute.
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I know what you mean about lugging around a big ol' toddler! Hananh has started recently the I-want-to-be-a-baby thing, and is asking to be held and rocked all the time. I can handle the rocking (time to sit down! ahhhh!) but the holding and carrying is really tough. I can still manage her in the sling, fortunately, as she is still only 28 lbs...but carrying in my arms kills my back and shoulders after only a few minutes. :
I already own several different styles of slings and baby carriers, so I can't really justify any more...but I'm so jealous of all the cool, beautiful ones you guys are discussing. Those hotslings are georgous, and I know the KKAFP are yummy and cozy. Enjoy, you guys!
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30 Weeks Already!

Oakember - Congrats on the job offer for DH! I hope it works out for all of you. And good luck with the U/S. Hopefully you'll get some cute pics out of it and no worries.

Katie - We are blessed/cursed to have a big Hannah Anderson here in downtown Portland. I saw those fleece coats there last weekend. Sooo cute! They are having a summer "sale" right now as they make room for fall stuff. "Sale" meaning the prices are only slightly shocking, rather than downright ridiculous.

Baby has been head down for three weeks, and this morning I woke up and he is most definitely transverse! I can feel a big ole head on one side and a squishy bottom and kicky legs on the other. Still plenty of time to move, right?

One more thing... I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow for my cousin's wife, who is due in January. I haven't met her yet and know nothing about her other than that she's very sweet, very pretty, and very thin. I checked out her registry and she has three sizes of "Print EZ Cover Pants" listed, but there are no pictures. Soooo.... are these cloth diaper covers? Could she be planning to CD? That would be so cool!

I think I'll take a small sampling of my stash with me and wait and see if it comes up.... Then I can show off my Muttaqins!
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Nancy - we used to go to down to Portland to go the the Saturday Market, Powell's, and Hanna Andersson when we lived in Olympia. You're right, the prices are shocking at first, but they REALLY hold up well. You can use them for several kids, and the resale value is at least 50%. I'm so glad we had some for Lu, cause now the new baby can wear them!

Your baby is transverse? Mine did that a few weeks ago, and it was most uncomfortable. Yeah, there should be plenty of time to move. I think people would get concerned at around 35-36 weeks if baby is badly positioned. Have you seen www.spinningbabies.com ?
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Gottaknit...there is still plenty of time for baby to move. I know that some even move two weeks before they are born. I wouldn't be concerned yet, hopefully though you are comfortable, as much as you can be that is
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I took dd to the County Fair today....she had SUCH a great time, but man! am I wiped out. We rode the rides (Ferris Wheel and Carousel) and ate junk food and saw all the prize animals. I thought about joining the Pie-Eating Contest, but chickened out. Plus, I didn't have anyone to watch dd while I stuffed my face, and I wasn't sure I wanted her to see me frantically cramming pies in my mouth. :LOL I also wondered if they exclude 8-month pregnant women. I really thought I had a chance at taking on the other pie-eaters. I have been so hungry in the last few days. I am eating constantly. Maybe baby is having a growth spurt? In any case, the baby didn't need 3 pies, so I didn't enter.

Hope you all are having nice weekends!
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9.5 weeks to go

Nancy, I agree with Christine...no need to worry yet, even if your baby was heads down at this point that could change before the big day. Thanks for the well wishes about DH's job situation.

Katie :LOL sounds like a fun day you had! I brought some treats home from the bakery for tonight...so you should have eaten that pie

I bought a new dress for a wedding that I am going to next weekend, it's really cute and best of all it's not even maternity so that has me stoked (it's just one of those slip over the head summery type in a large size). And it was cheap

Another quiet weekend around here...not too many of those left for us, soon we will be bustling with babes!
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Wow, I just gotta share this with you guys. I was bored and had some time on my hands this evening since Ember is in bed and I decided to search about moon cycles and labour...anyway, one of the first links I clicked on was this one about when the you thought the baby would come...since it is an older post the babies have been born and it's flooring me how close the moms were with thier predictions!! Within days, quite often the labour starting the day they predicted (and sometimes the baby being born the next day...so a day off prediction wise but pretty dead on IMO). Anyway, I have only read about 6 down so far but I had to share because I think it is so cool!

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That is a cool, to see how predictions measure up with what actually happens. With DD, I predicted the day she was born (Ash Wednesday, we are Catholic) several weeks ahead of time, and I went into the labor the day before and she was born on the day I predicted. I almost think sometimes that my thinking she would be born on Ash Wednesday actually influenced her being born on that day. I know that sounds crazy, but I guess it is possible that somehow my idea that she would be born on that day would influence my body to go into labor the day before (since I was actually thinking I would go into labor the day before and she would be born on Ash Wednesday)!
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My prediction when I was pg with Aidan was dead on. I wrote in my pg journal at 6 weeks pg that I predicted that he would be born a week late on Friday, October 13th,under the full moon. My labor started on October 9th, but I didn't give birth until 8:05am on the 13th! My prediction with Fiona was off by 3 days. I predicted that she was going to be born on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2002, but she was born at 5:32 am on the 28th. But coincidently, the full moon was the evening of the 27th, when my labor started. Since I've had 2 full moon babies, I'm sticking with the 27th or 28th for this one, since that is when the full moon will be.
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With Ember I knew she'd be "on time" and she was my water broke just 1/2hr past my due date. For some reason that was the only clear intuition I had, I didn't know she was a girl but I distictly remember at my first prenatal when the Dr. was talking about the whole induction after 41 weeks thing that it wouldn't be something that we'd need to worry about.

This time I've a couple things, one that he'll be early, and two that he'll come when he weights about what Ember did (7/11) and so being that Ember was that weight on her due date and he being a boy and my second he should reach that earlier which backs up my feeling about him being born in the first half of the month.

For some reason I am just facinated by this topic :LOL you are probably all getting bored of me
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Katie...geez, what an incredible coincidence! Yes, it was Lanex who saw me and hubby. She'd probably remember us as the couple who lived in two different States (DH was in Boston at the time). What I liked about her is that she didn't "take sides" but helped us resolve the issue ourselves by just coaching us through the dialog process. I tell you, it is hard work to change communication habits, but I urge you and DH to persue this. When you start to get a feel for it, it just "clicks" and makes things so much easier!

I wanted a KKAFP, but my mother is a great seamstress and offered to make me one. I spent enough on diapers that I can't really justify buying one. Plus I already have 2 Maya slings, a Maya pouch, and a Hip Hammock. I'm going to also by fabric for a wrap-style carrier, as I described to amelia previously. Can't wait to get back to Vancouver and hit the fabric stores with Mum!

My baby was transverses for a while, but I think he moved back to head down. I must say the last few days I've been feeling a bit better, stamina-wise. Maybe I'm just excited about moving. DH and I started some packing this weekend and it feels good!

My computer's wireless card is bust so I'm using DH's computer. Better get going and let him have it back, lol.

See ya tomorrow morning!!
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30 weeks!!

Hi, Mamas! we went right to church from where we camped this am and i was too tired to read everything when we got home from church, so i took a 2 hr nap first...that felt good!! another nice thing was my dad took the older boys from church to a tractor pull, so it was just noah and dh and i and i had to wake noah up after 3 hrs, so i got a good nap too.

we had a really good time...the boys did really well overall. noah had a little trouble falling asleep the first night, but by the last night (of course) he fell asleep in 5 min. he wouldn't sleep in his pack and play, so i put the mattress on the floor right next to our bed and just layed with him till he fell asleep.

the fair was good...usually all the same stuff from year to year, but the boys like it.

i won't even try to write personals...that would be hard on over 2 pages of posts... i'll stay more caught up with the new week.

i can't believe the boys start school this Thurs. i think they are pretty ready to go.

i'm feeling pretty good...i just can't bend over very good...my tummy just has no give in it *to* bend over and when i do , baby bean goes right into my diaphragm. the only other beef i have is that *stupid* itch came back that i had early in the pregnancy this weekend...spose it's a hormonal thing?

it's good to go away, but it's good to come home too....
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Baby is head down again! Last night I was lying on my left side when it suddenly decided it wanted to change positions. It was really painful! : I could feel the little feet and hands poking and kicking me as it did a little somersault. And now it's all cosy back where it's supposed to be.

I hope it doesn't decide to keep moving around like that. There's just not enough room in there for acrobatics anymore!
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Nancy...so glad your babe moved back.

3boyz4us....sounds like you had a nice time.

Anyone else getting sick of food or having aversions? I am hungry but everything sounds gross. I want to find something to eat, I just can't. Am I alone on this one?
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