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I guess I'll join in.

I started my own business selling cloth diapers and accessories, mama cloth, natural products for pregnancy, nursing and baby, soaps, etc. I only sell online at the moment but we're going to try and have a booth at a local farmer's market type thing with handmade soaps and whatever else I can sell.

I also make Mother's Bracelets and sell those on my store and locally too.

On the side I do some web design and I also run a small parenting community (no money made from that last thing).

Now if I could just get paid to read message boards I'd be all set!
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This is a wonderful thread! I love reading about what everyone does - it's so varied!

DH and I run a vintage clothing business online - dh started it in 1995 (first vintage clothing biz on the web) Our hope is that one day DH will be able to quit his 'real' job and work full time on the business with the kiddos and I! We recently moved onto some acreage that contains our warehouse (in a converted barn) and house so it's a niiiiceeee commute for me!

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Originally Posted by zacksmom
Now if I could just get paid to read message boards I'd be all set!
:LOL Talk to hubby - he has mastered this art form!

BTW, I love going to your site. It make me all warm and fuzzy inside when I go there!
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This is a cool thread, so much variety!

I have a web-based biz making training pants and sewing patterns for ECed babies (also sewn on Vintage Singer machines, from 1950, '60 and '70!). I've been doing it for about 3 years now though my pregnancy was difficult so I barely worked at all this past year. I'm planning to branch out with a WAHM licensing program soon. There's a huge demand for my product and I've never been able to meet it. I've considered going to factory sewing but I really love the idea of helping other mommas have their own biz's and keeping it all small and personal
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Wow! There is so much diversity here! That is great

My main wahm job is my site. It started with retail sales of natural products, but now has shifted to sell more graphic, print, and web related services. I enjoy both and I've made some amazing contacts and lifelong friendships!

I also teach classes on making natural non toxic cleaners, skin, and body care. I do about 2 classes per month through the community college.

I write occasionally. Just when I feel like it! LOL I have only had 2 things published so far...maybe more in the future?

I HATE ebaying! LOL I just never got a good system for it and it took me so long! Now I consider it when I see stuff I KNOW could sell on ebay, but I havent' tried again.

AND I am a rep for a MLM company, but I haven't been doing much with it over the summer. The company sells childrens books, so I anticipate I will be doing home parties come fall

: I am trying to start up a home preschool alternative that is a blend of philosophies that work well for my daughter. I have JUST started pursueing this so I really hope it gets off the ground!

I think that is it!

Oh, and I volunteer to mod here and I have been for 3-4 years now? Can't recall when I started? Of course that doesn't bring in wahm income, but hey, it's worth mentioning!
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I am staring a business selling boutique custom design embellished overalls and hairbows. Also I am branching out into matching mommy/daughter designs and designer dresses.

I also do web design on the side and web programming.
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that is good to hear! We need more mom and babe type places!

Currenlty the only one I even know about is Made2Match (might be spelled differently) and Hanna Anderson!
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I make cloth momma pads and custom baby quilts, I sell them through my website, on ebay and through local shops.
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loven this thread

cheers to all the powermoms. you are inspiring
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I hand dye and tiedye silk products - playsilks, hairsilk scarves, silk camisoles, boxers... you get the idea
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Well, I sell bath and body products locally, mostly my bug bars, lotion bars and lip balms, as well as laundry powder I make. I also dye clothing for local people and am working on getting started back on candlemaking and making other stuff.
I am also doing Usborne, but marketing more to schools than for home parties.
Next on my list is a scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies consultant.

I do WAY too much!!!
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You all inspire me! What a wonderful thread. As for me . . . right before ds was born I finished up my PhD in English lit. I thought might teach, but I just don't want to leave my son, even for a few hours a week. Maybe sometime in the future. So I've just started a freelance editing/proofreading business that I can do from home. It's been a real learning experience getting the website up and running (I was finally forced to read the instruction manual for FrontPage. LOL). I also have dreams of doing some writing and getting my dissertation published, but ds doesn't take long enough naps for that!
That's ok. There's always tomorrow . . .
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WOW! What great WAHM's!

I also have a home business; I create announcements, invitations and stationery from photos on vellum and ribbon. I really enjoy what I do and get to meet soooo many wonderful people!

I've done baptisms, christenings, birthdays, weddings but my favorite is still birth announcements
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another wahmama
dh is a lampworker and i create/design jewelry with his pieces. for a long time i told people i did not work- because dh is the one who actually retails the stuff- but my goodness, i really do contribute something (besides rearing and raising 3 kids!)
good to see all the hard working mamas-
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I am a hairdresser
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I'm about to become a MARY KAY Independant Consultant.

I don't know the first thing about what is needed to do this (licenses, tax number??) but I'm very excited about it! I'll probably do most of my business online as I don't have a lot of time for home parties.

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I just started being a consultant for Mother of Eden's MAD (making a difference) program.

I like it because I use practically ALL the products (Fuzzi Bunz, comfort pads, slings, natural cleaners) so I am knowledgable about every product.
I looked into UBB but I found the prices to be higher than most other stores and preferred the MOE program better. I liked the started kit better too. Also the MOE program is smaller and I am the only consultant in my area, however there are about 3 UBB consultants in my area.

I also do daycare for an 8 month old baby girl, along with my 18 month old ds and my 4 month old dd.
I also am a college student-but taking online classes now that I am nursing my dd.
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This is an interesting thread!

Pre-baby I worked in the software industry supporting in various roles (sales support, marketing, database administration, and project manager). But it left me feeling empty, and especially after all of the corporate scandals, I felt soul-sick working for and with large corporations.

I started my WAHM Jewelry business after I had my baby to try to support us while staying home with her, but it hasn't brought in enough for us to live on completely. So I went back to school last semester and now am a Preschool teacher.

My daughter comes with me for free, and we LOVE being there! I feel like I've finally found my calling, and am hoping that profits from my jewelry business can suppliment the Preschool teacher's low pay. It is really wonderful to be able to work in such a nurturing environment.

Sorry to gush, but I just started working there and it is still so new and wonderful, I can't help it!


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I sell candles, home decor, I was selling baby clothes on ebay as well.
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Hi all, nice to see all the different things everybody does. I've just started my own web design/development business here. It's been a blast, working from home has been a great decision for me.

Good luck everyone!
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