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Warning...Sympathy needed for first time breastfeeding mom...

First of all congrats to all the new moms!

I can't chat long as I need to rouse my sleeping baby to feed again very soon. But wanted to post an update and seek advice from all you experienced mammas!

I officially hate breastfeeding! I have sores on both nipples that have become infected. I have a clogged duct on my left breast. I have just gotten over a bought of mastitis. And my lactation consultant wants me to feed him MORE! :

Ian usually sleeps 3-3 1/2 hours between feedings and feeds for 20-30 minutes. However we realized that he is a "lazy eater" in that he vigorously eats for only about 5 minutes and then just leasurely sucks and swallows off and on for the rest of the time. Not eating continuously for 20 mintues. So my lc wants me to wake him every 2 hours (easier said than done) and feed him 5 minutes on one, 5 on the other and then switch back and do it again. The trouble is, he is sooo hard to wake up and then he falls asleep again, deeply after 10-15 miniutes max. He is pooping and peeing fine and has already gained 1/2 lb. so he is getting plenty. She is worried that his feeding style will reduce my milk supply and although he is getting what he "needs" now, my milk supply may diminish after the engorgement stage wears off and he won't get enough then...

Any suggestions/thoughts? How do I keep him awake? I have tried rubbing his head and playing with his feet, moving his arm and talking to him. He still konks out. And usually I have to change his diaper to wake him in the first place so I don't want to have to change a clean diaper just to wake him up again. :

Btw, the cracks are getting better but I did have to resort to an antibiotic ointment And I am using Lanolin ointment too...

Thanks in advance
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naturegirl~I know how hard waking those little ones up is! Have you tried just stripping him down to his diaper?
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Cheryl, I can't advise you on your supply. However I can tell you that DD nursed that way for about 2 weeks. She slept 6 hours at night and I did not wake her. She would wake up to nurse and go back to sleep then an hour later wake up and nurse really well. I want to say my supply was fine and that other things like returning to school with out pumping caused our problems, but maybe I can't say that? The first few days we would strip her naked to get her to latch. Ice, diaper changes, waking were part of being in the hospital. Once we were home and I let her sleep her solid stretch she was much better the rest of the day. But, I was not working with an LC- in the hospital the floor nurses knew nothing about BF and got a geriatrics nurse they knew had bf to help out. It never occured for me to ask the pediatrician either. This was only 14 years ago.

From the books it sounds like youa re doing everythig right. The first 2 weeks can be the absolute hardest. Have you been over to the overcoming difficultings on the bf forum?

I will be thinking of you!
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I had DH henna my tummy today. About half has chipped off already. (said to let dry in place for 6 hours- that would be no earlier than 10pm) Sean keeps yelling 'eeew gross' everytime he sees it and fussed at me for coloring on my self! It doesn't look as cool as yours, but I so wanted to do this last time and I was afraid I would run out of time this pregnancy. (I almost think we are done??)
Thanks for the encouragement- even if you didn't know you gave it!
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Yikes, Cheryl. No advice, just sympathy.
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Just a quick note to announce the birth of Raiden Jason Janelle. Just got home from the hospital today, so I'll post the birth story as soon as I get a chance to write it.

Born Aug 14, 2004, 2:04 PM
8 lbs. 1 oz., 20.5 in.

Caroline you were right, he WAS big!
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Cheryl, I am sooo sorry. That sounds terrible. To keep babe up longer, let him be in just a diaper to keep him a little less snug and a little cooler. I had that trouble with my son too. I would thump his feet or blow on his face, but I later learned that he was just a power nurse and I was a power milker. I Hope things get better for you.

Dodo, when I read your post my eyes bugged out because I couldn't believe it. I woke up this morning (sunday) in the mood to make pancakes (so I did) and I've been meaning to get to cleaning the fridge and I did it about 5 minutes ago. So....if I made pancakes the day after you and cleaned the fridge out the day after you (both weird things to us) does that mean I'll go into labor the day after you?

BEARS--I am so happy to hear from you. Congrats on the boy! I can't wait to hear more about your birth.

Ketilave--I can't wait to hear about your story too!

Kimberlilly--That sucks. I bleed for about 5 weeks at first, then nothing for 12 months. Ug. I hope your periods aren't nasty monsters like mine though.

I have been having just a whole lot of menstral like cramping and tight tight weird pains on just one side or the other. It's weird. I wonder if it is the muscles stretching from the baby engaging slowly? or gas? My back was aching soooo much all of the sudden while at the store I had to put counter pressure on it myself and hobble out. I keep having vivid dreams that I have had the baby and wake up dismayed to still be pregnant.
Goodnight ladies...

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Christine, I'm glad you found somebody you like for a doula.. sorry Carol Ann didn't work out!

On Saturday me and dh had sex and I think it really triggered some major BH but of course they went away. I am still having some BH's but they aren't regular at all. The weird thing about them is that they make my back hurt in this one particular place, and I've never had that before. Of course that is making me more hopeful. But the BH's aren't regular at all.. and they mostly happen when I'm changing positions (like from sitting to standing).

If nothing happens before Friday, I'll have my membranes stripped.. that's what triggered labor last time.

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Congrats bears on your little boy!

and polyphany too!

Well, I've decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and have made peace with going past my EDD. It will happen I know! I guess my main hang-up is that I was induced with ds for going "past due" and it really made me feel like my body had failed me and I couldn't go into labor on my own. Even though I *know* its perfectly normal to go past, the way the doctors and nurses were treating me it was like I had failed. So those feelings started coming back but I did some reflecting and I realized I need to have confidence in my body's abilities. Plus I totally resepect and trust my midwives and they aren't worried at all!

Oh, and the annoying phone calls have started I am now screening all calls! I appreciate everyone thinking about me, really, but we will call I swear!

mat4mel: I am having lots of BH too. Some even feel like the real thing, strong and regular, but they always go away. I have been thinking about having my membranes stripped on thursday at my appt. but I'm not sure. They did that with ds and it didn't work but I'm willing to try it again!

cheryl: sorry to hear about you nursing problems sorry no advice, but I hope you get it worked out soon.

well I think I may take ds out to palyground for a bit since the weather is still cool (but rather gloomy looking). Have a great day everyone!
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I'm having a cranky day. I just wanted to catch a few more snoozes on the couch when Ben woke up so I turned on PBS--it usually entertains him, but NO he wanted to poke my eyes and sit on my head and demand my attention and when he finally left me alone, he went and dumped out the sugar from the sugar bowl so I had to get up and clean it. Then I had this super urge to either push out a baby or poop or something. Maybe it was a superturbo braxton hicks or something. But Ben wouldn't stop trying to wipe my entire body (while I'm on the toilet) with any tissue paper he could get his hands on and I JUST WANTED TO BE LEFT ALONE...grrr. :

I wish I had paid a bit more attention when the early and mid August mamas were posting their prelabor pregnancy complaints. Now I'm trying to remember what they said and I definently too lazy to go back and read again.

Hufff. Ben is now throwing each and every couch cushion off the counch and jumping on them and I just don't have the energy to stop him. That doesn't mean I'm any less annoyed.

Polyphany, last night we cross posted and I missed that birth announcment you snuck in there. Congratulations!!
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Then I had this super urge to either push out a baby or poop or something.
Um, that happened to me this morning. I was in the kitchen (again, making pancakes -- very June Cleaver around here lately, my crockpot chili is simmering as we speak), when suddenly I screamed and told dh that I either needed to go to the bathroom or to have the baby -- immediately. Kind of dramatic, but apparently normal!

So, Jillybean is still out there. And mat4mel. Excellent, excellent.

Today I left my apartment only to hear whispering carry over from the other side of the street, "She has to have that baby soon." I yelled, "I can hear you, you know."

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot to congratulate Polyphany. Welcome, Raidon.
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Forgot to say that I am having increasing irritability every day. Today I told dh that I think I might have to avoid the neighbour boy, because his four-year-old chatter, which I usually find precocious and charming, is driving me batty, and I find myself wanting to fight with him when he makes comments like this morning's, "You're not allowed to bring that bike in here," or the other days, "We're having a playdate and your dd isn't allowed to come, ya wanna know why?" Dh was like, yeah, he can be annoying, but he's four, he's allowed to be.
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cheryl, HANG IN THERE! the first couple of weeks are the worst... even with my fourth, i'm still having nipple soreness with every latch. but i know it will get better, and when you are able to just whip out a boob and nurse your happy baby while others are fiddling with bottles and warmers and a fussy kid, you'll be SOOOO glad you stuck with it!

treat yourself like a QUEEN right now. have everyone wait on you hand and foot. they are to bring you lemonade and iced tea and anything else you want to drink, in massive quantities. you are to sit with your feet up or lie down with that baby and sleep and nurse and love on him and do nothing else!

well, ok, you can get in the shower and let the hot water pour over your breasts while you massage them... this will help with the engorgement. later on, icing your boobs with packs of frozen peas will help with the soreness. if you have a good pump, try to get some of the swelling down by pumping a little before nursing the baby.

the baby will wake up more and more often as he gets older... link is 10 days old and just now becoming more and more awake (unfortunately, it's happing at NIGHT, too, but we're dealing with it!). it's very normal for a newborn to need to sleep a lot. if your baby isn't dehydrated, he's doing fine (check his soft spot... if it's indented, then he might be dehydrated. you want that spot to be nice and full!).

talk to him. let him get good and worked up before you put him to breast (not screaming, but make sure he's awake and rooting and really WANTS to eat). tell him he's doing a great job when he's really working hard. he needs to hear it!

it won't be like this forever, honest. every day you'll see some small improvement. both of you are learning a complicated, intricate, and vital dance that will keep you both healthy and happy for years if you can get the steps right now. be patient with yourself and your beautiful baby... you're both motivated and smart enough to figure this out! it's just going to take a little time to learn how to dance with each other.

traci and bears and polyphany (and anyone else i've missed), welcome to your beautiful new babies! pictures, birth stories, more more more! (i know, you're a little BUSY right now, but i want you to know we are so excited for you!).

to the waiting mamas: soon, soon! here i am, ten days after the big arrival, and i'm already teary about not having those little kicks and wiggles inside me anymore. i know you're tired of being huge and clumsy (i was too!) but it's really going to be such a short time before this baby is outside forever. i miss being able to meet all his needs without even thinking about it... i love him to bits but sometimes it's just a little hard to take being screamed at. hug those babies in you... they'll never be this close to your heart again.

sorry i've been awol lately... seems like all i have to do is look at my laptop to wake up lincoln! but he's finally taking a longish nap now and i'm scrambling to get email responded to and a quick note to you wonderful ladies...

he's having some tummy troubles... once we get him calmed down, he can get his poop moving, but until then, he's just yelling and tight and fighting. i've ditched the usual suspects: chocolate, beans, broccoli, milk... anything else you guys have had good luck eliminating to get your baby's gut happy again?

this mostly hits in the evenings and late nights. during the day, he's mostly a happy (or sleepy) guy. lots of alert awake time, checking us all out, staring out the windows at the trees, watching the fan go slowly above him... it's just so amazing to watch him soaking in his world.

MIL arrives tomorrow for a week's visit. dh is out fetching a curtain rod so we can make her room a little more private (no door). i'm starting to think about all the things that fell by the wayside after link's birth... soccer signup for dss, college class reg. for dd, and who knows what bills have been paid! still, the electricity is still on so it can't be that bad...

are we gonna start an august life with babe thread in the baby forum?

i'll try and check back with you all soon!

love, katje

(hey, we made a web page for lincoln, with more pictures... i'm still working on the text, but the pix are up... come check it out: Link's Web Page)
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congrats all you new mammas....

Dodo do you want to email the mods for this forum and ask to take over the here we are thread...???

I cannot keep up at this point with anything

I am in the same boat as Cheryl with severe cracked nipples so much pain nursing and not feeling very happy due to it all since I am not a first time nursing mom, I am just beside myself...

I thought we were doing better but after last night and today I am just spent from this pain...


what antibiotic did they give you for the cracks? Can you pm me with that Cheryl....? thx
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Hugs to you Traci. That sounds so horrible. I hope it starts going well for you sooner than later. OUch. I'm scared now. Many of us Aug. mamas are having bf issues. Good luck with the antibiotic.
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Congratulations Bears and polyphany! I am so excited for you!!!

cheryl and traci- Ouch! How miserable! I hope you feel better soon! I had sore nipples and engorgement for about three days with this baby, and I also had three years of nursing ds so I thought I knew what I was doign this time! It sounds like you got some great advice! I also am with katje, cheryl, don't do anything but relax and nurse that baby! Try not to get out of bed for a few days. Especially if you are dealign with mastitus, you need to rest. I hope that you can! I had to go back to bed after getting around for a few days b/c I wasn't as healed as I thought I was. It felt wonderful, and I feel much better now. the nipple soreness is completely gone, and I can walk without wincing again.

katje-I too was soooo sick of being pregnant, and now I miss it! I spent so much time worrying about my VBAC and everything, that I didn't enjoy my labor and being pg as much as I thought I would. I was pretty sure that we would be done with two. It may be hormones, but now I wonder if I could do it again just so I can enjoy it this time. I miss the kicks and teh big round belly too! Now I have the saggy, stretch marked dough belly. Nothing fits right, again!

also, Nora is two weeks old and is also getting fussy at night. I haven't tried eliminating anything from my diet yet. She is gassy, and I tried Gripewater tonight, but about 1/2 hour later, she spit up alot more than normal. So I don't think I want to do that again. But I put her in the sling, walked around outside, she burped a few times and stopped crying. She finally fell asleep while walking. I am sooo happy I have a summer baby this time. Ds was a winter baby, and walking was not an option for us.

Ds is regressing by not going to bed at night. He gets out of bed about 100 times. It is driving me crazy. Along with nora being fussy, it is a trying time of day! I don't mind slinging her, except my back still hurts!

whine, whine, whine, now I am done. Sorry!
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Ok I didn't get the whole story typed up yet...I had to hand write it first because of all the things going on in my head. Sorry - oh yeah; three babies is a lot of work!

Nipples - Cheryl my love - I went through that with Brannon. When I went to the LC they weighed him before and after I nursed. In 5 minutes he got 3 oz at 5 days. Some just nurse that way. Do what you have to do for your nipples. Mine are just starting to heal too. Everytime I think I am getting somewhere Amelia bites me - I'm done with that! Thinking about weaning her...

Kimberly - I got my period back by 7 weeks each time. I have to say my fingers are crossed but I'm not holding my breath!

AND OF COURSE : to the new babies!!
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All about me whine

I am so tired of being pregnant.

Right now I am in the middle of one of the biggest mood swings since second trimester. I was full of them then. Grouchy grouchy grouchy. I'm either starving or stuffed. I can't find a middle ground. I'm sore all around my abdomen and bottom. I feel like getting around is not an option anymore. I just want to sit like a beached whale. And did I mention my feet? I can only fit into flip flops and I'm sick of them. They are all worn out since they are the only shoes I've been wearing all summer practically and I'm tired of them. grrrrr. I put on maternity jeans today for the first time in about one or two weeks. they were tight! I'm still gaining weight. I'm feeling bloated fat and swollen and huge and not too perky about it. I wanted to use my new buffer and buff my toes and finger nails today to pamper myself but there is just one thing....

I can't reach my toes!! grumble grumble....
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Heather! Yay!!! Can't wait to read the birth story. Many, many congratulations!

Have some yucky news to report. I'm in the midst of a really bad gall bladder attack. All the puzzle pieces are finally fitting together, and I realize now that this is the fifth one I've had since getting pregnant with my DD 4 years ago. I spent the day at the hospital getting tests, and they found no gall stones (which was the initial suspicion) but they did see that my gall bladder is inflamed with fluid surrounding it. I have a fever of 101.5 and pain that is unlike anything else I've been through. Waaaay worse than labor pains, or cesarean recovery. I'd take 10 labors that end in c-sections over what I've been going through for the past 36 hours or so. I'm supposed to call my OB in the morning, and she will have scheduled me to meet with a surgeon, with the hopes that I can have surgery by early afternoon tomorrow to remove my gall bladder. It's supposed to be a fairly easy operation, laporoscopic, and I shouldn't be separated from Duncan for too long. She's going to try and make sure I get a room in pediatrics, rather than the traditional surgery recovery rooms, so Duncan can stay with me, and I should be discharged Wednesday morning. Prayers and positive thoughts requested here. I'm pretty scared, this pain is intense and feels like something is going to burst, but it all makes sense now, and could be the reason I was so darned sick all through this pregnancy and last.

I'll post later in the week. In the meantime, peaceful labor vibes for those who are close, patience to those who need it, and huge congratulations to all our new mommies. Cheryl and Traci, hope your nipples heal fast!
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