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does belief in the rapture absolve your responsibility?

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ok, the rapture thread has had me thinking. and it seems to me that there is somewhat of a notion that if you know you're going up, then what you do on earth is of little consequence. i'm particularly thinking about the environment. and that maybe some people don't think it really matters what happens since it's all comming to an end soon anyway. at leaste that's the feeling i've gotten on occasion (not just from that post, but others from before). so, what do you think?
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I've actually had discussions with several (more than 4) Christians who have told me flat out they don't care about the environment because 1) we are near the end anyway and who cares or 2) The end of the world will come only when the world in in a state of chaos and destruction, so let's help it along by polluting it.

They refuse to recycle or take care of the Earth because of this.

I don't get it and it makes me so mad!
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Count me in with NM on the list of Christians who think that the attitude that it's OK to trash the environment is unfortunate.

I am a Catholic Christian and I think it's our God-given responsibility to conserve and care for the resources God has given us. God set the world up to run a certain way and when we pollute and waste we are thwarting that plan and not living according to God's will.
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Originally posted by Nursing Mother
Indiegirl, that is downright stupid to have the attitude your 4 Christian friends have.
Oh they are not friends! LOL

I want to clarify that in NO WAY do the other Christians I know agree with this...I didn't think it was a popular idea--just plain stupid! The thing is--these folks BELIEVE IT.
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No, that is dumb. they are dumb.
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In a word -- "NO".
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As i am going up I want to have a beautiful veiw down below Not to mention I still have to live here in the mean time. I believe we need to be good stewards of all God gives us. While I wouldn't consider myself an extreme environmentalist I do want to create a healthy invironment for myself and my family to live in today. lets face it we have been in the end times for a little over 2000 years now. Better take care of what we have got untill we are absolutely sure we won't be needing it anymore (like on the way up.)

Some people will come up with any excuse to be lately. 2 tessilonians has some specific instruction about what we should be doing as we wait for Christ's return that include not being lazy and not slacking off when there are things that need to be done.
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nm, you're cool....
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Anyone who believes in the Bible should also believe in some sense or another that Adam and Eve (and therefore we descended from them) were given dominion over the whole earth, and that becomes like a guardianship. I believe that includes making an effort to respect the earth as a living soul (who grieved at the death of the Lord) and doing what we can to take care of our home.

I am not a militant environmentalist; I probably won't ever get to the effort required to recycle 100% etc., but why do I have the right to trash unnecessarily the other creations of God? Especially when I have specifically been given a responsibility to care for the earth.

Whenever the calling up of the righteous happens. Must be off to get a nap at this opportune time.
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I totally agree with what's been said and I'm glad that you asked about it steph 'cause I was wanting to ask as well. We talked about this in the LDS thread and came to the same consensus. I think Heavenly Father is very disappointed in us when we mistreat his creation/s and like any good parent wants us to take care of what He's given us. We have no idea when the earth will cease to exist as we know it, we've been given scriptures and prophecies but it still comes back to the fact that not even the angels know the appointed time. I've always thought that it's just best to take each day at a time since any one of us could have our time come much sooner than the rapture.

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I was just thinink about this earlier tonight as I was reading aloud the first chapters of Genesis to my kids as they fell asleep (they fell asleep because it was bedtime, not because they were bored!! ) and I agree....I think we will be held accountable for the ways in which we have misused the earth and everything on it (animals, trees, etc..)....it is clear that Heavenly Father has given us stewardship over the earth (through what he has told Adam) and expects us to care for it.
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