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Originally Posted by earthmama007
earthmama007-(Nikki) EDD FEB 25th 2005, 3rd Baby, HB

Nikki, do you mean Sept 25th? Or are you lost?? I will put you on, but you may be lonely all by yourself in February!!

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Me too! I don't get to post as often as I like but I try to at least lurk! I am due September 20th with hospital birth with third baby. I hope to make it another three weeks to get full term (34 weeks now) as I have struggled once again with preterm labor but have been doing great on medication.
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I am feeling bad that my username was one of the only ones without my *real* name beside it! My name is Holly...
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Planning a homebirth, otherwise accurate.
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My official due date is September 4 and I'm planning a home birth.
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aka boobykinmamma, Heather, due Sept. 24, 3rd baby, homebirth

Wow, there are lots of us!
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Chris (almama) 3rd baby boy, due 9/18/04 -homebirth
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Lots of mamas! Must be a few lurkers, come join the fun on our weekly threads... And welcome to Jodi, Sonja and Chris.

I am msrog (Savannah), due 9/14 with babies #2 and #3, hospital birth with doula.

Thanks, Caroline!
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HeatherB (Heather) - edd 09/09/04 - second baby; homebirth
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Blithe (blipla) 9/23/04, Homebirth, Fourth Baby

Thanks! I'm sort of a newbie, sort of a lurker, but I check in when I can.
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all my stuff is still the same

Caroline, if you pm one of our moderators, they will sticky this thread at the top for us.

Poor Chrissy, all by yourself at the bottom!
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Bumping this up. Can we get it stickied?
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You know, I don't know how to do that....

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Sarah said to PM the moderator?

btw, my name is misspelled in the list:
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Allison, 1st baby, homebirth w/midwife 9/24
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Heather (interbang) EDD 9/20/04, 1st baby, homebirth + birthing tub
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Thanks Caroline!
Glad to see my name on the list. I've been lurking for months now with very little posting. It won't be much longer now ladies!
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mommy2three (Aley) - 4th baby due Sept 27th!!! Hospital birth

(PS. I'm going to have to change my screen name.... )

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Due Date: Sept. 17th
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EDD Sept. 5th

EDD Sept. 5th, 1st child, birth center
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