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**DONE** August 9 -- "New Babies Everyday" Chat Thread

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Recent graduates to Life with a Babe include:

Leah (Lily)
MommyCaroline (Duncan)
Heather (Ian)
Ketilave (Maillie)
Katje (Lincoln)
ApMamma (Elise)

Presumably labouring:

Any day now:
Carla, Bears, Madrone

Hope I haven't forgotten anyone (especially not anyone in a delicate post-partum emotional state).
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Can I just say that I'm really enjoying the baby names? I particularly like the sibling matches of Duncan with Bonnie and of Lincoln with Cord, Julia and Clay.

Also, I'd like to congratulate Christine on her graduation! So cool that you finished school while caring for a little one.

K8, I'm so happy for you that you are finally, once again, not pregnant!

As for me, I'm hoping to stay pregnant as long as possible. The midwives in my province are currently negotiating their insurance for homebirths. This should be settled in a matter of weeks, which is great for everyone, except those of us who are ready to pop now. As things stand, my midwives will only attend me if I deliver at a birthing centre.

I've been feeling kind of emotional. As in, if someone cuts my cart off at the grocery store, I have trouble not bursting into tears.
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Dodo, I have been crying in church these last 2 sundays. no idea why or what triggers it.

any time I try to get up dh laughs, asks what I am doing then says 'you do that alot' if I say going to pee.

It is 11ish my time and not a ONE of my kids are in bed. Tried Luvs diapers overnight last night and that was a leaky mess. NONE of my toddler diapes fit ds3 and he wanted Blues Clues diapers at the store. Ugh. Ugh ugh. I had hoped to have him in cloth ft while on maternity leave. Not that I have cool diapers or anything, I just like them better. (daycare doesn't allow them anymore- too much work to check hourly) i had hoped to have both babes in cloth on my leave.

holding out for tomorrow after 3pm, then we can have a baby tomorrow night or we will need to wait again- lol.

ok, how mean am I? dh has been concerned about sexual side effects with one med he started taking. and i am not. I know, bad me. He did talk witht he doc and yes, he was right, but I tried to convince him it was my fault for being so huge. oh well.

craving chocolate milk everyday. haven't had milk in years. gassy pregnant mama is SO much fun to be around!!
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Originally Posted by Dodo
Can I just say that I'm really enjoying the baby names? I particularly like the sibling matches of Duncan with Bonnie and of Lincoln with Cord, Julia and Clay.
one of the things i really like about my older kids' names was that each of them had more "adult" sounding full names (cordell, julia, clayton) and then nice nicknames that were also good things: cord (like a rope), jules (jewels), clay (to build with). i didn't intend that when i first named them, but noticed it later on, and wanted to make sure this baby fit the pattern if possible.

that's sort of a silly prerequisite for a name, and let me tell you, hard to search for! the only other one i was considering that met that "condition" was latham (lathe), but dh really didn't like it... he felt it was too "soft."

dh argued that duncan would be good because our baby was dunked during his waterbirth. i'm afraid that didn't help his case any, though. (caroline! i want you to know i think duncan is a GREAT name, and i was soooo close to giving that name to this baby! i'm NOT making fun of it!)

dh really REALLY wanted to name this baby darwin, but i just couldn't do it. however, today i pointed out that, while he isn't missing, lincoln's nickname did provide a darwinian reference: link! that made him laugh pretty hard.

got my hands on a manual pump today to try to relieve this hugely engorged left breast. poor link can't get a grip on this perfectly flat nipple, even though he'll keep trying, bless his heart. i know this is just going to be for a few days... at least i have one "good" boob for him to nurse on!

christine, i'm so glad you didn't try to do the graduation thing... you're just as graduated anyway! this is a big year for you!

hang in there, mamas... here come the babies!

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Any word about Madrone/ Tiff????? I am on pins and needles out here!
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So I had my first day of just DS, new DD and me today. DH was back at work. DS woke up at 5:40 and proceded to throw a fit for the better part of the morning. He finally had his super sleeper sister awake by 6:20 even though she usually sleeps until 9 or so. For the rest of the moning it was one trama after another for him. Everytime I managed to get Sara to sleep he would wake her back up within 5 min. Poor girl was so tired. I finally got it worked out by midday, and she has slept the whole day since then. DS had me so frustrated earlier though. I was actually in tears. I just keep telling myself this too shall pass and that we will work it out and establish a routine. DH and I were talking the other night about how amazing it is that most people have babies like Sara, babies who sleep and whose cries can be comforted. It was a shock for us to realize just how tough DS really was. He tought us so much though. Esp. DH. DH now thinks that things like cosleeping and babywearing are the normal "right" things to do, where he once would have looked at me like I was crazy if I had brought it up. DS would just never have accepted any other type of parenting.

Anyway, I am rambling. I just had a hard day, but looking at the sweet faces of my two sleeping children (one pretty much sleeping on top of daddy and one slumbering in my arms full of momma milk) and I know it's worth it and I know that this stage of their lives, although tough, will be over so quickly and I will miss when they were small, sweet, and innocent. Now if only I can remember that when DS's tantrums start tommorow

Gentle labor vibes to all.
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Katje, you are too funny! Don't you worry about offending me. We all have our reasons for choosing the names we choose, and that of course includes reasons for *not* choosing certain names as well.

Magemom, I know how you feel. I totally would have blamed myself for any issues in the bedroom. Still would, since I'm still looking about 6 months pregnant. And,while I'm thoroughly enjoying having the space in my tummy to eat again, my digestive system hasn't quite returned to its pre-pregnancy state. I'm constantly amused by how lovely a lady I am.

I'm sitting here at 3:22 with a quietly alert baby. He's so calm, so sweet, just calmly taking in his world. I just love this age! I want to breathe him back into me again, although looking at his humongous little body, I have a hard time believing he was inside me a mere three days ago. Astonishing, really. And, explains why I've been feeling like crud for the past month. LOL.

DD said something really funny to my husband the other day. While we were still in the hospital, he took her to Chik-Fil-A for dinner one night. She got to the restaurant with him, all excited to be at her favorite restaurant again, looks up at Daddy and says "Mommy used to take me here a lot. Then we stayed home for a long time." The poor little dear! I feel so bad, but this past month, we've hardly left the house, and now, of course, we're baby mooning, so it could be another month before we go out again. I'm going to have to make a point of taking her to Chik-Fil-A once a week until we're going out regularly again or something. How funny at three years old, she's so aware that we just stopped going out. And, how sad that she probably has no idea why.

Now, on a very important diaper issue, I simply must get some assistance from you BTDT mommies. My daughter's diapers rarely leaked. Duncan's however, leak nearly every time. He's still not peeing enormous volumes or anything, since my milk has only just arrived this morning. But, every little pee just seeps right across his frontside and leaks out one of his legs onto his outfits. He went through 7 outfits today alone. Ugh! And, the diapers were hardly even wet! I'm thinking it might be related to the fact that we're using fitteds, and they're not that tight fitting around the legs, but I don't know. I just put him back in my old stand-by favorites, CPF's, so we'll see what happens the next time he pees. I make sure to point his little penis down, cause one pee shot straight up over the top of his diaper, doesn't take me long to figure things like *that* out. But this leaking out the side every time thing is driving me crazy! Help! The fitteds we're using are homemade by a friend of mine using the Honeyboy pattern, I believe. Could this be our problem?

Ahhh, leaking breasts have returned. Duncan is nursing, and I just felt let down in my opposing breast for the first time again. Little drips on my leg. Gotta love that part!
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I'm still here! No baby for me yet.

Not too much excitement going on. Dh's boss took him off the schedule b/c he works in retail (Whole Foods Market) and its pretty tough to find someone to cover his shifts in a pinch b/c of what he does there. However, i could very well go late and DH is scrambling to find any shift in any position he can work and it kinda sucks. I never know when he's gonna be working next and we are missing out on money. Well, hopefully I'll go soon so we don't have to worry too much.

Gosh, I love reading all about the new little babies! I'm not jealous at all, really...

Caroline: sounds to me like your dipes are probably too big around the leg since they are leaking out the side. Another thought is maybe they need to be broken in more, have they been washed a lot yet? Oh and your little guy is so adorable

katje: I love the nickname Link that is so neat!

Lena: Thats a really good way of thinking about things. I'll have to make "this too shall pass" my mantra. I'm sure I will have my fair share of tough days. Hope today goes better for you!

Dodo: man bad timing with the midwives negotiating their insuance. Hope it gets resolved quickly. I am emotional too lately. Went to the mall Sunday and was so upset that people did not treat me with a little respect due to my condition. Yes I feel entiltled to special treatment! At least don't cut me off or speak rudely or for gosh sakes offer the huge pregnant lady a chair while I'm standing around waiting in the dressing room! :

gosh I'm cranky...

Bears: Hang in there! I'm sure it feels like you'll be pregnant forever but it will be soon! Maybe today is the day.

oh magemom: I wanted to suggest Liz Cloth overnight diapers for your ds. My best friend has a dd who is a good size as well as a super soaker and she swears by the Liz' cloth XL over night diaper with a wool cover.

Ok I am up early and ds and dh are sleeping in so I guess I'd better get some breakfast. Talk to you all soon.
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Oh my goodness. I have been gone way to long. I took advantage of DH being home that first week of new babies life. We had revival at our church that week too so we were out and about during the day and at church at night so I had no time to log on. Saturday we were at the car delership all day. But it was worth it because I am no longer without a vehicle. I haven't had my own transportation since January and I was going insain! I am disapointed that I missed all the excitement with so many of you delivering your new little babes. So Congratulations to all of you holding your new precious babies!

Kimberlibby: I am planning on attending LLL tomorrow. Do you take Libby with you or does someone watch her for you?

Best Wishes to all of you still waiting to arrive in labor land!
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Yikes! I just can't seem to get caught up with you all! It's so wonderful that we've all kept it together to help both those of us still waiting for our babes and those who have the new arrivals. The August Mamas truly are a group of strong, special women.

Little Lily is waking up. I really should have been sleeping instead of reading posts...............I'm way too haywired today, though. The hormones are raging. Like they're doing calisthenics (however you spell that word.) And my boobs are wayyyyy sore. The kiddo is a champ nurser and I'm having a heck of a time getting proper latch-on on one side. But oh! It's so divine to be looking down on that little peaceful blissed-out milkface as she nurses. Makes it all worth it.

I just got caught up reading the birth stories. They are all so beautiful! Each is so unique and personal. I'll get ours up one of these days. I'm looking forward to the day when we all have posted them so I can get perspective on our experiences as a group.

OK. Kiddo just pooped. I swear there's enough force behind those bf poos to launch a missile out of the diaper.

Take care, everyone!

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Laurie, there are LOTS of toddlers at the meeting, I always bring Libby. They all play and it works out pretty good It's VERY casual, so interruptions are welcome and expected

I was up at dh's school today helping him out for a little bit today and thought about you when I got off on Beltline. You do mean 1382 Beltline, right? Not the "other" one? I didn't realize there were 2 Beltlines.

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Leah and Katje- I know how you feel re: the engorgement. My left side was really engorged and sore. I tried pumping it but I think it made it worse. I finally left it alone and would put cold washclothes on it and it is better now. But, wow, was it sore for a few days! Along with hormones, I can see how some people give up breastfeeding early on. I wonder why it happens more on one side? Maybe it is easier to guide their latch with our right hand?

Nora is a pretty good sleeper. I hate that I keep comparing Gavin to Nora, but I can't help it. But anyway, he was up every other hour to eat, and so far Nora goes 2-3 hours which is great. She is also very content and relaxed. She has already relaxed her arms and legs so they are straight when she is laying down. She is such a doll, I love her to death!

I am also feeling much better emotionally, but my bottom is still really sore! It feels like I still have a baby's head down there when I walk around. It has been 8 days, I had hoped to feel better than this by now. I have one tear that is healing nicely, it almost feels like the muscles are just stretched and sore, and my pelvic bones are sore too. My back is also killing me. I am thinking about taking a trip to the chiro, although I don't know if it will help or not. It just aches. Whine whine whine! So ladies, the aches don't stop right after birth...
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i forget who (and i'm too lazy to go look it up) but someone asked if my dh would be agreeable to posting his version of link's birth story. to my surprise, he said sure!

lincoln's arrival: dh's pov


on other fronts, the left boob is still pretty swollen but i was able to get it down enough with ice, massage, showering, pumping and sheer grit to a point that poor link could get a latch on it again... and once he did, that made a huge difference. isn't it funny how we have these pumps and things, but really the absolute best way to drain a breast is nature's own design, the baby itself?

ilove, i think in my case it's because i have a very flat nipple on that side, and when the breast swells the nipple just vanishes. i bet you're right that the swelling probably discourages some folks from nursing... i wish there was some way to let them know how much easier it gets! and how fun it is... i can't wait for those little nursling smiles and pats!

unfortunately, i haven't had such success on relieving my nether regions. i didn't tear or anything, and my "skid marks" are healing fine... it's my hemorrhoids. owie owie owie! lots of witchhazel and goldenseal healing salve, but it's just gonna take some time to soothe those angry varicosities. TMI? sorry!

i had to confess to dh about ordering a cd from amazon when it was delivered today... i totally forgot that i'd done it! last week, when i was so anxious and sure that i'd never go into labor, i decided to treat myself to a relaxing music cd (from philip elcano? it was recommended on the birth and beyond forum) for the labor. of course it came four days after the baby gets here! it never occured to me when i ordered it that it wouldn't get here in time... so now i have a new yoga cd!

i'm starting to feel the edge of the teariness of the baby blues... i told dh to treat me extra tenderly today, and he's been doing great (blueberry whole wheat pancakes for breakfast! and he didn't really get mad about the cd, either). i know it will pass, and how very lucky i am... for you first-timers, be patient with yourself. it's just hormones, and mostly will be over in a few days!

hugs to all of us!

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I'm reading as quickly as I can. So far the roof is still nailed down. nipples are sore but that's because Amelia has been biting me the little bugger - Maillie latched on by herself within 15 minutes of birth and nursed for over an hour. It was amazing to watch.

Brannon is obsessed with her - any noise she makes he runs to make sure she is ok. We took all 4 kids (SD is here too) to Build a Bear to do something for them as a gift/rememberance of Maillie's birth. Dh about flipped when he looked in the car and 4 seats are full - 3 with car seats.
Katje and Caroline - i still need to read your birth stories but I want to write mine first. But from the way people rave I can't wait. Katje - my dh is putting his down too and I can't wait to read it from his perspective.

Lots of love to all of you moms and families and babies and babe in utero.
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I was begining to think that today was the day, but it looks like things have petered out . I was having some pretty major ctx's earlier when we were walking home from lunch, then continued to have a few, ranging 4-15 min apart and 30-60 sec in length. DD wanted to nurse, so I let her, then she fell off my lap and didn't let go of her latch in time (big big ouchie!) and I haven't had one since . I am going crazy and I'm not even due for 11 more days! My brother gets here tomorrow and if baby isn't born before Saturday, he won't get to see him . Well, I'm bouncing on my ball and I think I'm going to go for a walk. I just want things to get moving!
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Just here to update the list..took me a 1/2 to do that so my time is up....
I will be back to post my birth story soon...I am lurking to see who is birthing..you are all in my thoughts and well wishes for a successful labor and beautiful healthy babies....
We are doing fine here having some latch issues..but nothing major..she is just so beautiful and we are adjusting very well to our new family unit....
love you all....
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hi...still no baby. I me the second doula in training today and I love her. I am definently going to ask her to be there for my labor. She is great. We went over my birth plan and talked. She was at my house for almost 3 1/2 hours. We are going to take a tour of the hospital with dh Friday night. I can't believe in less than one week, I went from not having a doula or even considering one to having one picked out and ready to go! I feel so much more confident about perhaps having a natural major intervention free birth.

The bottom dropped out of the sky apparently because it is raining very heavily all of the sudden. So much for leaving the house and running a few errands.

I am having such low low pressure lately. I wonder if there is any hope that means dropping/engaged? I'm not necessarily noticing more breathing room though. I defenintly still look huge. I am also swelling so much. My legs look like I've gained so much weight in them. I hope it is just water. They look so fat.
I just ate alittle frozen yogurt and baby is kicking up a storm now. There just isn't enough room in there for him to stay much longer. Come on out baby...we're waiting. Actually I am very much ok with him staying in a little longer. I have things to do. I don't have "the feeling" that he's coming soon. I haven't had any more warm-up experiences since that one nightl. He'll come, I'm sure, when he's ready.
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I made it to "THE" appointment about ds1 today. So nice to know we have done many of the right things for him, got some new ideas, a plan and hope.

DH was missing as he had an extra appointment today for his meds. I just got back from the pharmacy with the next try. Now, I am not a drug pusher by any stretch, tylenol routinely expires around here. But I am *so* glad that 24 hours off the med, even with the side effect has DH convinced it was the right idea. My ADHD boys. Well, DS1 is showing many autism traits so we have incorperated that in the behavior therpay. I can't wait till I can talk to DH about this appointment. Having hope restored, a pat on the back telling me what we have been doing that should work and to have the doc take one of my ideas and say he will use it. That was the biggest ego boost! It is so easy to think I can do nothing right with him, but it really is about learning a completely different way to appproach things.

So I have about 5 hours to have this baby for the available window. Otherwise we need to wait again. Thursday is first day of preschool. Can't miss that!

My labor vibes are still up for grabs to anyone who wants them!!
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Caroline, if the diapers don't fit snugly around the legs, pee will run out the side. that's just the way it works. You might have to wait until your son's legs fatten up, or you can get some fitteds with more fitting elastic at the legs. Can I send you a couple? Email your address to me at terri@fmbg.wahmart.com

Daednu is the one MIA............she had a labor that went no where, and I haven't seen her post since.

On another note, I lost part of my mucus plug tongiht...........although i have no idea how BIG one actually is since this is the first I've ever seen. Some slime with bloody tint; that's it yes?

Here's a new pic of me after my midwife did a henna tat on my belly:


nevermind the black panties LOL

I'm so glad to see so many of us having our babies!! And I'm also bummed that a few of you are having false starts Polyphany, good grief girl, let's get the show on the road!!
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Ahhh, Dodo, Thanks so much for starting us off! It makes me feel a little less anxious to see my name next to "any day now"... it just HAS to be, right???

Nothing really happening on the baby front AT ALL. Some mild cramping here and there. I've been inspecting each toilet tissue for some sign of that old mucus plug, but NOTHING yet (although I didn't lose this with DS, either). The only thing I DO know is that I am now getting officially grumpy about it. I don't really even want to TALK about it. I realize that many women go way past where I am (I'm heading into day 6 overdue), but I am still annoyed by it! :

Plus, my patience level is blown...poor DS. We've had a really, really rough two days. I have been so exhausted-when I wake up in the morning I am the MOST tired (go figure). I have been yelling more than I like. DS has taken it upon himself to choose RIGHT NOW to up his intensity level. He's never been a screamer (besides as a newborn!), but all of a sudden he yells NO in my face. He is also dissolving into tears about just about everything... The old, not-pregnant me would take a few days like this as a sign of some change in him or me and perhaps read a bit about it, or whatever... NOT! I just don't have the energy...

I'm also getting those what-did-I-get-myself-into feelings. I think b/c DS's behavior has been so wacky... hopefully I gain some strength from all you mamas adding one more to your life...

Magemom-I have been obsessed with chocolate soymilk. And if DS and I are out, I will break down and buy a small regular choc milk under the pretense of giving the entire thing to him...and I will finish most of it. What's up with this???

Katje-Met a little girl named Darwin not long ago in the grocery store...
I am forgetting those tearful days after DS's birth and you are reminding me. Let's hope all of us have gentle, supportive partners and friends to rely on on those weepy days...I have to go and read your DH's story..

Lena-I know we've commiserated about our DS's before. Not sure if they are exactly similar, of course, but a lot about their intensity levels seem the same. We were AMAZED that friends, family had babies who SLEPT and who could be comforted. I know that in some regard this new baby will challenge us, of course, but we went through FIRE with DS. Now, we just have to go thru fire with TWO-which as I'm reading sounds like it is quite a struggle, too. Keep coming here for support. And know that there are others out there that have HN kids...

Caroline-I wouldn't be surprised if DS says the same thing to me after the new babe is born. We've been holed up in the house. I've been pretty anti-social. Our big outtings include the park and the grocery store the past few weeks. Whooo-hooo. Breathe in that beautiful babe!

Jilly-It just sucks that we all, no matter our financial situation, have to worry on some level about $$$. Insurance, $$$, paternity time off, yadda, yadda, yadda... I hope things get better in this department for you... Thanks, also,

Laurie-Congrats on the new ride!!

Ilove-I ached, and ached and ached after DS was born. I think for MONTHS, actually. Wasn't pretty. Lots of sitz baths... I'm

Leah-Sounds like many of the new moms have the raging hormones...take good care of yourself...

Ketilave-So happy to hear that your little girl was such a good nurser so fast. One less hurdle...so cute that your little guy is so into her...

Polyphany-Do I have to say, I hear ya! : Sounds like you are WAY ahead of me, though...

Christeeny-Glad you liked your other doula. And pass that frozen yogurt...

HI AP! SO glad to see you here tonight and hear that you are doing so well....

That's it for me. Gotta go ask DH to rub my back. Then I might slither to bed... All the best to all of us still waiting, and to those new mamas holding their babies!!
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