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It's A Miracle!!!!!

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We saw a heartbeat!!!! My OB doesn't know why I'm bleeding, but the baby seems fine. I'm due April 2nd. I'm in awe. I just can't believe it. I thought for sure I was miscarrying. I have to take it easy and not lift anything (even Grace ) for 2 weeks then I have another ultrasound! Praise God!!!!!
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Wow! Congratulations on such wonderful news! A good friend of mine bled fairly heavily for nearly three weeks in the beginning of her pregnancy and just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. For her, the bleeding was caused by a miscarried twin, but I wanted to let you know the rest of her pregnancy was complication-free. Best of luck!
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that's so wonderful, Gina! I hope all goes v. well for you & your little bean! to you
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How AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's great news!
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Awesome! Prayers that you will safely carry/deliver this little one.Hugs,Catherine
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great news! i was so sad when i saw your goodbye other post a couple days ago. yay for a heartbeat!
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WOW!!!!!!! What fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Mama!!!!
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Tell Me More...

Although this is my 4th pregnancy, it is the first time I have had any bleeding and am concerned - of course. The bleeding is fairly light and started this afternoon. It is pretty watery and pinkish - tmi??? I just don't know what I would be seeing if it were a m/c as I suspect this may be, although I really don't feel any different today than I did yesterday! Any info anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!
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