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Tupperware is a good company to work with, but I really, really don't recommend that someone who does not have child care to go into it hardcore. You cannot bring your children with you when you do parties, or even when you meet with hosts etc because it would be too distracting and *unprofessional*. I totally just do it on the side, and only sell enough to support my own TW habit! But as far as home party stuff goes, TW is fairly inexpensive to start in and it isn't really hard core with *rules* etc (like I know MK is...not to knock any MK ladies, my SIL does it and the things she tells me just sounds unreal!). There are lots of home party places to look into, one thing you can do is do a search on the my.tupperware site and see how many consultants are in your area (you could do this with most any company I would think), then you would know if the market is totally saturated or not. But from statistics I've heard...that for any home party biz, only about 20% of the population has been touched by it. So that leaves alot of biz opportunities. Good luck!
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I make zippered wet bags for cloth diapers and I make little girls' dresses from vintage and recycled linens and clothing. I sell through several websites and occasionally at craft fairs.
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wow.. yeah i will check out that tupperware site, womoon. thx

MPRear...as for continuing with health and wellness from home, i guess that the internet market has always intimidated me. If there was enough of a demand it would be something i would consider greatly. i dont understand enough about ecommerce enough yet, though. it would be a fun project

MamaDaednu...wow that is a wonderful idea. send me your site when that gets off the ground. i would love to buy vintage for baby birthdays...etc
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Like Meg, I'm a WAHWife -- I freelance doing graphic design and public relations, which I've been doing for a little over 4 years.

I'm also finishing off my pattern for knitting soakers and wool shorts/pants, which I hope to start knitting and selling by January (but I have a ton of projects to finish first).

I enjoy the graphic design aspect of work, but when you work on the computer all the time, MDC and email can become very distracting! I aim to work three days a week, but lately it's been more than that and for a couple months this fall/winter I'll probably be working 5+ days a week, as I've got some cool projects (with not-so-cool deadlines) coming up.
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I teach online English classes for two different colleges.

I also manage a website and do some other adminstrative stuff for a non-profit group.

I'm starting a Kindermusik business in a couple of weeks, which really isn't all at-home, but my kids can come with me to that, so it works well.
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I take care of a little boy that is Williams age, I also take care of DH's auntie on Wednesday nights for 2 hours, its a few bucks and its family. And I also do web design for wahms, and locally owned companies.
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I sell Discovery Toys and I work 2 mornings a week at our community Resource Center providing daycare for people taking ESL classes (that's not in the home, but I can bring my kid).
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I'm a freelance reporter/editor for a local newspaper. My editor gives me stories that can be done from phone interviews.
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These are such cool careers, mamas!

I do medical transcription, which I've done for the last 14 years, just the last 6 months FT at home. Before that, I've done the gamut from PT at home to FT in the office. I've been kind of down about it lately as it doesn't ring my chimes anymore and isn't as enjoyable as it used to be. I've had so many changes in the past couple years, though, I'm afraid to make any major job changes because we really need the $$$ I bring in and most of the time I bring in more than DH does (though not counting his "side job work").

I've thought about branching out into ghostwriting/editorial work as I have done some of that through work and for friends (writing killer resumes and cover letters and editing term papers) but am pretty intimidated about starting. I've done direct selling for two different companies and frankly, I suck at it. So I'm a little scared to "be my own boss" or be an entrepreneur.....you mamas have some pretty inspiring stories.
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Originally Posted by wemoon
You sure you wern't trying to get me in trouble? :LOL
Like you need any help with that, wemoon
bwah ha ha

I own a restaurant, and avoid working shifts now (at first I worked EVERY night but I missed my babes)...now I'm doing the books & shopping for the restaurant--after hours cleaning when the kids are in bed, painting, etc.

I would love to get into murals, and am currently working on one in the preschool my little one goes to.

The Kindermusik thing sounds good to me too...I think I'll google it now...
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I make and sell handcrafted goods on-line and occasionally at craft fairs (1-3 a year)--it's not really in full swing right now.

I pull orders and do the books for dh's antique video game business.

We (both dh and I) buy stuff at tag sales/garage sales and flea markets and re-sell on ebay and at our own yard sales for more $$--we both enjoy this a lot!

I run a rental house that we own (well, the bank owns). It's been mostly short-term summer rentals like weeks and weekends. I clean the house, write leases, collect money, correspond with tenants, etc. Right now this is a money-losing investment that costs more than we make from it, but should really pay off in the long run--we hope.

I used to also do some landscape design (my professional training), and I loved doing the actual design work, but got sick of dealing with the people and the deadlines and staying up at night worrying about it, so I've said no to the last few jobs that came my way...

Basically, I'm doing too much...
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Mountain!!!!!! I'm not trouble maker

Wow! Everyone has such great and interesting jobs!

But of course, we're all MDC members

I did get an AAS degree in photography. My teachers ruined me, big time. It could've been wonderful, it could've been my one creative outlet, but they ruined it with their head poses and fake setting rules. I did enjoy the print processing though. So I kinda feel artistically robbed And I haven't done anything with photography except take pictures of my kids. I probably wouldn't have been able to do anything with it anyways since I couldn't stand photo studios.
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I'm just bumping this back up so that maybe some other WAHMs will see it and post. I am about to start back to work outside of the home and I really, really, REALLY don't want to, but we really, really, REALLY need the money. I feel trapped. So keep the ideas comin', mamas!
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I make mama and baby clothing and bags and slings and hats.. I sell them at my local market, festivals and through my website. I really love it and its so nice to have a creative outlet seperate from everything else. It really helps with grocery money and things we need.

Tanja mama to Raven, Jakob, Ben, and baby Maiya!
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Another diaper makin' wahm here! The plan is for both of us to be work at home parents. But I get to be first
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"We (both dh and I) buy stuff at tag sales/garage sales and flea markets and re-sell on ebay and at our own yard sales for more $$--we both enjoy this a lot!"

I've done that too! It's amazing how I can buy a name brand baby outfit at a yard sale for a quarter and re-sell it on ebay for $10-20 sometimes!
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I work for an internet marketing company that does web-related work mostly for bed and breakfast inns. I do writing for websites and other odd jobs to get B&Bs a strong web presence.
If you don't mind, what do you need to do to get involved with this company? It sounds like just what I would LOVE to do! (If you don't mind my being so bold as to ask.. ) If you'd prefer, pm me. Thanks!

Right now, I'm doing fill-in work at my previous place of employment. I'm a vet-tech and I pretty much keep the behind the scenes stuff running up there...all the lab equipment, medications, etc...
I still like that work, but being at home is so much more important to me. I've been planning on sewing/selling more cloth diapers, but my first trimester all-day sickness has been getting me way down. I'm just now starting to feel good again, and enjoying life! I also re-sell stuff on ebay.

This is a really enjoyable forum...thanks for starting it!
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Like Carrie, I teach skincare classes with Mary Kay. I love it, it has changed my life. I have gotten a much better routine going around our house as a result of appointments and necessary paperwork and phone calling. I have homeschooled teens from our church, whose parents we are close to come over and watch my girls during the afternoons or evenings when I need childcare, and Lily the toddler still eats all night at mom's cafe. I find I spend more time actually playing and being present in the moment with my kids because that time is now more valuable to me, and when there was nothing but time, I never felt that way. I did a lot of housework and errands and even that felt overwhelming. But now it doesn't, it's the strangest thing!
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I am a full-time WAH translator (German to English) and DH is our SAHD. Being tied to the computer can get old. I used to take the laptop out to the library or a cafe occasionally; I'll have to get into that habit again. We had a freelance group here, too, that met for coffee once a month, but that dissolved after a while.

Recently I started looking for kids' stuff we need from WAHM shops I see advertised here, and it's been great so far. Great, fast service and nice products. I feel better supporting you guys, too!
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Another Ebayer here. We have some great thrift stores here from which I buy clothing and shoes and occasionally collecible/vintage items for resale. I also frequent a few catalog outlet stores and an overstock/damaged freight outlet that occasionally has things like past season Oilily sweaters for $25.

I really love Ebay selling, and I've been able to make ok money (except during the summers which are realllly sloowww) but now my youngest is starting kindergarten, and I'm looking around for something more personally challenging. I have a degree in graphic design, and I did freelance work for a few years, but dropped it very quickly after my 2nd was born - I felt too overwhelmed and isolated back then.

Really enjoying this thread!

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